Is Alli the Weight Loss Answer?

Alli is the over the counter version of the weight loss drug Xenical. Xenical is only available by prescription, but is approved by the FDA and popular because it actually works. So now that Alli is on the market, everyone is waiting and watching to see what happens. Is Alli the answer so many have been searching for?

Alli Works
Alli works by blocking fat. It blocks about twenty-five percent of the fat you consume which helps you lose weight. While this may sound like a godsend, there are severe limits on your fat intake. You are only allowed to have fifteen grams of fat each day while on the diet pill of you will suffer consequence in your intestinal track.

So far, consumers have given the drug positive reviews, but point out the strict rules. Even the Alli commercials on television urge potential users to be ready to make a life change. Alli is not a magic pill, it is a aid to weight loss. The company and users all claim that you must be willing to do the work if you expect Alli to help you lose the weight.

So far, there are few overwhelming success stories of Alli, but that probably has to do with the timing. There have been some success stories, but overall it’s difficult to lose hundreds of pounds when the product has only been available for a short time, but side effects of the drug have certainly made their presence known.

Alli Effects
Alli effects more than the fat in your diet. Many users of the drug complain about other, rather serious issues, including incontinence, gas and oily anal discharge. Some claim these are the results of a poor diet combined with the Alli, but others have found the results simply accompany the drug.

Those who have found weight loss success with the drug have done much to improve their diet and exercise. As with any diet drug, there is no miracle – the pill only enhances the work you are already doing with your diet and exercise plan. The pill also has an appetite suppressant which helps keep cravings at bay and helps you eat less over all.

If you are eating less, consuming less fat and exercising more, it seems the drug’s magic is in the requirements. Alli pushes for a total lifestyle change which is reflected by the changes in diet and exercise. It you fail to change your diet adequately but still take the pill, your intestines will suffer.

Many cheerfully claim that a day spent in the bathroom purging the results of a bad food day is an extra incentive to get back on the proverbial wagon and do better. After all, nobody wants to spend that much time with an upset tummy and even more upset rear end.

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  • Don’t forget to work out too. It also helps balance mental strenght and relax. Swimming did wonders for my girlfriend. Helped her get in shape in under a month with 4-5hours of swimming/week and also she sleeps a lot better since she started.