How to Choose and Wear Different Legging Designs

Leggings are simple yet fashionable items that are popular for women of all ages and sizes. What types of different design are there?

Types of Leggings

There is a wide range of leggings in the market to suit almost any look.

They include:

Calf length leggings – they sit mid-calf or below the knee and are ideal for workouts and warm weather.

Stirrup leggings – this style is best when you pair them with boots or dressy shoes that will cover most of your foot. If you hate leggings that ride up, stirrups are the best choice.

Footed leggings – these leggings are often mistaken for tights but have a more structured waistband. Moreover, footed leggings can be worn like pants but tights cannot. Tights resemble pantyhose, which are worn under skirts, pants, and dresses.

You will come across leggings made from a variety of fabrics, which means that they suit any season. No matter which style you prefer, make sure that you wear your leggings with the appropriate clothing items for a stylish look.

How to Choose Leggings


If you are plus-sized, you should know that it is possible to find leggings for your body shape. The key to finding the best one depends on several factors, including:


When buying leggings you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics, depending on how you feel. When choosing any fabric, the golden rule is that you should avoid light and clingy fabric that has a sheer finish. This rule applies to women of all shapes and sizes.

To find the best fabric, you should try on different fabric weights to see which one gives your legs a smooth appearance.


The style that you choose will depend on your body shape and needs. If you have long legs, you can wear any legging style, but shorter women should stay away from mid-calf leggings because they give a squat look. If you have thick calves, wearing mid-calf leggings will only emphasize them, which means that you should opt for full-length leggings.

If you are short, you will experience bunching up when you wear long leggings. To avoid this, you need to roll them up on the inside and use invisible hemming tape to hem them.


Just as the rise of regular pants is important, so is the rise of your leggings. If your waist is wide, you should choose high-rise leggings to make sure that they sit above your natural waistline. You can also opt for the low-rise variety that sits just beneath your natural waistline.

Whatever you do, do not choose something that is too tight to avoid the dreaded muffin top look. Do you have bigger buttocks and wider hips? Choosing high-rise or mid-rise leggings will provide better coverage without cutting off your hip, which would create unsightly bulges.

How to Wear Leggings

You can choose to wear leggings with anything in your wardrobe and they will look great. If you are plus sized, tunics are the most popular choice to pair up the leggings with for your body type.

Long tops that fall mid-thigh are great for women of all sizes and shapes. When wearing skirts and dresses, you can also wear leggings underneath them on cold days. Moreover, these clothing items help plus-sized women to deal with the embarrassing predicament of inner-thigh chafing whenever they wear dresses or skirts.

No matter your shape or size, you should consider buying a great pair of leggings for your wardrobe. The most versatile colors are neutral solid ones because you can dress them up or down with any top and accessory. Not only are leggings fashionable, but they are also comfortable.

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Tom Caesar
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