7 Truly Unique Gifts to Fix Your Girlfriend

You’ve tried the classic, “pay for her gym membership.” You’ve even tried installing a stripper pole in her bedroom for her to practice on. Now it’s time to get a truly unique gift to fix those lingering annoying tendencies your girlfriend still has!

No More Waiting!

Tired of waiting for your woman because she can’t find her keys? Pick up this inexpensive dog-shaped key ring, Fetch My Keys. All she has to do is whistle. A beeper will go off and the dog’s nose flashes. She’ll love the reminder that you think she’s irresponsible and can’t whistle.

No More Bathroom Breaks!

Tired of having to come in off the boat, drive from the campsite to a restroom, or stopping on long car rides? Get your girlfriend the go-girl. Now she can pee standing up! She’ll love finally feeling equal to the man you are.

Protect your Fruit

With this banana guard she’ll never have a bruised banana again! Show that you care about your girlfriend’s diet and the condition of her fruit. Over a million banana guards have been sold. Banana Guard says that its product “fits over 90% of commercially available bananas. How? Highly curved bananas can be straightened slightly to fit into upper curve and very straight bananas can be bent ever so slightly to fit into the mold.”

Outsource Cuddling

Get your girlfriend the Dream Man Arm Pillow and you might not ever have to cuddle again. Enough said.

She Asked for Nothing

Teach her a lesson. The next time your girlfriend asks for nothing, get her nothing! No, really. Order a vial of nothing, a gift she’ll never forget.

Spruce up her Place

Chances are if your girlfriend read 7 Truly Unique Gifts to Fix Your Boyfriend, she’s spruced up your place (apologies if she didn’t don a French maid costume). Now return the favor by adding a little class to her apartment. Get your girlfriend the beer glass candle! She likes candles, you like beer, could there be a better combination? She’s sure to think of you every time she lights this.

If All Else Fails…

Let her sculpt her own boyfriend. What better way to tell your girlfriend to stop trying to change you! Now she can create that rich guy, movie star, or prince she’s always dreamed of. She’ll get the message that trying to sculpt you is way too difficult, time consuming, and doomed to failure!

Please share your favorite girlfriend fixing gifts below. For that matter, please share any of your favorite or least favorite gifts from your significant other.

P.S. If anyone wanted to pay for my gym membership, I would not object.