Most Important Technological Developments That Help Businesses!

Technology is improving by the day and there are so many new developments that businesses have to keep up with to provide a perfect environment for their new-age tech savvy employees. Despite the fact that technology cannot replace human intelligence, it certainly plays a major role in assisting employees perform their tasks better.

SAP – Creation of Personalized Reports

Excel was and is still considered to be a powerful tool. Experts in Excel were in huge demand with people needing solutions. Now the latest development in software, SAP allows the creation of personalized reports, Many offices no longer consider Excel as the only tool. Excel proves to be insufficient for the amount of analysis and metrics that is needed for many. Not only that, the cost of getting MS Office itself is prohibitive.

SaaS Technology

Not too long ago, businesses used to look at local software developers to help them infuse the technology and dynamics their companies needed. The dependence of worry when these software developers forget to incorporate essential updates are a thing of the past now. Things are becoming more high-tech and we don’t have to deal with such issues. Employees also have the satisfaction of working with the latest SaaS technology that allows a high level of customization and systems that meet all their business needs can be developed effortlessly.

Web-based Software

If you have already checked out, EmpXtrack, Salesforce, SuccessFactors etc., you would know how convenient and affordable web-based software is. EmpXtrack provides updates to the software on the fly and the pricing is excellent. This alleviates the need for in-house support staff.

Storing Knowledge

This is something we have gotten so used to, that we may not think much of it now. However, it is one of the most important technological developments that takes us away from heavy books with hundreds of pages to the ease of obtaining information online. You have blogs, social networking sites and other communities online where information is stored and we can interact with people and read interesting articles, find information and opinions etc.

Communication Tools

Once upon a time, one of the most important modes of communication was the email. People used to send emails and wait for a response from a client, customer or a business contact. Now email is far less used than before, with the advent of chat software, social networking sites, SaaS software and others where you can deliver messages to your employees and other colleagues in the easiest way possible. Most companies have web-based software’s that allow easy communication of information like broadcasting some important news or events to their employees.

Virtual Office Software

This is something that we would not have dreamt could happen just a few years earlier – that it would be so easy to “go” to work. No more traveling in peak morning hour traffic to reach office or getting home tired. Now home offices have become a part and parcel of our lives, with the ability to share all the office related documents, files and projects with the staff in the office as well as take care of clients. This is made possible with the virtual office software that has been developed.

Freelancers Exchange

There are times when your senior manager needs something done emergently by some expert that is not part of your team. What do they do? They simply approach one of the sites where you can hire freelancers to do any kind of job. Managers can interact with these freelancing experts and get their job done for a decent rate.

Talent Hunt

More and more business owners are turning to hiring people not just by advertising in the local newspapers but also by looking up places like Linkedin, Facebook, Ecademy, Orkut, Yahoo groups etc. where people hunting for jobs post their portfolios. Most of these sites are free to use.
Keeping ahead technologically helps businesses be ahead of their competition that is striving to catch up with them at every chance they get. Work is done more efficiently, time is saved and employees feel energized to work in a technologically aware environment, which is crucial for the success of a business.

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