These Airports Will Not Let You Get Bored If You Are Left Stranded

How often have you got stuck at a particular airport for whatever reason? Well, your answer could vary but if you do get stuck at the following airports next time, you will be thrilled.

North American Airport Satisfaction Study 2019 got released last week. Likewise, the ranking of airports in the United States also got released.

What aspects did the study cover?

Almost all aspects were covered in the study including:

  • Travelling experience
  • The time you check-in at the airport
  • Security process
  • Shopping options
  • Dine-in options
  • Complications while getting through the main gate

The study also divided the airports into three categories: Mega, Large and Medium. It is pertinent to mention that this article may be useful to a limited set of users as it is confined to the airports in the U.S. only. However, the list will do a world of good to passengers with connecting flights.

As per the study, following are some of the best airports to get stuck in the U.S. Therefore, if you find yourself at any of the succeeding airports, you’ll be ecstatic to spend your leisure time in there.


Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Orlando International Airport


Portland International Airport

Dallas Love Field

Tampa International Airport


Indianapolis International Airport

Jacksonville International Airport

Buffalo Niagara International Airport

It would be hard to strike boredom at the aforementioned airports. Some of them are famous for its food as few of them remain open for 24/7. On the other hand, there are plenty of shopping outlets at these airports which will allow passengers to make a purchase or window-shop while they are at it.

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