Addiction is a disease that sneaks up on you. You may notice things around you starting to dissolve, but you may not realize how serious your potential condition is without intervention. However, if you’re struggling with your family, money or health, you may be sliding down the slippery slope of addiction without realizing it. Consider the following in deciding whether to seek out a support group or treatment.

Feeling Euphoria

Is there something you are doing that makes you feel great? Do you notice yourself doing it more and more? Perhaps gambling started as a fun hobby, but you keep playing because the thrill of the game is so much fun. The same can be said for substance abuse or drinking. A few drinks or hits started as a way to have fun, but now you don’t really feel happy unless you are in that euphoric state more and more often.


It is one thing to enjoy something like the internet or sex, but it is another entirely when you dedicate your entire life to it. If you can’t leave the house for fear of missing something online or because you prefer your online world to the real one, you have cause for concern. If sex or good food becomes less of a pleasure and more of a mission, you might take a step back and reevaluate your reasoning.

Losing Control

Many adults fear losing control. Others simply seem unaware that it is happening to them. If money seems to be slipping through your fingers and you suddenly have bills you can’t pay, you might be in trouble. Your family that seemed so close and loving is now distant and threatening to walk out might also be an indicator that something is wrong.

Poor Choices

Finally, if you keep running into back luck and everyone is out to get you, there is probably something wrong. Making poor choices, such as drinking heavily and then driving or following someone home may not even occur to you as the wrong choice at the time. If you find yourself in trouble with the bank, your family or even the law, seek proper help.

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