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15 of the World’s Best Drug Rehab Centers

Dealing with drug addiction is not easy, whether it is yourself or someone close to you who is suffering.  There are thousands of drug rehab centers around the world that help people get the help they need to recover. The best rehab centers in the world cater their services to each patient. They use innovative techniques, hire the top doctors in their fields and often have luxury accommodations.

When you think of drug rehab centers, the Betty Ford Center is probably what comes to mind. But there are countless other quality service providers around the globe. Any of them can help you overcome your substance abuse issues, no matter where you are. Let’s take a look at 15 more examples of the best drug rehab centers in the world.

Note: These are meant to serve as examples. There are thousands of other treatment facilities available. While these are some of the best we’ve come across, they aren’t necessarily “the best of the best.” That’s why we’ve listed them here in alphabetical order rather than by any subjective ranking. We invite you to share other drug rehab centers that you feel are worth including in the comments following this article.

Drug Rehab Centers - Road to Recovery

1. Caron Foundation – Wernersville, Pennsylvania

Caron Treatment Centers is a nonprofit substance abuse treatment organization. It is affiliated with the Treatment Research Institute and the University of Pennsylvania. These affiliations allow Caron to use the latest research to provide the best treatment for their patients. Caron has more clinical programs for specific patient groups than any other treatment center in the United States. There are locations in Texas, Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C. The main facility is a 100-acre campus with 251 beds in Wernersville, PA.

2. Cirque Lodge – Sundance, Utah

Cirque Lodge offers luxury accommodations in a beautiful location as well as a good treatment program.  This is a very private treatment center with room for only 16 people at a time.  Cirque combines traditional therapy with experiential programs.  These programs include hiking, horseback riding, a ropes course, gardening, fishing, and skiing.  Many celebrities have chosen a stay at Cirque Lodge to recover from their addictions.

3. Cottonwood de Tucson – Tucson, Arizona

Cottonwood is another rehab facility in a beautiful location. They specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. That’s because other psychiatric or emotional illnesses often accompany addiction, such as PTSD. The adult program at Cottonwood builds a 12-step recovery program. To this, it adds family involvement, group therapy, experiential therapy, and nutritional counseling. It also offers a medical facility for physical withdrawal treatment.

4. Crossroads Centre – Antigua

The Crossroads Centre in Antigua was founded by Eric Clapton and the Priory Hospitals Group in London. Crossroads uses the 12-step recovery program. It supplements this with holistic therapies to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Their facility has beds for 36 people. The location is a tranquil waterfront. The privacy and quality of care attracts individuals from all over the world.

5. DARA – Koh Chang, Thailand

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Asia (DARA) is an affordable rehab center located in Thailand.  It has a facility that is like a luxury resort for a much lower cost than most rehab centers.  Prices start at about $8,000 for an all-inclusive 28 day stay. DARA combines treatment approaches to create a customized program for each individual.

6. The Dawn – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Dawn is a boutique riverfront rehab facility in Thailand. This offers a combination of Eastern and Western treatments for a holistic recovery. Psychotherapy, medical detoxification, and TMS therapy stand side-by-side with Eastern wellness practices. The clinic seeks to remove clients from substance triggers. To this end, it is isolated among Thai villages and accepts only 25 residents at a time. A 28-day stay will run to around $12,000.

7. Ibiza Calm – Ibiza Spain

Ibiza Calm is an English-speaking rehab clinic in the heart of the idyllic island of Ibiza, Spain.  It accommodates no more than 10 guests. The team has a varied treatment approach. CBT and several alternative approaches are available, as well as a 12-step program.  The location was chosen for its seclusion and sunny climate, with over 300 days of sun a year.  This removes clients from everyday distractions for the most successful treatment.

8. The Meadows Clinic – Wickenburg, Arizona

The Meadows Clinic is one of the leading treatment centers in the United States for addiction and psychological trauma. They use 12-step meetings along with many other types of treatment. Some of these are equine therapy, art therapy, spirituality counseling and yoga. The 70-bed Meadows Clinic has treated more than 20,000 clients in over 40 years.

drug abuse - getting help in drug rehab centers
Asking for help is the first step. – Credit: BigStockPhoto.com

9. Nishan Rehab Islamabad – Pakistan

The Nishan Foundation runs two state-of-the-art treatment centers in Pakistan. Both the Islamabad and Multan locations specialize in drug and alcohol addiction treatments. The service offer includes detoxification, attitudinal healing and many different types of therapy. Most types of therapy that are offered are group therapies. Their clients include people of all ages and from diverse backgrounds.

10. Passages – Malibu, California

Passages is a small, up-scale treatment center in California that accommodates 12 clients at a time.  They focus on addiction not as a disease but as a symptom of an underlying issue.  Following this philosophy, they do not use 12-step treatments. Instead, the program is an individualized one where the client works with a full team of therapists.  Most of the treatment is done through private one-on-one sessions.

11. The Priory – Roehampton, England

The Priory is one of the leading treatment centers in all of Europe.  The facility in Roehampton has private rooms and accommodates 107 patients. It offers a wide range of mental health treatments besides addiction therapy.  The Priory uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and several types of group therapy.  It also has an aftercare program to follow up with their clients to help ensure their success.

12. PROMIS Rehabilitation Clinic – Kent, England

PROMIS is a luxury rehabilitation clinic located in Kent, England. At PROMIS they believe that the surroundings are very important to each client’s success. So, they strive to provide the best, including trips such as sailing along the coast of England. Their drug treatment program begins with detox followed by the creation of a personalized plan. One-on-one and group therapies are one branch. Besides these, PROMIS uses psychodrama treatments, equine therapy, creative therapy and exercise programs.

13. Promises – Austin, Texas

The Promises treatment center in Austin is another luxury drug rehab center. Located in the scenic Texas Hill Country, it only houses up to 24 patients at a time. Like many of the rehab providers on this list, Promises has had many celebrity clients. They utilize their own, holistic treatment plan. This was developed at the original Promises facility in Malibu, CA. According to client surveys, 98% of their clients would recommend them to a friend. This shows how they feel about the results of their custom holistic treatment.

14. The Sanctuary – Byron Bay, Australia

The Sanctuary, located in Australia, specializes in substance abuse treatment and psychological disorders. Patients stay in beach-front bungalows. They have access to a number of personal services. These include a private chef, chauffeured limousine, acupuncturists, yoga teachers and fitness instructors. The treatment is entirely one-on-one – there are no groups or shared facilities. This comes at a steep price of around $105,000 for a two-week stay. The treatment includes a unique mix of traditional therapy with yoga, meditation and shiatsu.

15. Sierra by the Sea – Newport Beach, California

Sierra by the Sea, formerly called Sober Living by the Sea, is one of the top treatment centers in the world.  Since gender plays a role in all aspects of treatment, they offer separate men’s and women’s programs.  This increases the feelings of understanding and safety. The staff tailors a client’s program to suit their needs. It may include 12-step principles, CBT, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and more.

Recovering from drug addiction is not easy, but fortunately there are many clinics that use a variety of techniques for treatment.  What types of therapy do you think work best for drug addiction?  Do you have any thoughts on rehab clinics? Did you find success with one not on this list? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below.

Written by
Jennifer Mattern