4 Most-Used Appliances in Summers and Their Maintenance Tips

Summer in Australia is the most active time of the year. This means that you’ll have loads of sweaty laundry to wash, overloaded refrigerators to keep your food fresh, more time in front of the stove to feed all hungry mouths, and piles of dishes to wash. Of course, you need cooling sources to keep you cool during the summer. In other words, your household appliances will be constantly functioning.

Extreme heat and power outages during summers can damage your majorly used appliances and if you neglect them, they may unexpectedly break down or function less efficiently. Snowdonia Air Conditioning Birsbane has provided 4 majorly used home appliances and their maintenance tips to ensure your summers go well.


  • Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are crucial to make summers comfortable and cool. Apart from cooling, A/C system removes extra moisture and humidity in the air. In doing so, your A/C unit has to work harder. An efficient way of extending your A/C’s lifeline is to install a dehumidifier with your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system, which alone will take care of the excessive humidity.

Dirt builds up in your air conditioner filters which clogs the air holes and reduces the air passage significantly. Remove the cover panel and wash or vacuum the filters out regularly to make them free of debris. Even the evaporator coil and AC condenser can collect dirt, so make sure they are clean to allow adequate airflow and efficient cooling.

If your A/C requires more than just regular maintenance, hire the services of air conditioning experts having an outstanding reputation.


  • Washing Machine

Summertime activities call for sweat-soaked clothes that are changed twice or thrice in a day, resulting in a huge pile of unwashed clothes. The task of washing this many clothes requires a heavy-duty washing machine, but even the best machine can break down if not cared properly. More is not necessarily better when using detergents, because regular detergents produce suds, which can form a film on the drum and hoses. This film promotes mold growth that can drastically reduce the functionality of your appliance. Always use recommended amount of detergent.   

Don’t stuff too many clothes all at once in the washing machine. Although, they would fit, but this will put excessive pressure on the motor and could cause internal damage. Avoid heavy loads, so that you don’t void your washer’s warranty.


  • Refrigerator

There’s no way your eatables will last another day during summers if you do not refrigerate or freeze them. As much as we need them, these appliances are most vulnerable to summer heat. Make sure to place them in a spacious room with proper air crossing.

Condenser coils are responsible for keeping the heat out of the refrigerators. Over time, dirt can accumulate on them and it becomes harder for the fridge to remove the heat. This results in increased energy consumption and loss of endurance. Clean the coils with a long-handled bristle brush or vacuum to save money on your energy bills and extend the life of your refrigerator.

Defrosting your freezer also improves the efficiency of your unit. You should never allow a build-up of ice or heavy frost. Scraping the ice with sharp metal tools can also damage your refrigerator. For major fridge issues, seek professional help.    


  • Dishwasher

All the day’s activities and loss of body fluids during summers can provoke your hunger. Each time you cook and eat, there will be an endless stream of dirty dishes giving your dishwasher a tough time. Clear out any debris trapped in food drains and filters under the lower spray arm.

Inspect the spray arms and racks for scratches or rust. Any damage done to your dishwasher will also ruin your dishes. Pour a cup of white vinegar in the basin to keep your dishwasher odor-free. Moreover, don’t overload it with dishes.

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