The World’s Best Intelligence Agencies (Updated 2023)

Nearly every country in the world has an agency charged with gathering, processing, and analyzing information from around the world. They maintain national security and protect their countries’ interests in all aspects – economic, political, and military. But which countries have the best intelligence agencies in the world?

What are the best intelligence agencies in the world?

Little information about intelligence agencies is public.

Some of these agencies have agreements to share information with others for greater impact. Others are extremely secretive and make it a point to share with no one.

Countless countries have spies scattered across the globe to gather intelligence. But information about who these spies are and exactly how they operate, is – naturally – highly classified.

Still, it is possible to estimate which countries maintain the best intelligence agencies in the world.

Who operates most effectively? Most secretly? Whose spies are the most deadly? The most ruthless? Who has the best technology? Keep reading to find out.

1: Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) – Pakistan

one of the best intelligence agencies in the world: ISI Pakistan
Logo of the ISI. It depicts Markhor (Pakistan’s national animal) eating a snake.


The Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency. This agency provides critical national security intelligence assessment to the Government of Pakistan.

Authorities founded the agency after the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947-48, which had revealed critical intelligence shortcomings. The ISI consists of officers from different branches of the armed forces – the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

The current head of ISI is General Faiz Hameed. He has held the position of Director General since June 2019. This is the only position of the entire agency that is overt. Since 1971, only three-star army generals have occupied the post. Ostensibly, the agency reports directly to the Prime Minister and the Army Chief.

In the 1980s, the ISI gained global fame during the Soviet-Afghan War. Working closely with the CIA, the agency helped prop up the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviet Union. Since then, it has been embroiled directly and indirectly in terrorism controversies in the region.

In the 1990s, the ISI provided intelligence and strategic support to the Taliban during the Afghan Civil War to counter India’s influence in the region. Officially, it changed allegiances after 2001, though reports have indicated continued support of the Taliban.

According to intelligence experts, what gives the ISI an edge is its unpredictability and lack of transparency. Both these traits naturally draw international criticism. Former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto once characterized the agency as a “state within a state”.

2: U.S. Intelligence Agencies

logo of CIA intelligence agency

Not only does the US maintain one of the top armies in the world. It can also boast several of the best intelligence agencies. What sets them apart is their use of carefully guarded, cutting-edge technology.

In total, the United States’ Intelligence Community (IC) consists of 16 separate agencies. The most notable and recognizable among them are the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

The CIA focuses on gathering, analyzing, and providing overseas intelligence for the President and Cabinet of the United States. It was created in 1947, as a successor to the World War II Office of Strategic Services (OSS). In particular, the CIA relies on the use of human intelligence – meaning spies.

In contrast, the NSA’s main advantage is its technical prowess. The agency is responsible for intercepting and deciphering foreign signals while protecting the information systems of the United States – at least in theory. In 2013, it was the center of an international scandal. That year, whistle-blower Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA had eavesdropped on millions of Americans, as well as foreign allies.

Finally, the FBI provides the link between intelligence agencies and law enforcement in the country. Contrary to common misconception, it is not a pure intelligence agency.

3: Mossad – Israel

logo of mossad, intelligence agency

Mossad is an abbreviation for HaMossad leModiʿin uleTafkidim Meyuḥadim, which translates as ‘Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations’. It is the national intelligence agency of Israel.

Founded in 1951, it operated in secret until the mid-1990s. The agency’s main areas of focus are intelligence collection, covert operations, and counter-terrorism.

What makes Mossad stand out is that it is entirely separate from Israel’s democratic institutions. No law defines its roles or purpose. What’s more, it’s exempt even from the constitutional laws of Israel. The agency answers only to the Prime Minister. Consequently, international observers have described it as a deep state.

4: Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) – UK

SIS logo best intelligence service

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) of the United Kingdom has a long history. It actually dates back to 1909, making it one of the oldest intelligence services in the world. More commonly, the SIS is famous under its alias, MI6 – the agency for which James Bond works in Ian Fleming’s famous novels.

Like most other services on this list, MI6 focuses on external threats, from nuclear weapons to organized crime. Internal threats to national security are within the purview of a different agency, MI5.

The organization’s headquarters are in London and its annual budget is estimated at £3 billion.

5: Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) – Germany

logo BND, Germany's best intelligence agency

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), is Germany’s foreign Federal Intelligence Service. Its headquarters – the world’s largest of any intelligence agency – are located in Berlin. Overall, the BND has over 300 locations within Germany and abroad. It answers directly to the German Chancellor’s Office.

Since its foundation during the Cold War in 1956, the West German BND cooperated closely with the CIA. During these years, intelligence experts regarded it second only to the the American agency.

Today, the BND is an early-warning system to alert German leaders to foreign threats to national security. It excels in technology, relying heavily on electronic surveillance and wiretapping. From terrorism and organized crime to drug and weapons trafficking, the BND gathers both military and civil intelligence.

6: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) – France

DGSE - intelligence agency

Like other intelligence agencies in the region, France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE)  emerged just after World War II, in 1947. Its structure grew from several earlier intelligence agencies – some dating back to the era of Napoleon, others to the war that had just ended.

In the mid-1960s, the agency saw criticism after it became public that it contributed to the kidnapping and presumed murder of a Moroccan revolutionary living in Paris.

Today, its primary focus is on gathering intelligence from foreign sources to assist in military and strategic decisions for the country. It is especially renowned for economic espionage.

The DGSE headquarters are located in Paris’ 20th arrondissement. In total, it employs more than six thousand people.

7: Main Directorate (GRU / G.U.) – Russia

G.U. is the Russian acronym for the country’s military intelligence service, the Main Directorate. The more commonly used acronym GRU corresponds to its former name, Main Intelligence Directorate. The acronym for the latter is still in widespread use. It answers to the general chief of staff and the Russian defense minister.

Officially, the agency’s scope includes supplying military intelligence to the president and government. More saliently, though, its published aims also include ensuring Russia’s economic, and technological security.

In this framework, the GRU has run several global hacking campaigns. Targets have included institutions from anti-doping bodies to nuclear power companies. Most notoriously, international exports believe that the GRU was involved in cyber attacks during the 2016 US presidential election.

Russia runs two other prominent intelligence and security services – the Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR, and the Federal Security Service, or FSB. Both emerged from the Soviet-era KGB.

8: Ministry of State Security (MSS) – China

MSS logo - intelligence agency

The current intelligence agency of China, the Ministry of State Security, has existed since 1983.

Its gathers intelligence on those that could be seen as enemies with the goal of overthrowing or otherwise dismantling the socialist government of China. As such, it plays a major role in censoring China’s internet, cutting off the country’s population from the outside world.

In addition, the MSS is heavily involved in economic espionage. International analysts believe that Chinese telecommunications provider Huawei also contributes to gathering intelligence.

The MSS has over 100,000 intelligence personnel operating both within China and scattered throughout the world. Headquarters are located Beijing. Overall, the MSS has 17 known bureaus or divisions, including a counterintelligence division and a social research division.

9: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) – Canada

CSIS - Canada's best intelligence agency

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) gathers intelligence on threats to Canada’s national security. Since its foundation in 1984, it has conducted operations, both covert and overt, domestically and abroad.

From its headquarters in Ottawa, the CSIS answers to Parliament and the Minister of Public Safety. It works closely with intelligence agencies from other countries, including the United States. In 2020-21, it has a budget of $651 million.

The agency has faced criticism several times. In the 1990s, it was accused of spying on Canadian citizens.

More recently, the CSIS has been criticized for fostering homophobia and racism.

10: Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) – Australia

ASIS intelligence agency logo

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service has its founding date in 1952. For more than twenty years, the existence of the agency was a secret even within the Australian government. The public only learned about it in 1972,  when the Daily Telegraph ran an exposé about spy recruitment at universities.

ASIS forms part of the Australian Intelligence Community. Similar to the CIA, it collects foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence, and liaising with the intelligence agencies of other countries. In particular, its focus lies on gathering intelligence from the Asian and Pacific regions using agents stationed in a wide variety of areas.

11: Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) – India

india's research and analysis wing

Finally, India’s intelligence agency is the Research and Analysis Wing or RAW. Despite its inconspicuous name, RAW is one of the premier intelligence agencies in the world.

Founded in 1968, RAW’s main objective is to gather foreign intelligence, particularly about India’s neighbor, Pakistan. Throughout the years, Pakistan has continued to be a primary target of its intelligence gathering efforts.

Estimates say that RAW employs more than eight thousand field agents in various locations throughout the world. The agency also coordinates with other intelligence agencies. In particular, it regularly communicates with the CIA and Mossad in regard to monitoring Pakistan’s nuclear program.

Pictures are courtesy of creative commons.

Note: This post was originally published on May 5 2010. We have since updated it.

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  • If pakistan`s ISI is best in d world then how BANGLADESH got created?? how come SINDHUDESH (SINDH) is on d verge of separation?? BALOCHISTAN??
    There has been a huge “Call for” new state “PAKHTUNISTAN or PAKHTUNKHOJA”?? why are pathans in pakistan willing to merge with pathans of afghanistan?? why true patriotic pakistanis are only restrictedly found in “punjab” of pakistan??
    while look at india! we are able to holdup even KASHMIR which has 90% muslims!! that tells us “who is best in bussiness”!!

    • it is not about the thing what happened you don’t know what is good for Pakistan
      Also Pakistan have destroyed terrorists deployed by negative Pakistan (you will get that) what do you think if all Muslims United.

    • This is not true, there is not even a single association made for ranking of agencies, this just a propaganda by Pakistan people and it’s pretty easy to publish this type of articles by changing names like mine see my name.
      Mossad is no 1 on most of the websites and 2nd CIA while ISI comes after RAW at 6th position.

  • When i read that “ISI is best rank 1st in the world then it makes me laugh out loud :D(lol)..
    they even cannot prevent bombs from getting exploded in there MOSQUES.. and then they claim being best! wtf?
    i m declaring here frm d sources i hv got dat RAW is all out after Pakistan! it has sweared of not ceasing actions untill pakistan breaks into 4 pieces!!
    bangladesh and sindh will be merging india in d near future! baluchistan will b big nation comprising its regions in IRN,PAK,AFG!!

    • You don’t need to tell , we know who our enemies are and we know how to counter them . Its strength of Pakistan who is facing so many enemies RAW,MOSSAD,CIA, and others and still going forward. Forget Bangladesh . it was un realistic to stick together with enemy sitting in between. We are one in each and every crisis. our only weakness is our Islamic ideology is getting weaker day by day . No body can defeat us if we stand firm on our religion but if we turn weak than things can turn worse.

    • You need to research about isi and raw then you will able to comment on isi
      You will not see the internal condition of your country
      Pakistan zindabad
      Isi zindabad

    • By past 70 years india could not do anything and for the future india will not do anything india just breakdown pakistan into 4 pieces and pakistan will leave just name of india behind the world you understand mannn

  • The CIA is number 1.. The M16 sucks.. They failed to get one successful mission in Libya.. They, along with the SAS, got owned by a bunch of untrained rebels!

    • Nice to have allies such as the Americans. Maybe we should have sided with the Soviets. It was the British MI who set-up your counter intelligence back in the 50s to take out the Russian spy cells. Don’t believe me? This information comes from one of your own US Army Colonels.

  • Ironically, most of the agents working for India’s RAW are Americans who are working under contract.

  • what the hell indians are talking against PAKISTAN even RAW is not able to control the uncountable separatist movements which are going on through out the india .so it is obvious that only india is enough to disintegrate themselves into small pieces and INSHALLAH after 10 years world will see that size of india will be equivalent to the size of SRI LANKA

    • Very funny! First see your country’s development and current affairs, cheap people with cheap mind! (Not to all Pakistanis)

  • When I joined, they brainwashed me and implanted a fake PENIS (Photographic Enhanced Numeric Instruction System) Only when I retired did some strange CIA badges arrive from Germany…That and a discount at RED Box movie rentals.

  • All big powers either usa,russia,britain or others have sought and depend on is the professionalism of highest calibre enable ISI to produce desired result in minimum time with a small budget,CIA,MI6,Mosad has the budget at disposal thousands time bigger then ISI.several times ISI proved to be the first layer of defence of pakistan by countering cia,masad,raw,and kgb plans.present is the most challengiing time for ISI as cia,raw,mosad and Mi6 are united against it,this union of most evil minds have launched its invasion from the inside of pakistan,by funding local media like GEO tv and ARY etc these pakistani private tv channels are busy round the clock to indianise the minds of pakistanis at one hand and maligning ISI and pakistan armed forces on the other. pakistani private media has become tool in the hands of zionists.


  • ISI is an organization that even its own country can’t handle. Judging by its action, it seems it considers itself above its own country.

  • that great job for Pakistan.ISI is the best agency in Whole World, RAW is only mummy deady agency lolzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ISI is the first line of defence of Pakistan,so it is on the top of the list of the enemies of Pakistan,Pakistan become nuclear power du to the vigil of ISI otherwise RAW and Mossad atleast twice planned to attack the Kahuta nuclear facilities,even israeli aircrafts reached Alop garh at night to attack next morning but timing warning by ISI .nd PAF F-16s become ready to counter attack at israeii Osirak,knowing this pants of both indians,israelis become wet.ISI is No-1 intelligent agency,anti pakistan states,elements,has their touts in Pakistan in the guise of NGOs.

  • apart of your all jealous comments specially came from indian people I proud to be say ISI is the only secret agency in the world who give activities to collect the date and secret not like Raw, KHad and CIA agenies who killing the people for nothing just aim to destabilize the country and after that force their government do what we want…..ISI is far far best services provide for any secret agency…

  • who is better,ISI or Raw ????in 1986 indian Raw blew its own passenger air plane by planting bomb in it killing hundreds of indians on board its own nationals,just to malign Sikh sepratist,ISI was awared of what stupid thing Raw is going to do and with its own people but did not interfere as it was none of our business. world knows ISI. as it is not raw but pure and mature intelligence agency of global repute.

  • It seems funny that ISI tops the rank.The powerful nation will have undoubtly the best spy agency which is currently and in the near future US andher CIA. It is the failure of any spy agency if it’s work known to the public.ISI’s deeds have never been secretive.It works like a militant organisation.It’s every act is disclosed in just few hours.It train millitants to sneak into neighbouring countries and kill innocent people.The primary work of any intelligence agency is to collect useful information for their respective countries.To all my fellow Indians who have commented on this site might have understand the RAW’s role.RAW is far ahead than ISI in information gathering and gathering information with the cooperation of world’s best agencies.RAW is very hard to trace unlike ISI whose mischevious work known to the whole world.

  • In my knowledge RAW is the best intelligence agency in Asia continent. because of this it work from 1968 and provide good result in security related matter.
    If talking about all over world CIA and FBI are the best IB agency.

  • ISI is best cuz it is fighting various war fronts in many places, including whole border line between india and more active in border with afganistan, wazirstan,

  • YEeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaa……………..Pakistan is the best………………………………..oppss i think im smelling something is burning

  • IsI The Best !!! (TDumped Three Super Powers)
    1- Putting breaks to the british(only super power of that era) invasion of northern pakistan (af-pak boardering area) back in 1920 lead by the (later) british prime minister winston churchill, and that area & the people now are inegral part of pakistan & IsI.
    2- Victory medal for breaking USSR, helping 20 estates to get freedom (Russian stataes), later impact was reunion of germany, and liberalisation of eastern europe from USSR hold.
    3- Most recently and to the date, countering with the 42 Nato countries + India + Israel plannin g to destruct Pakistan and to date stand winner on ground …

  • It would be benefit to both Indians and Pakistanis,not to indulge in illiogical patriotism to prove our is best and your is worse.Intelligence Is he most important branch of any country of the world,to judge which one is better has the criteria of following three factors.
    !- The economic streangth of agency.
    2-number of enemies to dealt with globally,as well as locally.
    3-Level of I-Q of its members.
    I S I is the number one I Agency because despite its comparatively less available budget (it is estimated RAW budget is 2o time higher ,CIA budget was more then 500 time higher then ISI in the year 2011.where as to number RAW has very few enemies while ISI is remained fighting more then 11 hosille countries.coming on factor no 3,even CIA own confedential analysis ISI Men are much better then CIA and too much much better then RAW.

  • oh my God ISI is first…….unbelievable the indians must be very jealous and just starving for 1 position as they r on 11th position….the intellegent 1 agency is ISI so dont be panic just cool down u indians

    • Proud to be Pakistani …………….. Donkey America couldn’t attack on Pakistan in last ten years they came for Pakistan in Afghanistan not for Taliban………..and Usama bin Laden ………….but there is ISI which playing double game with world … Donkey America thinking that ISI is working for us ……. it is only dream for Donkey America ……. ISI working Only for ISLAM & PAKISTAN …. thats why i called to ISI that its not Inter Services Intelligence ….. It is Invisible Solders of ISLAM…….. 🙂

  • all read all comments …dear this is for all bcz of these bulgy British ..hum alag ho geye ..jiss baat ka ye aaj tak fayeda utha rehe hai ..socho ..pakistan + india + afganistan + bagladesh+ shrilanka sab abhi bhi …sath hote to ..sabki maaa ki ….. ! best in all . chahe game mai ho ya , IB mai …!!! we are all the best ….!!!!

  • Reply Har hindu harami hai: Haramzadi ke baje. Thank US and EU forces for being in our region, and protecting your erse. or else ISI would have sorted Raw out by now. Raw better keep sucking US Lollipops and beg them to stay in Afghanistan forever, because the day all US and Nato forces are gone, Pakistan’s powerful ISI backed by the real Taliban brothers will make sure all your terrorist embassies in Kabul are blown to pieces and your Raw spies will run holding there toti’s. ISI rules kabul, no one has more secret spies in that city than Pakistan’s ISI, and no-one messes with us in our mountains and tribal ereas. So keep in mind what I’ve just told you, after US/nato forces leave Afghanistan, ISI and the real Taliban brothers are going to chase you Indians out all the way to bombay, you will pay for all the pain, hurt and grievance that you have gave Pakistan since 9/11, with the help of America and Israel !

  • Why do people believe that Osama bin Laden died in Pakistan on 2nd May. Is it because India’s ‘new dad’ Barrack Obama says so…. I mean, who saw Bin Ladens dead body? The US special forces? Mr Obama? Mrs Clinton? Pakistan officials? Or us the viewers? The answer is no one ! We are all going by Obama’s and America’s words! The same country (US) along with UK who wrongly accused and fought a illegal war in Iraq, after claiming they had WMD. Oh and the crap 45 mins, dossier, both which were proved to be full of lies! “We got him, justice has been done” said Mr Obama, but what justice did we see anything…. I we killed him and buried him at sea …. Lol. The most wanted man ever in the west …. Is killed and chucked in the sea . Ha ha ha ha. Had US special forces really got him, I believe they would have shown him (just like Saddam) to the whole world! But America and the West has the strongest Media, so no-one really questioned this farce story! Pakistan’s ISI, did not fail neither did Pakistan’s defence system, there was a US helicopter shot down and three outsiders were reported dead in that crash, presumingly (US special forces) Pakistan’s Ary news confirmed it but as always there was a goverment cover-up to the real event. The other US special forces still managed to complete what they came to do from Kandahar. They planted Bin Ladens wife and kids and shot a innocent watch gaurd then later pretened that they killed Bin Laden and took his body while leaving his family behind! Pakistan’s airforce still managed to caught up with enemy helicopters but were not given the signal to shoot down but instead were directed to escort the (idiots) out of Pakistan airspace. Then after a few months, the same ‘so called hero Red Seal team’ that captured and killed Osama bin Laden, strangely perished or were murdered in a helicoptor crash and with them went the truth about what really happened on May 2nd in Rawalpindi.

  • The US govenment, military and CIA are relying on ISI intelligence and close communication in Afghanistan and Pakistan ever since they’ve invaded Afghan land in late 2001. That is the reason why each week, at least one top level (US MP and CIA officials) visit Islamabad! You could also put India and UK in that list. India are always begging (requesting is a kind word) to Pakistan to do more against terror, in places such as Kashmir, where the ISI did and still could make Raws and India’s military’s life a hell. India are always asking for the help of Pakistan’s ISI and military establishment to bond a close link and communication between both governments and ISI/ Raw. India also gets the US to pressure Pakistan. This pressure was doubled after 26/11 after the nonsensical attacks in Mumbai, I don’t understand how a group of guys came on a boat ladan with sophisticated weapons and war heads without being spotted or stopped on Indian check points. Like 9/11 something does not really add up! The UK government also rely’s on Pakistan’s ISI ever since they teamed up with there Masters to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and then off course 7/7. So I would say, all the world today rely’s on Pakistan’s powerful ISI and Military establishment, something that is VERY hard for Indians, Americans and Israelis to swallow!!!

  • Welldone Pakistan ISI and Military establishment for protecting the countries Nuclear weapons from the CIA! I also salute you for not allowing/agreeing for any US/Nato boots to do a ground offensive inside Pakistani soil. Afghanistan was a excuse, Pakistan and its beautiful nukes was the real target – but you guys have done a fantastic job and we are proud of you! There’s just less than two years now, until US forces start pulling out of Afghanistan, keep up the good work, and please unite Bolochistan, sindh and make Imran Khan win the next election – everybody is allowed at least a chance! Pak force zindabad, Pakistan piandabad!!!!

  • Oh and I almost forgot to mention one last amazing aspect. Well done ISI for destroying the CIA network which was being runned by (killer CIA contractor) Raymond Davies, inside Lahore, Pakistan. After the killer was caught, a number of mobile phones, maps, hotspot destinations for the next CIA bombings were known. What also was recovered was nuclear designs which were to be handed to US backed militants operating inside Pakistan, all this was recovered inside this w****** car. The ISI also found out that the CIA are building a secret under ground tunnel at there embassy in Islamabad, thanks to this thugs mess, the tunnel was found and the work got cut. The ISI had shamed and exposed the CIA. Then shameless John Kerry then arrived Pakistan and begged for him to be pardon and eventully the shamed Raymond Davies was given the back door. Then in the weeks to follow Pakistan sent more than 500 US contractors back home and restricted any US contrators/workers from entering Peshawar by car from Islamabad, and that rule is still applying today!

  • Why do dum people believe that Osama bin Laden died on May 2nd in Abbotabad? I mean who’s seen Bin Laden’s dead body? The Navy Seals? Who work for US government agenda? Barrack Obama? Hilary Clinton? Pakistan ISI officials? Or us the viewers? The answer is no one! The western world and there puppets backed regimes are the only ones who believe this story because Mr Barrack Obama and the US government said so. The same US government who falsely accused Iraq of having WMD ready to be launch into US and UK. While UK’s then PM Mr Blair, lied to his own nation, to join his masters in Iraq, with a misleading 45 minute dossier! Well back to May 2nd, Mr Obama confirms “Justice has been done” lol. But what justice?? “Red Navy Seals have earlier this morning captured and killed Bin Laden in Abbotabad, Pakistan.” Mr Obama followed by saying that the world’s most wanted man was “laid to rest in the sea” ha ha ha ha. Well Pakistan’s ISI and the countries defence system was not disabled, like reported. A US helicoptor was shot down by Pakistan’s air defence missle and three outsiders were confirmed dead on the scene, presumingly US Navy seals. This report was all over Pakistan news channels just minutes after the incident including Ary digital news. But later on the Pakistan puppet government changed the whole script and covered-up the truth. The other US seals managed to complete the daring mission they came from Kandahar to do? That was to drop Osama’s wife and kids in that compand .. While doing so they also shot a old watch gaurd who the US claimed to be Osama’s body guard, the Pakistan fighter jets did eventully catch up to ENEMY helicoptors but like the drones they were not given the signal to shoot down the helicoptors which indeed belonged to the world’s super power. The US and Western world have the most powerful media’s so no country or world leader openly questioned Mr Obama’s farce story. If Pakistan’s ISI was hiding OBL I’m sure this powerful proffesional institution, would have had a plan B, if the worse happend! Had OBL the world’s and wests most wanted man been caught or killed I’m postive the US would have shown his photo’s the way they showed us Saddam Husseins. Then a few months later, the same so called “hero red navy seals” who killed OBL all perished in a strange helicoptor crash, werew they murdered by the US CIA, to finish the truth about May 2nd? I won’t count against it. However with the deaths of these ‘navy seals’ the truth also died!

  • I almost forgot to mention? Mr Obama claimed that US managed to disable Pakistani air defence systems for a while – by which time Navy seals killed and took OBL body back to Kandahar. But Pakistani security officials and civillians had a totally different version to tell just minutes after the explosion. This was it … There was a complete blackout of the city, it seemed as if the country was under enemy attack. My point, it means Pakistan air defence system did pick up enemy incursion and alert the security officials to commence a total electrical black out. Then minutes after, there was a loud explosion, heard towards the compound with a big fire on the scene. That was one of the US navy seal helicoptor that was picked up and shot down by Pakistani air defence. In the following days, after assessing the helicoptor wreckage, Pakistan security officials also confirmed that the scud missle that shot down enemy helicoptor, was the same missile system that Pakistan air defence system has. The Abbotabad civillians and witnesses had a total different version of events to that of Mr Obama’s story! But who will dare question Mr Obama and challenge the US and western media!

  • The Afghan Jihad against the Soviets was supported by Pakistan’s ISI.
    ‘The Strategy of Thousand Cuts’ resulted in Soviet withdrawal.
    After the fall of Berlin wall, a piece of the wall was presented to the brilliant DG ISI General Hamid Gul with the inspiration – ‘One who helped deliver the first blow’

  • pak is the best as well as the i.s.i .. Indians fighting and games of deaths is not ur business becoz u cant so give ur consternation to movies…. p

  • Though im an Indian I agree that isi is far more superior than raw acc to their past records…and the real problem has started due to USA and Israel …USA is funding Israel and giving them weapons to kill people in Islamic nations…cause Israeli. Really hate Muslims…and USA spends billion dollar to make weapons ….so they ought to use them….they first destroyed Afghanistan with drone strikes and then they give them funds for development…usa is the major cause for all the wars because they want to show the world their superiority over other countries…people say that alqaida and Taliban are terrorist groups but they r not…they hv their own ideology…usa killed so many innocent people with their drone attacks…and also when they invaded Afghanistan….so I assume that USA r major war criminals…and as far as Pakistan is concerned they r only trying to protect their own interest…so saying it a terrorist nation would be wrong

    • Thank you so much Vinayak for these kind & humble words for Muslims & Pakistan..
      You are an Indian & it makes me so shocked but happy that every Indian is not same, some of them really knows the reality like u 🙂
      You are truely great Vinayak.. Hatts off to you 🙂

    • I love the way you talked about the real face of usa and thier deeds…. you love justice and solute you and your this attitude,,,

  • yahooooooooooo……
    tha tha tha tha tha tha tha tha
    ISI is the best agencyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeee worldddddddddddddddddd
    agr ksi ko shk hai to is sy pala dal k dykhy phrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pata lg jay gaaaaaaaaa
    y Indians r so jelous frm PAKISTANIESSSSSSSSSSSS

  • ISI has proved it self,,, doesn’t need words…
    RAW is just raw,,,
    the indians have started to be hero in movies against ISI after losing the real intelligence war,,,

  • After having brief study about all spy agencies including: CIA, ASIS, CSIS, MOSSAD, M16, BND, RAW ETC. I come to the point that these agencies merely work to exploit others countries internal affairs and don’t work on domestic level except CANADIAN SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICES (CSIS) because it is the united secret intelligence how work only their country’s benefit and all are the others all burden on their respective country’s economy. Being a Pakistani and having Army background I don’t favor about the ISI. I remain impartial about the decision. So Plz think about that amicably……

  • I rank the Intelligence services as below :-

    1. U.S.A
    2. CHINA
    3. RUSSIA
    4. INDIA
    5. FRANCE
    6. BRITAIN
    9. ISRAEL
    11. PAKISTAN
    12. IRAN
    13. MEXICO
    14. GERMANY


  • No inteligence agency can match ISI of Pakistan it destroyed the KGB and out manuvered it in all aspects it was behind the dimise of soviet union and now is doing the same thing the the Americans and it’s wild dogs the Europeans it is fighting CIA raw shit and Mossad at the same time it’s protected it’s nuclear weapons from it’s foes it bleeds America in Afghanistan it controls half of the worlds most feared freedom fighters or terrorists what ever u want to call them, Evan Mossad dare not to attack or say a word about it’s weapons of md,it has to be the IsI the KGB best at it’s time failed to out smart it

  • In the Britannica there is clearly written that ” ISI is the most sophisticated intelligence agency in the world”.

  • Even in India, most states are afraid of pakistan’s isi. Raw is sadly no match with isi. Raw has just become a lazy fat elephant now, trying to overpower everything by money and technology. Isi has a wide range of operation, and “communication” with the islamic world. Raw is still at a developing age

  • Alhamdulilah Allah gives more power for isi.isi is the father of All over the world agency.long live ISI long live Pak army long live Pakistan .may Allah destroy our enemies proud to b Pakistani Alhamdulilah.

  • I will proud of ISI
    ISI fight with 10intelligence companies in one time
    and the every mission of ISI will successful no mission will be fail
    That is way ISI is no1 in the WORLD
    PAKISTAN zindabad

  • kaha se aate h tum jaise c oh sorry yaad aaya pakistan se aate h ,ISI no.1 toh h koi doubt nhi space me kaam karti h na

  • The Is Report Is 100% Accurate And I Agreed With It. All Agencies Are Aligned Correctly. Thanks For Updating This List.

  • Isi is the best intelligence agency and they are really able to appreciate
    But mossad is a terrorist Agency they always attack on innocent people…

  • MSS is the best in the world. Their strength is more that 100000. They will sweep out complete nations without them knowing.

  • No wonder America keeps getting attacked the #1 one top agency is in Pakistan?? And then Israel is the 3rd one… Come on people

  • ISI is very strong secret agency of Pakistan, very responsible and have vital roles for the world peace.

  • Stop misinforming people ISI is not no 1, guys check other websites and i clearly understand your propaganda when i saw the pictures of agencies, you can see ISI has given a big size picture while others are so small.
    Tell us your real name, you are a Pakistani, I know, and ISI is behind RAW and no 1 Mossad.