5 Reasons Why an Outsider’s Perspective Is Essential in Making Decisions

When it comes to making important life decisions, most people prefer to go about it on their own. While decision-making is a highly personal matter, encountering roadblocks is a common challenge which requires approaching the problem from a different angle. Seeking advice from someone who has an objective view of your situation often leads to favorable results. Here are five of the reasons why listening to the advice of an outsider is considered a valuable step in resolving personal dilemmas and difficult life choices.

Receive specific pointers and calls to action

An outsider can be anyone as long as the person is not directly involved in your concern. Someone like a colleague or a therapist if you are currently seeing one is an excellent option if you are seeking advice. It may sound unorthodox to some, but many people get psychic readings over the phone because you can get guidance on a variety of matters, including relationships and making career choices.

These outsiders will be able to give you pointers which you may not have considered at all or advise you to do things you either feared in the beginning or never crossed your mind.

Boost your confidence and get validation on your ideas

Often before you approach a person for help in making a decision, you have already formulated options and thought about the pros and cons of each. The struggle begins when you lack the confidence to take the leap. It is a normal reaction, especially for someone who may have met rejection and failure in the past. Getting an outsider’s opinion may give you the confidence boost you need to take action. The advice from a third person will help validate the correctness of your ideas and even echo your sentiments, thus allowing you to abandon self-doubt.

Greater accountability and added support

There is a reason why people are not meant to be alone. The more a person gives you advice, the more you become involved with each other, thus developing a relationship of camaraderie. The accountability is shared since following the advice of a third person means the person who gave you the advice will be more determined to see you succeed.

A legitimate source of information

The credibility of the person giving advice further legitimates the information. Third-party perspective is essential, especially if you ask help from someone who is an expert, or a person you consider as a role model. What matters here is the source of information, and that is enough to make an opinion or idea more compelling.

Social engagement

People generally like to be asked for advice and help. Learning from the experience of others and reaching out to them for advice is one of the best ways to foster engagement. Meaningful discussions with those who are within your social circle is a healthy way of nurturing relationships, whether you intend to follow their advice or not. A fresh outlook on issues coming from different points of view will not necessarily solve your concerns outright, but you will have a lot more to work with in terms of eventually making an affirmative action.

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