What Makes Tunisia Attractive For Plastic Surgery?

When visiting a new place, the first thing tourists do is to sample the delightful cuisine or check out the tourist attractions. But not so in Tunisia! The first whiff of Tunisian air gives rise to waves of anticipation – of a new look – of a flawless face or body.

La Marsa is where most head the moment their flight touches the Tunisian soil. The unspoken excitement can be felt from the bandaged or red faces walking around the place.

This is not just any tourism – it is medical tourism at its best. The hub of cosmetic surgery, as Tunisia is now known by the world, is making many dreams come true. Medical tourism is on the increase and in the past decade, has taken Tunisia from the low obscurity to the high of visibility. The booming cosmetic or corrective surgery industry in Tunisia is a result of efficient physicians, effective procedures and affordable prices. This place promises everything you could have always wanted – a flat tummy, a beautiful nose, voluptuous breasts and everything else that can make you flawless.

While surgeons in established countries command a price that every plain Jane cannot afford; Tunisian doctors, in an attempt to showcase their talent to the world, are currently offering their services at prices that are affordable by almost everyone.

People from far off regions like Asia throng the place. Tourists from major European countries like the UK and France make a beeline to Tunisia, as they have the advantage of being located close and don’t have to worry about procuring a visa beforehand. In spite of being a developing country, the amenities available are on par with the other major Western countries. Tunisia boasts of a world-class health care system that is as good as any of the best in the world, with highly-trained physicians and well-equipped clinics/hospitals.

For people visiting the place for a cosmetic surgery, their quest for beauty begins in a wonderful manner, setting the mood for things to come. They begin to feel beautiful even before a cosmetic job is performed on them, through the hospitality meted out by the kind-hearted people of Tunisia. Even the Mediterranean climate with mildly cool winters plays its part in patient recuperation, in total contrast to the biting cold or unbearable heat in their countries. Most patients prefer staying back and enjoying the serene beauty of the Tunisian beaches, delectable food and exotic culture while the healing is taking place under the bandages and until they no longer look or feel sore.

Going deeper into the price structure of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia – while a facelift costs between 4,000 to 6,000 pounds in UK, in Tunisia it would cost less than half of that amount. Breast enhancement surgeries are staggeringly expensive in the UK, at around 15,000 pounds but in this cosmetic capital, they cost no more than 5,000 pounds, which includes airfare and accommodation in a 5-star hotel. All you need is 2,000 pounds for a liposuction. Earlier, surgeons in Brussels were famous for their most efficient facelifts, but now the focus has shifted to Tunisia.

With so much happening on the Tunisian front, it is no wonder it is emerging as the cosmetic capital of the world. The Tunisian surgeons receive their training abroad, most of them in France, and their efficiency in performing complicated cosmetic surgeries is well-known and highly talked about. The best quality of medical service is offered on a platter at unthinkable prices.

Right now all eyes are on Tunisia and medical tourism is thriving – at its peak – performing and living up to expectations. An estimated $2 billion was spent by about 6.5 million tourists towards plastic surgery.

Who knows how long the surgeons will continue to provide these skilled services at such low prices? Get that nose job done in Tunisia before Tunisia decides it has proven enough to the world and starts looking at getting their due in terms of increased prices. Already surgeons are said to be showing an inclination to raise their prices as they have now built an avalanche of loyal patients from around the world, who vouch for the quality of service and would continue to visit Tunisia to get themselves fixed.

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