5 Twitter Bots to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

It is amazing how many Twitter tools are out there. Some of them re really useful, others are just for fun.

This post shares Twitter bots that help you to archive your weight loss goals:

1. Track what you eat

TweetWhatYouEat is a Twitter-driven public food journal that encourages your followers to motivate you to maintain healthy diet.

“Tweetwhatyoueat uses Twitter to allow you track your food intake, calories and weight from just about any device including your mobile phone, IM or the web!”

Here’s a quick video tutorial:

2. Get reminded of your daily workouts

Never forget about your quick work out!

This handy Twitter bot keeps you fit and healthy at work by tweeting a random office workout every 30 minutes:

Office Workout

3. Track your weight

Weight Loss Charts is a fun way to track your weight using Twitter. You can record your weight by sending a DM and you can access your stats any time.

Weight Loss Charts

4. Track your calories

gtFtr is a Twitter bot that allows to track your specific exercises and calories burnt. It is in beta now, so rather limited but it requires no registration and is totally free. So why not play with it?

The tool supports the following commands:

  • Stats (or Day or Daily) – this has to come first so the parser knows it’s recording daily stats.
  • Steps 9000 – How many did you walk today. You can also use S or Step for short.
  • Cals 800 – how many did you burn (that’s what it’s all about after all)
  • Dist 3.9 – how far did you go

5. Track your daily exercises

Ugomo is a Twitter bot that records and charts your workouts. It lets you make sense of your various exercises by categorizing them using Twitter hashtags.

To use it, just send a public twitter update with related hashtags (like #run, #walk, #swim) addressing them to @ugomo and get charts, calendar, summaries, reports etc.


Do use Twitter to keep fit? Share with us your tips!

This is a guest post by Eric who writes on how to build muscle.

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  • The Twitterbot is a great idea! I have two different applications on my iPhone for tracking weight and stuff I eat, but I never really use them. One of the problems is that you can’t get the data out easily. So rolling your own and having an easy way to send the data to your database from wherever sounds like exactly what I’d need, too.