oh shift marketing campaign image

Marketing that Connects

Marketing that Connects

oh shift marketing campaign imageMarketing is more than ads. Any communication that leads to a sale could be considered marketing. The communication needs to get and capture attention. It needs to get the company closer to the audience, allow for feedback, and aid in emotional connection.

Here are a few examples of communication that I’ve encountered recently.

Oh Shift

The ads on the sides of webpages scarcely get my attention. This one did, but not for the right reasons. The slogan, “Oh shift” does not seem to match with the image I thought Lilly Pulitzer was going for.

The same slogan graces their website, which currently highlights the shift dress they’ve call authentic and original.

The image in the sidebar ad does not picture a shift dress, however. It pictures a bracelet, one of the gifts that come with a purchase.

Lilly, you lost me on this one. Although, I did go to your site while writing this and you do have some really cute shifts.


Maurices mauracies tag

It’s rare to find quality communication with a bill. This copy was on the top of a statement for Maurices. It directs viewers to a blog featuring how to videos. The invitation feels exclusive and videos are a powerful marketing tool. I dislike that happilyobsessed.com redirects to ecommerce.maurices.com/blog. Just the word ecommerce makes you think you’re going to a sales page, not an informational blog.


Adrianna Papell

I noticed this tag on a dress I recently bought. It says, “Making every moment, and every woman feel special. The simple message inside further impresses the brand’s image. The tag perfectly correlates with adriannapapell.com, too.

adrianna papell clothing tag

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