Help Your Kids Earn Money – Jobs For Kids!

You can get your kids started early in the work world, for them to learn valuable lessons and gain experience.  There are several ways kids can earn some money.  They can do anything from simple household chores to starting their own business.  This will give them the independence they need and crave for.

There are various things they can do, such as walking dogs for the neighbours, delivering newspapers, mowing lawns, or setting up stands selling lemonade.  But before letting them go ahead with anything, you have to be sure your child is ready to work and has the time.

Here are just a few things they can do:

Lemonade Stand

This can be ideal for kids during their summer vacation.  They can set up a lemonade stand and sell freshly squeezed lemonade.  It does not have to be anything big, just a simple stand will do the trick.

The only problem with kids is that they think they can handle everything on their own, which may not be possible with the number of unscrupulous elements out there.  It is important for an adult to be present around the children, while not interfering in what they are doing.

This is a wonderful way of teaching the value of money.  They will soon learn how to make a profit. It can also be a good lesson in math, counting money, checking the investment and calculating the profit for the day, to come up with the net profit.

Parents should leave it to the children to decide on the details of their lemonade stand project.  Make it seem like a real business, which is what it is, and buy a couple of lemonades to see if they’ve got the formula right.  If the sales are not good, parents can offer suggestions and tips to better them.

Car Washing

Washing cars is something an older kid can do with ease.  You child can get together a few friends to wash cars in the local area. In addition to this, they can even combine it with the above mentioned lemonade stand and serve customers while they wait for their cars to be washed.   Check out the other car washing services in the area and price competitively.

Dog Walking

For safety reasons, this is not for the younger kids, but the older ones can take this up as a small business.  They can walk dogs for people in the neighbourhood.  There is always a need for people who are not able to take their dogs out for a variety of reasons.

Kids can advertise their services by posting flyers in the neighbourhood or even putting the flyers in the mailboxes.

If, as a parent, you are concerned about your kid’s safety, you can ensure they only walk the smaller dogs and the well-behaved ones.  It will not be difficult to find such dogs.  This sort of business can be easy to follow through in apartment complexes.

Parents can help the child set up the pricing for their services and the timings when they will be able to offer their services.  In fact, many people charge a higher fee for larger dogs as they are not as easy to walk as the smaller ones.

Newspaper Delivery

This is one of the most common businesses for kids.  In fact, many of the local newspapers hire kids to deliver papers.  This is a great way of teaching your kid to be responsible.  This again is for older kids who can go out on their own on their bikes or even on foot.

This may not actually be a small business, but it will certainly get them started on earning money and teach them valuable lessons in money and responsibility.  You don’t have to force your child to wake up in the mornings.  It will become a habit as newspapers are delivered early in the mornings.  Parents can help their child get started initially, but very soon they will be on their own, counting their money.

Whatever the business your child wants to do, it becomes the parents’ duty to ensure the child is safe.  There are certain safety precautions that need to be taken.  It is important to know where your child is at all times and never allow them to go door to door alone.  Another thing to make sure is to not let their business interfere with school work.

Doing something on their own at a young age teaches kids money management and the art of saving money.

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