Modern Cars with the ’80s Look

Automobile design has drastically transformed from the more rectilinear 1980s. We learned much about aerodynamics and also appreciated the overlapping folds, creases and waves moulded around grills and lights shaped like ice cream drops and flung in high speed.

In the 1980s, vehicles had a distinct simplicity attached to them; in the US, limitations of only two head-lamp shapes was one reason but there was also an industry-wide liking for a simple car-face.

Jason Torchinsky at Jalopnik decided to Photoshop a few 1980s-era auto faces onto some existing/modern cars which were worn by respective models at the height of the golden era.

Have a look at his mashups here:

BMW 3 Series (Copyright: Jason Torchinsky)
Volkswagen Golf (Copyright: Jason Torchinsky)
Honda Civic (Copyright: Jason Torchinsky)
Ford Mustang (Copyright: Jason Torchinsky)
Chevrolet Blazer (Copyright: Jason Torchinsky)
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