How to Drive Meaningful Traffic to Your Site

All clicks are good clicks, right? Many bloggers, copywriters, and marketing professionals seem to adhere to this way of thinking. That is, any content that helps generate more clicks, likes, and followers is a good thing. Yet, the reality is, some “clicks” are more valuable than others. Indeed, the key to running a successful business blog has more to do with garnering attention from qualified leads than simply amassing as many views as possible. To that end, professionals should consider these 4 effective techniques to ensure they’re attracting readers who will take an active interest in their message:

Conduct Readership Research

Before you can begin to build effective content strategies, you have to first understand who your current readers are, and how they interact with your posts. High bounce rates, for instance, indicate that visitors to your site aren’t finding what they’re looking for, and they’re leaving quickly as a result. In addition, it’s important to study other metrics to determine which demographics are most likely to view your branded material.

Provide Substantive Answers

Viral posts are exciting because of the potential they offer for increased exposure. Yet, viral content isn’t always useful –– for businesses or consumers. Just because a post is entertaining and popular, doesn’t mean it generates profitable opportunities. Instead, some of the best-written business blogs focus simply on answering customer queries in an in-depth manner. Progressive businesses can leverage these FAQs into compelling content.

Write a Guest Post

It’s a fantastic idea to invite industry leaders to contribute content pieces to your site. However, it’s also plenty beneficial to volunteer to write blog posts for other related (non-competitor) sites. Providing quality content for a respected industry journal will enable professionals to build their personal brand, and extend their company’s reach at the same time. Plus, any opportunity to generate high quality backlinks is worth your time and energy.

Engage in One-Upmanship
Your competitors are constantly writing blogs with the intention of drawing traffic to their sites. The good news is, you don’t have to feel daunted by this fact. Instead, you can use their success to form a blueprint for your own marketing team. Naturally, it’s essential to avoid plagiarizing any work. But whether you’re writing about pharmacy POS systems or office furniture, there are plenty of ways to outshine your competition. Writing longer, better, more interesting blog posts than your closest rivals will help your site gain traction online and generate leads in a more consistent fashion.

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