10 Weirdest Meats People Actually Enjoy

Listen, I’m a meat lover.  Which means, I dig meats, big time.  And when I say dig them, I mean I want to eat meat AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. But even I, fair reader, have my limit.  Here are ten meats and food items with meat properties that people eat…and…gulp…actually LIKE…


1. Head Cheese


Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons


This European-originated cold cut isn’t a cheese at all.  LIARS!  It’s a terrine, or a pate-like substance, made from the head of a calf or pig.  And when I say, “made from the head of” I mean they took the flesh, brain, eyes and ears (but parts may vary) and put ‘em together, all willy-nilly.  Thanks, Europe.  You’re gross.

2. The Bacon Cupcake

Photo Credit: Seriouseats.com


One of many incarnations, this bacon peanut butter chocolate cupcake is part of a recent trend to…wait for it…merge meat and sweet into something that makes me want to vomit.  This trend is on fire, with places like the Bleeding Heart bakery or The Meatloaf Bakery (both in Chicago…Chicago is for meat lovers!) offering meat-infused cupcakes to their repertoire.

3.  Jellied Eels


Photo Credit: Glib & Superficial


The name really says it all.  This traditional English dish originated in the 18th century, capitalizing on the eel- a nutritious, readily available sea-vermin.  Though this dish decreased in popularity (oh my, I wonder why!), it still is eaten in many traditional fine-dining establishments.

4.  Black Pudding


Photo Credit: Foodproof.com


Also known as blood pudding or blood sausage, this is a type of sausage that is made with boiled then congealed blood and some type of meat-filler.  The dish exists in many cultures, though I cannot imagine why- it’s “blackened” look is hardly appetizing.

5.  P’tcha


Photo Credit: blogcritics.org


P’tcha, or as I lovingly call, “foot jelly of the calf variety, is a traditional Eastern European Jewish dish of jellied calves foot.  It’s served on the Sabbath with chopped eggs and a side of WTF.  Jewish immigrants in the states still make and eat it, and it’s supposedly a delicacy, but that term, in my opinion, is used very, very loosely.

6.  Horse Sashimi


Photo Credit: Chicago.grubstreet.com


Oh, Tokyo.  You never fail to amuse, bemuse and repulse.  Their horse sashimi is no exception: it’s a thicker Carpaccio, dipped in soy sauce and served at many restaurants around this Japanese city.  Ever wanted to taste Mr. Ed? Now you can, with a side of ginger and shame.

7.  Whale Blubber


Photo Credit: City-Data.com


The Inuits or Eskimos of northern regions can’t get enough of it, and it is still eaten in colder regions of the world.  Whale blubber, or Muktuk, is a meal of frozen whale skin and blubber made from the Bowhead, beluga or narwhal whale.  It’s usually eaten raw, but if you prefer your whale blubber cooked, it can be diced, breaded, deep-fried or boiled!  I think I’ll stick to calamari.

8.  Rocky Mountain Oysters


Photo Credit: wine-by-benito.blogspot.com


Speaking of Calamari, how about some BULL TESTICLES.  Yep- this traditional appetizer is popular in the west and in Canada.  Basically, take a bull testicle, peel it, coat it in flour, salt it, bread it, deep fry it, cocktail-sauce it and eat it.  Yeah, sounds pretty American to me.  People like this dish because of its novelty, but also because who doesn’t love a good appetizer?

9.  Cock’s Combs


Photo Credit:  alwayshungryny.com


Cock’s Comb is hip right now in the world of gastronomy. And I get it- a gelatinous taste with a “hint of frog leg?”  Yikes.  Traditionally, cock’s comb is used in Italy in a 200-year old dish called La Finanziera, which uses other assorted cock parts, as well! Still, the cock’s comb bows to no one! Nowadays, it’s flying solo (get it?!), being stewed, fried and chopped all over the world.

10.  Cat Siopao


Photo Credit: Rafaelbayoneta.blogspot.com


Cat Siopao, or steamed cat buns, are part of a popular tradition of eating cat meat.  Cats are cheap, readily available and adorable, so why not?  Cats have been eaten in Asia, South America and Europe (I’m looking at you, rural Swiss!), but the fact still remains:  I’d rather pet one than eat one.

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  • Aha! The brain-washed Americans! Once the Fed’s get done with the U.S. dollar, once the greedy Capitalists, corporatists, abscond to Asian investments with the last of their wealth, they too will BBQ rats and cats, eat raccoon,squirrel, even eat the hated Asian carp that invades them and the European wild bores? Dinner! We see a time, approaching rapidly now, when the price of oil, gasoline in America will be driven so high by solid Asian bids in unmanipulated Yuan from China as to even tempt the OPEC folks to desert Yankee Doodle and sell oil in Yuan to Asia! Russia does it now! Selling Siberian petroleum wealth to China for Yuan.
    Americans eat imported fish from Asia, fish that are fed fish-meal. Fish-meal made form Carp. Carp that are fed Chinese sewage! Shiite! Not American Shiite! Asian Shiite! Here, you thought you were ‘Special’.
    Did you know, South LKoreans refused to eat American meat? Canada does not allow American milk, milk products on its store-shelves? Canadian milk, milk products contain no hormones, antibiotics? By law! Even American chickens not allowed in Canada! They grow their own, without using harmful chemicals, hormones, antibiotics!
    As times get tougher in America white Americans will go back to their European customs, and eating patterns will change dramatically. Even as we speak, Super Market prices rise due to costly gasoline,even while cheaper diesel, is jacked so high as to not be worth the effort! gas companies screwing with the prices? On false pretexts? You bet your ass they are! When Americans are eating snakes, twigs and grass, these bastards will still eat Caviar for breakfast, in armed guarded,gated villages. They are our new Royalty, and we are the suppressed peons!

    • Rotisserie Diamondback Rattler really tastes great. We thought he was chasing us and we killed him. Then we thought, food. Skinned and cleaned and cooked. Tasted really good.

    • Uncle B, You forget that the “gated community types” represent 1% or less of the population. Their guards also are in the 99% as well. The fact that the US is the most heavily are populace in the world should be a cause of great fear to the financial elites..

      Once the tipping point is reached the SWHTF in ways unthinkable in the past. 68 Watts will seem a business convention in comparison.

      Even though they will try to escape and fly to their off-shore havens, they still got to make it to the plane..

      I hope that it never goes this far, but the way it looks now…..

  • Seriously?! Cat meat? LOL. Just when I thought it was just a silly joke when I was a child, I stood corrected. Ughh! But seriously, I don’t wanna eat one. LOL I think I wanna try one. HAHA xD

  • Oh wow, this is a great list. As a Venezuelan I’ll speak on behalf of “black pudding”. Here we call it morcilla, that’s “more-see-ya” and it’s freaking delish man! You gotta have it with some güasacaca on the grill. It usually gets eaten at grill parties with a steak, a garlic chorizo, and some yuka or i think you call it cassava… Güasaca is everywhere and man it’s the perfect manly man food.

  • Man, you missed my favourite… sheeps brains fritters. They are so good, they melt in your mouth.

    BTW if you have ever had jelly you have eaten calfs feet and faces. Both are used to make gelatine

  • Stupid narrow minded point of view.
    It’s a cultural gap, what would it weird to eat blood or cat but completely natural to eat a t-bone?

  • Head cheese, great. Blood sausage, great. You missed steak tartar, even greater. I’ll try anything once. I have tried dog and cat in the 60’s in the US. The only thing I have tried and wont eat again is live giant maggot. Really bad.

  • even if this food seems gross, you know what you eat. try to find out what big mac or wooper meat contains … meat, protein flour??(eyeballs, skin,BULL TESTICLES?… confidential?). Head Cheese it’s called like this in english, polish name for this food has nothing common with cheese, so who lies ?? bon appetit!!

  • I didn’t know that “black pudding” and “head cheese” have such funny names in english. It’s a bit misleading and I can asure you that both this things taste fantastic. Black pudding is most often served as a grilled dish (just like in Venezuela as it turned out 😉 ) or pan-fried with onion. Oh, and one more thing, originally its put into hog casings to make it shape like a sausage and in Poland we call it “kaszanka” [kashanqa]. 😛 Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaszanka you can read about it.

  • this sounds like a direct list from bizarre foods. i think most people who haven’t tried these items because they look gross or they are not accustomed to them are missing out. they could really enjoy them.

  • Where’s McDonalds?

    I can’t believe you missed the grossest meat available on this earth that people enjoy.

  • Heh, some of the dishes are well known to me particularly “Head Cheese” that I eat frequently 😀 You don’t want to know what is is still in it but voila – I am still alive. Also that Jewish food P’tcha (in my language it is pronounced peetcha (picsa) which means “cunt”) is also popular in my country and it could also be made from pork (knuckles and feet). They are both delicious. IMAO you Americans are way too picky – at the same time you eat the lowest-low ready-made junk shit that you don’t even know what it contains! In Europe we use all part of the animals once they are slaughtered and don’t give them away for dogfood or worse, sell out in poor countries for buttons causing headache for the local butchers.

  • Your inclusion of horse sashimi smacks of ignorance with a hint of racism. The Japanese are not unique in their consumption of horse meat. I don’t see you giving grief to the Belgians for enjoying horse steak tartare. But hey, this its ‘LOL Japan’.

    For that matter, where’s Lutefisk? Somehow, raw horse meat is gross to you, but cod fish steeped in lye to the point where it’ll corrode silverware is not?

  • Black Pudding is soooo tasty. Called “Boutiffare” in France, it is best served with slices of Apple cooked in the oven.
    By the way, eating horse isn’t weird… It’s actually a pretty good meat.

  • What the heck people, what happened to eating normal everyday foods. I’m talking about hamburgers, hot dogs, meatloaf, fried chicken, ribs, roast, ect. all of which coming from BEEF, PORK, or CHICKEN! There should be a line that humans do not cross. As far as the people wanting to use the additives in food as a excuse it don’t work, when people are ingesting brains, hooves, bugs, balls. I mean damn think about the hormones, and the shit that those hooves walked on, think about what your really willing to put in your mouth! As far as the economy getting so worse and some people thinking everyone will go to eating whatever they can, I’ll be damned if me and my family will. There is always the gosh darn leaves and berries…

  • What’s so bad about all these dishes??? I too, come from Eastern Europe. Love my ancestral foods. So do my 9 kids. It’s a lost art to be able to cook, eat and introduce new foods to my growing famuly.