Choosing the right smartphone for your kids

Buying a smartphone for your children is a tough job. There are so many things to consider, so many risks to consider but we certainly can’t deny the importance of smartphones in this age of technology. Smart phones give children the power to use internet wherever they want. This ability of smartphones is the biggest concern among parents. Some of the basic things to consider while choosing smartphones for your children are;

iOS or Android:

Whenever you decide to buy a smartphone the first question that arises is which operating system to choose iOS or android? Both operating systems are secure and support parental control apps. iOS is developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone and iPad and android is the operating system developed by Google Inc. Usually iOS are considered more simpler to use as compared to android because on android there are more options available which makes it relatively complicated to use. But, android supports more free apps as compared to iOS. Both operating system give parent’s the liberty of restricting internet access and controlling the App store or Play store purchases.

Choosing the right network:

After choosing the operating system the next most important thing to decide is which cellular network to use. As it’s for your children try to choose that network which offers filters for content over 18 years. But, remember these filters lift when the phones are connected to wifi networks. So, we recommend you to put parental controls on your home wifi network to make it children friendly.

Some of the phones that you can choose for your kids are;

Google Pixel 2:

This phone is manufactured by Google itself. It is expensive but with an up-front contract it will cost less. It is the best android device for teenagers, who want to use smartphones to their fullest. Plus Google Pixel 2 is extremely secure with the best fingerprint scanner that is available. But the feature that makes Google Pixel 2 our top pick is its parental control options. As, it is developed by google itself you get full access to your child’s phone with your parental control apps like parental control for android. You can control all the activities of your children on the internet and social media.

Nokia 6:

It is indeed one of the most affordable android phone with latest technology that you can buy for your kids. Nokia phones are very durable and they are well equipped with up to date technology. It comes with 16 megapixels rare and 8 megapixels front camera. It also has fingerprint scanner for providing extra security for your children.

iPhone 8:

Apple’s iphones are among the most favorite smartphones. It’s not cheap at all but it’s one of the safest phones present in the market. Security is provided by a fingerprint scanner. iPhones are one of the safest phones to use because there’s no risk of viruses or external software. Plus there are many parental control settings in the latest version of iOS 11 which applies age specific restrictions on the phone making it suitable for children of small age as well.

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