Are You Sick of Your Job? Here is How to Change It!

You are not stuck doing what you do now forever. If you want a different job, get some training and go after it.

One common reason people want to leave their job is that they are not following their passion. If a lateral move in your current company is not an option, it might be time to re-invent yourself and get prepared for doing what you love.

This includes getting the right training or education necessary for your field of choice. Although going to college is one way to get it, studying online can be less expensive and far faster.

What are the Most Important Benefits of Online Education?

You have a better chance of getting hired in many industries if you have a college degree. However, it is not always easy to go away to a college or university, especially for those who might already be employed or currently have a family.

Online learning enables nontraditional students to decide to go back to school for many reasons such as:

  • Learning a new skill for a different industry
  • Improving their skills in their current area of expertise
  • Looking for a career change later in life

Pursuing a degree through online courses helps those who have conflicting work schedules, family responsibilities, or other issues that make it difficult for them to get educated through more traditional methods.

Because traditional colleges and universities are facing budget cuts and higher tuition costs, many students are looking for alternate ways to earn their degrees.

The numbers speak for themselves. Approximately 3 million students are enrolled in fully online programs, and 6 million are currently taking at least one course online as part of their degree program.

Many students, from high school graduates to working professionals, look to take either some or all their courses online. Below are some of the most important benefits.

A Flexible Schedule

One of the most valuable benefits of online learning is the ability to study where and when you choose. For those who are working full-time, being able to study and learn in the evenings and on weekends makes getting more training possible.

Full-time parents would be unable to work towards a college degree if they had to go to a campus at a specific day and time.

Students can plan their study time around their daily schedule rather than the other way around. In addition, if an emergency or unexpected situation arises, rather than missing a class, the student can get back to studying at a more convenient time without losing any ground.

At Your Convenience

It doesn’t matter where you live when studying online. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

If you travel often for work, live in a rural area nowhere near any college or university, or live in a major city, your courses are always in the same place. That is online.

People with disabilities who have challenges getting to a physical location don’t need to be concerned about it. They can get online just as easily as someone who does not have the same disability.

Hearing and vision-impaired students can set up their computer with any equipment, apps, or tools they need.

They can create a learning center that will enable them to take online courses and learn what they need to learn.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Everyone learns at different rates and in different ways. Some are visual learners, while others benefit more from hearing a lesson.

Many of us remember our elementary school days where some students were labeled as “slow” and put into different programs, sometimes called remedial classes.

Many schools also offered accelerated classes for students that learned quickly.

While it is possible that those students put into remedial classes do need extra help, it could also be a result of them requiring a different learning method.

When in a classroom, it is necessary for all students to keep up at the same pace so that the teacher can move on to the next lesson.

The bottom line is that students of all ages learn at different paces. Being able to take the time you need to learn will help you complete courses successfully.

Save Money

Going to college is very expensive. Many students graduate from traditional universities with massive student debt.

In general, online programs cost less money. The prices will vary depending upon many factors including the program and the specifics of the course.

When you study online, you can save well over $11,000 a year. The cost for room and board for a public four-year (in-state) college is approximately $10,800 per year.

Annual transportation costs, on average, about $1,170. This is a significant amount of money you can save by learning online.

Learn Time-Management Skills

When one can study according to their own schedule, it requires tremendous self-discipline and responsibility for your actions.

Without having specific times for classes, you must manage your time effectively to achieve your goal of completing courses or a degree program.

Effective time-management skills look great on a resume. They are a very desirable trait for any job, especially management positions.

Once you have decided to leave your current job, get prepared for a new one with the proper training and education.

Online learning offers many advantages and benefits over traditional education. Once you complete your training or degree, a job you love can be yours. Take action and go get it.

Written by
Julie Weishaar
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