9 Weirdest iPhone Apps


When you hear the tagline “There’s an app for that”, you probably think of iPhone apps that find local restaurants, offer coupons for nearby businesses, and let you use Twitter and Facebook. But not all iPhone apps are so useful. In fact, there are thousands of iPhone apps that offer nothing more than new ways to waste time.

Check out this list of the 9 weirdest iPhone apps.

1. Hold On!—Perhaps the most useless app on this list, the concept of Hold On! is simple. The goal is to see how long you can hold own the button on the screen without lifting your finger. Yep, that’s really an iPhone app. The sad part? It’s actually pretty addicting, and you’ll find yourself holding the phone trying to beat your record.

2. iPhone Fart App—If you’re looking to unleash your inner 8 year old, this app is for you. With the iPhone fart app, or iFart, you can play several different fart noises that are sure to make everyone laugh. Just remember, a business meeting isn’t the time to bust out the iFart app.

3. Annoy-A-Teen—Are you looking for a way to get revenge on all the teens who endlessly annoy you? The Annoy-A-Teen app can help. This app plays high-frequency sounds that only youngsters can hear. It’s the perfect way to shut loud teens up in the movie theater.

4. Haircaster—With Haircaster, you’ll never have a bad hair day again. This iPhone app analyzes the local weather to determine how it will affect your hair. Now you’ll know when you should wear a hat.

5. Rimshots and Crickets—Need a rimshot to accompany your perfectly-timed joke? What about the sound of crickets to mock a horrible joke told by one of your friends? This app has it all. It’s like your own personal soundtrack.

6. Hang Time—Unless you want to smash your iPhone into tiny little pieces, this app isn’t for you. Hang Time makes you throw your phone into the air to see how long it stays in the air before you catch it (or it slams to the ground). I doubt the insurance on your phone would cover such an accident.

7. Virtual Zippo Lighter—Ever been at a concert where everyone holds up a lighter once the slow song hits? Now you can join in the fun too! Virtual Zippo Lighter on iPhone is, well, a virtual Zippo lighter (imagine that!). If only you had some virtual cigarettes to light with it, things would be perfect.

8. Drunk Dialer—iPhone has quite a few different drunk-dialing apps. Some try to prevent you from dialing while drunk, and others, like this one, encourage it by randomly dialing numbers in your phone book when you use the app. Ahh, there’s nothing like drunk dialing your boss at 2 AM.

9. iVoodoo—Let’s face it: Carrying a voodoo doll around in your pocket will make everyone else think you’re a freak. And those pesky needles will stick in your leg. With iVoodoo, you can have your very own voodoo doll on your phone without anyone else knowing what you’re up to. It’s the perfect way to get revenge on that co-worker who stole your lunch.

Which weird iPhone apps would you add to this list? Share your favorites in the replies.