7 Foods You Thought Were Good For You, But Aren’t

I have shocking news for you. Many of the foods that are often marketed as “healthy” really aren’t good for you at all. Shocking, right? I mean who would have ever imagined that a company would stretch the truth or use misleading information in their advertisements?

Okay, enough of the sarcasm, let’s get down to business. Which foods have been tricking you into thinking they were good for you? Here are the top 7 culprits.

1.    Granola bars—We’ve all seen the commercials: The super fit mom on her way to work in the morning choosing her oh-so-healthy granola bar over the evil fast food breakfast. Unfortunately, most granola bars are stripped of nearly all their fiber, and they’re often crammed with sugar. Even the healthiest granola bars (the ones that don’t have chocolate chips, sugar frosting, etc.) still have very low levels of protein and fiber.

2.    Fast food salads—
As we all are growing more aware of our expanding waistlines, those benevolent folks at the fast food chains are here to help us make healthy eating decisions. No more greasy burgers for you! Now, you can get a nice salad from the drive-thru and feel good about yourself. Until you read this. These salads are full of high-fat dressing, fried meats, croutons, and even sugar. In fact, a Crispy Bacon Ranch Salad at McDonalds has more fat and calories than a Big Mac.

3.    Yogurt cups—Always check the label on yogurt before you buy it. Many (especially those fruit-on-the-bottom ones) are crammed full of sugar. Some contain just as much fat and calories as ice cream.

4.    Fruit juice—Loaded with high fructose corn syrup, most fruit juices are nothing more than an overdose of sugar. Instead, try to make your own fruit juice at home.

5.    Fat-free snacks—
Once again, here comes sugar. In order to make ‘low fat” or “fat-free” snacks appetizing, manufacturers load the products with sugar. Always read labels.

6.    Cereal—Are you starting to notice the theme here? More sugar. Even many of the so-called “healthy” cereal options still have too much sugar in them. Don’t be fooled by a cereal box with the “whole grain” label. Check the ingredients: often times, you’ll find that sugar appears far in front of whole grains.

7.    Bagels—Another refined bread product that can increase blood sugar levels excessively. Some experts say a bagel is the equivalent of 6 slices of bread. They are also often very high in calories.

Did any of the foods on this list surprise you?

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