News and Media

For many, the internet has become a primary news source. Televised news takes up to an hour and must be watched in whatever order the items are presented. Internet news is ideal for our fast paced world because you can find anything at anytime without having to wait on commercials or the weather report.

Online News

Online news is available for very local items through global events. Online media outlets exist all over the world, so it is possible to find different viewpoints and different slants on exactly the same story without too much research. In a single trip online, you can find your local weather predication, the score from last night’s game and the latest news from overseas. All of this can take less than five minutes.

Streaming News

If you’re a news junkie, you can appreciate the streaming news feeds now available from many media sources. Breaking news can be delivered to your computer instantly and you are never out of the loop. You can let news items sit while you finish an important paper and then take break and scan the latest headlines in entertainment, world events or sports.

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Static News

Online news is not entirely static. Originally, online media sites were simple stories to be read. Now, however, entire broadcasts can come through the internet and video clips and images are all over the sites. News stories are punctuated with images of the scene or a short video clip of the disaster.

Best of all, online news sources are updated almost instantly. The morning’s paper will not change, and even news channels can be a bit behind the times – if you’re fortunate enough to have the television tuned to the right channel at the right time. Online, however, you can glance at updated headlines throughout the day to stay current with anything and everything that matters to you.

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