Organizations Recruit Ex-Army Officers For Employee Training!

An increasing number of organizations, both big and small, are showering much attention on ex-army officers. Their aim is to achieve efficiency in end results that will help with the growth of their companies.

They intend to do so by taking advantage of the high level of discipline and approach of the defense personnel, in the form of training sessions conducted by these officers for the employees.

It is a well-known fact that these army officers are a totally different breed with their commitment and discipline being way ahead from normal civilians. These people have lived through the most difficult situations, faced adversities and learnt to fight every battle only to win.

Ex-servicemen bring with them a rich experience that is a result of their long years in the army. They are disciplined, methodical; follow the book and employees gain tremendously from training under people with such wonderful qualities.

Corporate houses are getting ex-army officers to train their employees in various aspects and this trend is catching up fast. The kind of training that is taken from them includes sessions on leadership qualities, corporate security, communication skills, basic etiquette, behavioral science, importance of multi-tasking, time management, overall conduct, team work, trust, camaraderie etc.

Basically, the outlook of an army person is positive because of the tough environment in which they operate and they impart relevant messages to employees in a corporate set up.

For the organizational success, it is important for each and every employee to have the never-say-die spirit that says “can do” or “will do.” Being surrounded by people with such an attitude provides a positive effect all around. This helps employees understand the importance of team work and leadership qualities better and make a success of any team or project they are part of.

Initially, it has been seen that employees find these army offices harsh and strict, because of the set of rules and regulations they work with. However, once employees understand the importance of being dedicated to what they do and how it helps in their overall growth, the barriers are broken down and they find themselves learning and rebuilding themselves from the ground level.

How will these training sessions change employee behavior?

The advantage of such training not only helps the employees hone their professional skills, but also their personal skills, which will leave them better organized in all aspects of their lives and with the ability to deal with all kinds of situations.

Communication skills, presence of mind, ability to research, ability to take on new tasks with a positive frame of mind, quick thinking and negotiating are the areas usually focused on in the training sessions.

Human resource pundits feel that during turbulent times, it has become even more challenging to innovate ideas in order to teach new skills to the employees and keep up the motivation levels. When employees are shown how to see meaningful goals in the organization, they strive to achieve them. Since these are not the typical boring training presentations, employees find them interesting.

Today’s workplace is fraught with high amount of pressure and tall expectations. This sort of mentally rigorous and challenging training has been seen to leave behind highly motivated staff raring to go and ready to take on any challenges. Just like in war, where team playing is emphasized along with peer motivation, several organizations see the difference in their employees and reveal that after the training sessions, they become more dedicated, disciplined and committed to their work.

It is only the motivated employee that goes the extra mile in an organization, and creating a climate of freshness and motivation has become critical to any organization and the ex-army officers take on this task with aplomb.

If these training sessions are beneficial to the employees and the organizations, they are no less beneficial for the army officers who take up this training. This is a great new profession where they get to share their experiences with enthusiastic people hanging on their every word and relive their glory long after they are out of the army. The monetary benefits they enjoy for sharing their knowledge are on the higher side too.

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  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am an Ex Junior Commissioned Officer was retired from Army Corps of Electrnics and Mechnical Engineering on 30 Apr 2008. I am Graduate in History &PGDBA (HRD) from Symbiosis (SCDL).

    Currently I am working as a Asst. Administrator in Mercedes Benz International School, Hinjewadi – 57.

    I am very strong in man power development, Resouces, Maintance of Electrical as well as Mechanical Appliances, Repair of Vehicls,Transport Operation, FRO work, Maintance & refilling of high end Zerox Machine, Security, Canteen & Gardeniing.

    Best Regards,