Internet Blogs

What started as simple online journals has become an expansive industry. Blogs are a special kind of website dedicated to a more casual presentation of information. They can be written conversationally, with more emphasis on opinion and commentary than a more specialized report. The internet is the ideal location for this style of writing, so it’s no wonder blogs are quickly becoming a favored style of website.


To design an entire site can be complicated and time consuming. Pages must be constructed and changes are not always rapid. A blog can be designed in a matter of hours, and adding new content or making changes is simple. In many cases, it doesn’t even require any coding or software knowledge.

Beginners are using blogs to share experiences or thoughts online, and professionals have taken the blog well beyond this point. Blogs now are as fully developed as websites with pages, archives, links and feedback features, but are still easier to build and maintain. Blog designs are also easier to modify when the mood strikes – especially if you’re using a template.

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Blogs allow for the kind of detail websites can’t. A blog can be updated or edited instantly, much like a website, but the creation and upload process allows for greater simplicity and flexibility. Blogs are also well organized with archives readily available for past discussion. As much of the archiving is automatic, it is done quickly and makes the site much more user friendly.


Blogs may only be slightly newer than traditional websites, but they are considered to be a much more updated concept. Webmasters can throw ideas and content out in a matter of minutes, and readers are able to respond to that content. The give and take of most blogs makes them ideally suited for the interactive online environment of Web 2.0.

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