Mobile Responsive: Why You Need to Update Your Website

Mobile Responsive

If it hasn’t happened yet, soon more people will access your website mobily than from a desktop computer. Mobile search has grown 400% in the last year. And most mobile searchers are looking for a local business. Do you need more reasons to evaluate the usability of your site by mobile devices? Is it time for you to update your website?

If your site was made in the last couple of years, it may already look okay on a smaller screen. A responsive design will scale to fit your users screen. Hopefully all content, images, and videos load. So far so good? How’s the text. Is it too small to read without pinching? Can you click on the navigation?

What do Mobile Users Expect from your Site?

Last year Google discovered that 72% of users said a mobile-friendly experience was important. Seventy-four percent said they’re more likely to come back to a mobile friendly site. Online shoppers are 67% more likely to spend if the mobile experience is favorable. And 55% of Google users say a negative mobile experience will negatively impact their view of the company.

The survey also found that 76% of mobile users are looking for location information and hours. Is that info prominent? Sixty one percent of mobile users want to be able to click a link from their smartphone to call your business. About 50% want to be able to email you and/or download an app. Nearly half are looking for your social media links.

Your mobile site should load quickly, reflect your brand, and perform well.

Avoid large blocks of content (for desktop users, too); everyone scans. Navigation needs to be easy. Think of how people are interacting with your site; with their hands, not a mouse. Search is helpful, especially for larger sites.

Know your Audience

If you’re revamping your website, take some time to analyze your analytics. Determine where visitors are going. Plan the mobile site strategy to take users to that info with as few clicks as possible. Then create a mobile site that will detect traffic from mobile devices and connect them to your mobile website.

Or create a responsive website design; this will allow you to develop and maintain one website that will render consistently on any size screen. Your design and layout will adjust for mobile, tablets, and desktop users.

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