Words and Phrases to Avoid on Your Resume


Consider your resume as the lifeblood of your job search. It’s often the first impression that you make and it needs to be great. And unlike the job market of yesteryear, there’s more flexibility when it comes to resume writing. There’s no longer a one size fits all approach and rigid format that needs to be followed by all. Nonetheless, resume flexibility doesn’t mean sloppiness. You still need to make sure that when you make that first impression that what you’re putting forth is perfect.

One important tip to keep in mind- regardless of whether you’re looking for an internship, freelance position or full time employment: Be mindful of words and phrases that are overused and worn-out for they can make your resume look and feel out of date. Some examples:

Words/Phrases to Avoid:
Detail oriented
Good communicator
Problem solver
Results-oriented or goal-oriented
Seasoned professional
Team player

It’s hard to stand out from the crowd when you’re using words and phrases that have been used so often by so many people. Also, keep your resume clean and simple. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary adjectives. Instead, think of way to quickly, but clearly explain why you’re unique, why you’re a great hire, and why you should be contacted immediately. Don’t forget to highlight your work experience and knowledge of relevant subject matter.

Bottom line: With multiple candidates vying for every position, hiring managers weed through resumes quickly. Keep your resume clean, simple and relevant. For the best results on your job search, avoid unnecessary words and phrases to present yourself as the talented candidate you are.

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