Ten Of The Best Employers In The United States!


Employees play a major role in the success or failure of a company. Happy employees are motivated and they take a company forward. Here are the secrets of some of the companies that are given top ten rankings by Fortune Magazine and Great Place To Work Institute, for being the best employers.


This company specializes in proprietary network storage and data management. They have more than 130 offices throughout the world. It is ranked high, at the very top for being the best employer because of the workplace quality and the high-trust culture that is part of the organization.

The company management believes in maintaining a great rapport with employees and taking care of their every need, being completely supportive in every way and at all times. This generosity is taken to heart by the employees and makes the company one of the best-networked organizations.

Edward Jones

This company, with managing partner James D. Weddle at the helm, offers financial products for individual investors and currently have more than 7 million clients, with 10,800 offices in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

Culture: Their main focus is training and they provide an average of 149 hours of training each year to their employees, which is said to be far greater than the average of 45. The best part is that employees are not just trained for the job they are in, but are also allowed to develop new skills. Even the fact that employees can seek employment elsewhere with these skills does not deter the management. They believe in their philosophy that employees who are passionate about their job enjoy working for the company.

Boston Consulting Group

BCG is a private global management consulting firm and is a leading business strategy advisor. It has spread its business throughout the world in 37 countries, apart from 66 offices in the US itself.

This company maintains a completely employee focused culture with their main attention being training. Employees are given ample opportunities to learn and take on responsibility. Associates that return to the company after completing their MBA cannot have it any better, as they are reimbursed their tuition fee in full, given a promotion and an increase in salary.


With CEO Eric Schmidt handling the affairs, Google is going places. Their main business as we all know is Internet search services, and also business solutions, blogging, social networking, online mapping, email, advertising and video sharing. They now launched ‘Google Chrome,’ their own browser.

Google is known to treat its employees extremely well, keeping them happy. They offer all sorts of professional development classes on all levels; including business writing, content development, presentation skills, management and leadership etc. In fact, the engineers at Google are encouraged to spend one day per week on various projects of their interest. Google News, Orkut, AdSense and Gmail are all fruits of this amazing endeavor.

Wegmans Food Market

This supermarket chain has seventy-nine stores in the United States. They believe that good people can achieve anything they set out to, when they work in unison for a common goal. They understand that goals can be achieved only by keeping everyone happy ensuring their needs are fulfilled.

Wegmans has a labor resource manager they use to make sure their employees are not over-worked and that all employees can count on support from their colleagues whenever they need it. This labor resource manager is in place to make sure employees are given a chance to study further, take a few days off to pursue their interests or care for sick family members.

Cisco Systems

Cisco software and hardware are popular throughout the world. Cisco offers network solutions, providing ease of access from anywhere.

This company ensures employees balance their work and personal life. Flexi-time is allowed when needed. There is also a leadership development system in place for employees to develop different skills and capabilities. One of the best things is that every Cisco employee can get personal support, to discuss personal issues in total confidentiality. Their trained onsite emergency response teams help evaluate a personal crisis and find solutions. In these days, when you cannot count on even close family, this sort of personal interaction goes a long way in making the employees feel completely at home.


Genentech is a biotechnology corporation that has the distinction of being called the founder of the biotech industry. They operate in the United States and Singapore.

This company fosters creativity in their researchers and encourages them to pursue projects of their personal interests, apart from working on company projects. Genentech also conducts a postdoctoral four-year program. The company believes that these benefits bring out the best in the employees and affects the company and their personal lives in the most positive manner.

Methodist Hospital System

This leading acute care hospital treats around 50,000 patients each year; both local and international. It is a teaching hospital in the United States, with several well-known specialists on the staff, catering to every field of medicine.

Employees are given paid time off biweekly. They are also provided subsidized transport and education assistance in the form of reimbursements for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral courses, as long as these courses are related to their jobs. Employees can also count of financial support for several things. The numerous resources that are made available for the employees to help them not only with their professional lives but also personal lives, makes this hospital a haven for the staff.

Goldman Sachs

This company is into investment banking, investment management and securities services. It operates in the United States and a few other countries. They encourage a high level of employee interaction and support.

Several employee benefits are offered, including tuition reimbursement, different courses, scholarships, fellowships, loan and mortgage discounts, education etc. Ongoing mentoring and training programs are a continuous process with this company.

Nugget Market, Inc

A supermarket chain in the Northern California region that is family owned; employees here are part of the family.

You would be surprised to know that this supermarket has never had a layoff. Was it started yesterday? No, it was founded as far back as in 1926. The employees earn top wages and the best benefits in the industry, including health care and long-term disability. This employee-friendly attitude works wonders.

One of the foremost attractions for employees, who would love to develop new skills which will help them grow, is training. All these companies who have provided this and more to their employees have a success record at retaining employees and profitability.

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