American Bulldogs: Which meals to Feed Your Pet

You should feed your bulldog puppy with great care if you want him to be healthy. The food can be prepared indoor or can be purchased from the market. The quality of food is divided into three classes, high quality food, mid quality food and the low quality food. To get a better health for your puppy, you must ignore the low quality food. The low quality food uses substandard material for food production. That is why the price of low quality food is also less. Some companies manufacture low quality food material which cannot be termed as suitable for the health of your puppy in the long run.

The food quality can be decided based on the price of the food products as well as by the items listed on the food packets and containers. The low quality food lists some vague items on the food packets like meat, bone meal or meat meal. The meat contained in these types of food products is derived from certain very unhygienic sources such as from road killed animals. Euthanized animals are used for getting meat by these firms. The chicken used is also of very low quality and so are the dogs or horse. The combinations are also often wrong and the food is stale and unhygienic.

The mid quality food items are a class better. It lists a specific type of meat such as lamb, chicken or beef. They are also used as products and as products ingredients. But it might come from any part of the animal.

The best are the high quality food products. They list the ingredients of the food products in a very specific manner. Thus, the packets and containers of high quality food groups contain only the specific food type used and no other constituent. Like it would list only chicken and you will find no mention of other animal meat like dog or horse meat. The high quality food can be consumed by humans also.

Firms like Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan and Eukaneba are some of the reputed firms in the dog food business and manufacture high quality food. All the veterinarians will recommend this food for your dogs as it has very good effects on the health and longevity of your animal. One of the firms which provide quality food at reasonable prices is Solid Gold.
Food for your bull dog might be millet, lamb and lamb meat, cracked pearled barley, rice bran, oatmeal, flax meal, dries chicory meal, blueberries, amaranth, copper, vitamin supplements like B1, B2, Riboflavin, vitamin D, folic acid etc.
The puppies should be given a planned diet. They have very small stomachs and hence are unable to digest huge amount of food. A puppy which is eight years old should be fed four times a day. The puppies that are very young should be given much of dry food and warm water. Then reduce the water content in small amounts until the puppy is able to chew and digest solid kibble. The puppy should be given puppy food till he is one year old. After one year, the dry food can be left for him to eat anytime of the day or you can feed him yourself once a day. Good food combinations given in recommended dosage and in proper time will make your puppy healthy and fit.

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