The Resourcefulness of Google Trends during COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is triggering significant change. The search community in particular is relying increasingly upon Google Trends for insights into user behaviour.

Google Trends offers a peek into related search trends as the world manoeuvres through large upheavals caused by the pandemic.

Rapid Shifting of Search Trends

According to New York-based SEO specialist Lily Ray, the SEO community should explore Google Trends because things are changing in remarkable ways.

Animated GIFs of Search Trends

Google Trends Time Lapse

One of the resourceful methods of discovering insight is to view different time phases.

Use the time settings to spot differences across target regions during the 12 month, 90 day, 30 day and 7 day trends.

This will allow you to see what people are upto, their interests and moods.

Remember that time lapse is not a feature in Google Trends. It’s something you’ll have to develop yourself.

Rebecca Lehman tweeted a time lapse based on Google Trends which reveals the mood of the nation.

Her snapshots show the progression from 12 months ago to 7 days ago, how people shifted away from cakes toward baking bread.

Money is Trending!

This takes advantage of the sinking stock market which is certainly what most people are concerned with.

‘How to Buy Stocks’ is Trending

These are the top 5 states that want to learn about buying stocks

Boredom during Self-Isolation

The phrase ‘I’m bored’ in the Spanish language was trending in Spain which indicates many people who are out of work were unable to socialise.

Toilet Paper trending in Spain

It’s nice to know Americans aren’t the only ones in a lust for toilet paper.

Australia is transitioning from Yoga Near Me to Online Yoga

The trend away from going out for yoga rapidly developed within the past 30 days. During a period of upheaval, it might prove resourceful to review shifting trends more than usual.

Time Lapse of Yoga Trends

Google Trends’ Resource Value

Many SEO professionals are diving into Google Trends. It is a moment of change indeed.

Lily Ray notes:

Insights from Google Trends

Finding out trends against simple questions like ‘How to make pancakes’ can also offer insights. It indicates that people might be cooking for their family.

If you’re a recipe blogger, switching to family-friendly recipes might be a good idea.

It’s especially useful when the bulk of your recipes are related to dinner.

Explore Google Trends Now!

There are many other examples out there. We saw someone noting the trend ‘how to cut my hair’.

If your YouTube channel is about beauty products, this is a moment to promote self-grooming at home.

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