Small Tiny Gadgets That Can Make Your Day


Do you know that feeling you sometimes get when you get up in the morning are you’re sleepy, tired, annoyed, and irritated? When you have to go to the office and all the world seems to be against you?

When there’s no coffee, the toothpaste has come to an end, and you forgot to buy food for your cat? Yeah, you know what I mean.

There’s a cure that can make your day brighter for less than $50 — small tiny geek gadgets! Let me show you some of my favorite gadgets that make me smile every time I look at them, no matter how tired or depressed I am.

Note: you can buy all of the gadgets at I keep those links saved in my favorites, but you can find them linked through the photos below.

Bacteria Assassin Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer

Bacteria Assassin Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer on the right kills all the nasty bacteria that can spoil your mood in the morning. Ninjas are the best (and invincible)!





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Come to the Dark Side Apron

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Not a gadget, but it’s definitely a good trigger for a cool party. Mine is on the way already, can’t wait to have it!

ElectroMan Surge Protector

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With a cute smiling face, this little guy’s happy to provide you with power. There’s a small heart burning when you plug him in. What a cutie!

The Ex- Unique Knife Holder

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Wishing you could kill someone? Now you can use the Ex knife holder to satisfy your animal instincts. The Ex Knife Set comes with 5 knives and you can throw all of them into the knife sleeves.

Mini Pet Cactus

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Little cacti are waiting to be adopted! They are absolutely real and alive and you don’t have to do anything to care for them. It’s growing from a “magic” gel inside the bottle that has everything it needs. This little dude comes with a strap to attach it to your jacket, cell phone, etc., so you can take it with you everywhere.

Yoda Pluck Backpack

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This will help you to stay in a good mood while going into the office. With Yoda on your back, he’ll be teaching you the ways of the Force and meditation in the subway.

SurvivalStraps Survival Bracelet

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This is a bracelet that can be quickly unraveled into 14′ of paracord. You can make a lasso, climb a mountain and overcome lots of other difficult situations that can come up on your way to the office. Well, at least it looks cool.

Cable Monkey Organizer

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It’s a great help both at home and in the office. The monkey will not only hug your cables and keep them neat and tidy, but will also show visitors to your office that you feel the best way to work out problems is through hugging. 🙂

Darth Vader USB Hub

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What could be more funny and relaxing than a Darth Vader head on your desktop, especially when it has 480 MBps of digital connectivity in a simple four-port USB 2.0 hub. Eyes glow, his head turns, and Vader speaks when you insert a new USB device! Don’t you think that’s a perfect gift for Valentines day for your girlfriend?

Humping USB Dog

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Harley and Duke are naughty doggies. 🙂 They won’t stop until you separate them from computer, these dogs are safe for kids and are very useful for geeks like I am. Now imagine plugging them into the Darth Vader USB Hub 🙂 Your day at the office would be ruined!


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When you are feeling lonely Tengu will always cheer you up. This tiny little creature has a microphone in the base that picks up sounds in the room and makes his mouth move in time with them!

Mini Shopping Cart Desktop Organizer

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A real shopping cart organizer for your desktop — not overly techy but it helps to keep your pens, pencils and sticky pads in one place. And what’s most important? It’s so sweet!

Colored Flame Tea Lights

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Colored flame lights are perfect for romantic dinner or partying. Save electricity and create a mysterious mood or simply scare your colleagues by turning off the light, lighting the candles, and wearing a blanket. 🙂