The World of Sustainable Design: Slow Down Fast Fashion – Infographic

What does it mean to be “green?”

The answer to this question has evolved over the past hundred years or so due to the emergence of “green” lifestyle changes, or environmental awareness types of ideology.

Environmental awareness campaigns have been around since the late nineteenth century, but it was not until the 1970’s that we really began to see some traction take place with these types of principles and ideas.

Fast forward to today, and now most people are highly aware of the health of our planet and what we as individuals can do to help out. Being green is truly something that a lot people take a vast amount of pride in. This means that people try to help out in many aspects of life, and of course this includes fashion, and eyewear.

People often think that they have to sacrifice quality if they want to buy green products. In some situations this may even be accurate. You do after all sacrifice some horsepower if you get a Prius. Eco fashion is different though. Eco fashion is more akin to a Tesla.

For example, glasses made of bamboo are incredibly strong. This is because bamboo is stronger than untempered steel. Not to mention bamboo can also grow as many as five feet per year. This is real win-win for glasses wearers, and mother nature alike.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Glasses made out of twice recycled wood are good for the environment, because it is well…twice recycled wood. Not only is it good for the environment though, but it also makes you very stylish. Recently wooden eyewear was featured as a top 5 global fashion trend. Another win-win for the visually challenged and mother nature.

For interesting tips, and more on eco fashion check out the infographic below!


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