How to Kill it in 2019: 5 Practices to Ease into the New Year

2018 has been a rough year, and if you’re like me, you’re ready to throw it out the window. Luckily 2019 is just about here and you’re ready to crush it, right? You have grand resolutions and ambitious goals; you’re setting the bar high. Just you wait world, it’s going be a whole new you! Sound familiar?

It’s great to feel inspired, but lets be real kids — how long do we maintain that motivation before we’re back in our same old routine?

Maybe this year we’ll take a different approach. Instead of going full force we can set smaller, attainable goals. Taking it day by day to accomplish simple victories will boost confidence and reinforce you to do more and do better. Start with these five practices and notice your other aspirations fall right into place:

1: Wake up 5 minutes earlier and meditate

We all know the benefits of meditation and why it’s important, yet somehow we can never find the time. We’re busy people, I know. But actually, we do have lots of time, were just sleeping right through it. 5 minutes taken away from your precious sleep will have no affect on your day, but dedicating 5 minutes of meditation will. So start there and you’ll soon find yourself wanting more.

2: Start a home workout routine

Getting into a workout routine is daunting. The gym, yoga studio, pool — whatever your flavor — they’re all freaking intimidating at first. Ease that anxiety and start a practice at home doing whatever you feel good about, whether its yoga, pushups (!), squats, etc. Before you know it, you’ll feel more confident and energized, and ready to take it to the next level.

3: Quit sugar

It’s amazing what eliminating sugar, even just for a week, will do for your body. This isn’t necessarily a means for you to quit sugar completely, but more so a catalyst to feed your body nourishing foods. Once you see how good you feel off sugar, you’ll be inspired to (mostly) keep it that way.

4: Try a new recipe a weekly

It’s healthier and cheaper to eat in, but if you’re not super experienced in the kitchen, cooking your own food can be boring or frustrating. Why not just commit to one recipe challenge a week? It doesn’t have to be hard — find inspiration in your favorite cookbook, food blog or Instagram account, and try something new. Not only will you discover something you love to create, but your skills will grow too.

5: Do something kind, every day

Smile. Hold a door open. Donate those jeans you never wear. Pick up some trash on the beach. Buy a homeless person a cheeseburger. The smallest gesture can make all the difference. Karma is real y’all, and its pretty amazing how putting out some good energy will in turn make you a happier person.

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