20 Gadgets That Innovate Ordinary Things

Innovative GadgetsDo you love gadgets? Well, if you are going to answer “No”, you probably just don’t know what I mean.

Gadgets are little (and huge) devices that are meant to make our lives easier. They do not necessarily mean any technological innovations, sometimes these are ordinary things with enhanced functionality.

So today I am going to show you how daily-routine things may be optimized so that you could never imagine. You have dreamed about them without even knowing this is possible!

Love singing when taking shower? Then this Shower Mic Sponge is right for you! (Via grandrivertoys.com)

mic sponge

Are you lazy? Then this device is right for you! Instead of having to lean down and put your mouth under the faucet just to rinse away the toothpaste. A clever internal tube takes the flowing water and redirects it as a small jet (via wired.com):

Brush & Rinse

Let your dog peek outside with this awesome Pet Peek gadget (via PetPeek):

pet peek

Another gadget for your yard: a ball-shaped glass bird feeder (via WhereDidYouBuyThat):

Bird Feeder

Here’s another gadget for your yard birds: solar bird house – it has has a solar panel that charges a small battery. At sunset a sensor turns on the illuminated perch, creating a whimsical glow in your garden and hopefully makes it easier for your birdies to get home (via Australia gift shop):

solar bird house

solar bird house

A perfect example of an ordinary thing getting optimized: The Drinkin’ Tray (via slightlywarped.com)

The Drinkin' Tray

Burnt toast could soon be a thing of the past as this glass toaster lets you see your bread as it browns (via PicoCool):

glass toaster

More cooking gadgets: this Lap Counter gives you the mobility to peel, chop, slice fruits and vegetables almost anywhere in the house (via kickstyle.me):

Lap Counter

The following gadget allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas letting you enjoy perfect banana anytime, anywhere (via wallbike.com):

Banana guard

Who knew there are so many devices to store and transport bananas? Here is another one: (via vat19.com):

Banana Bunker

The weight watch belt measures the waist every time you put it on & lets you know if you put on any weight (via crookedbrains.net):

The weight watch belt

These cool electrical outlets will stash electrical cords behind a Picket Fence to hide clutter (via PicoCool):

Electrical outlets

This cool stackable furniture set will save your place: it will be there only when you need it (via freakyfrugalite.com):


Have a habit to wake up late at night and don’t want to bother your family? Check out these amazing slippers (via freakyfrugalite.com):


Squishy Bowl: you can shove them in a pocket, backpack, laptop bag, belly button (if it’s big enough), and more. They pop back into shape and are ready to go (via ThinkGeek).

Squishy Bowl

Another example of an optimized : ‘spill-resistant’ bowl that uses a gyroscope to prevent spills when you’re gyrating (via gizmodo.com):

'Spill-Resistant' Bowl

Special thanks to one of our commenters, Alf Hayward, for this correction:

“Sorry, that’s not a gyroscope. A gyroscope is a sort of flywheel that spins, usually driven by an electric motor. What you’ve illustrated is a set of gimbals, used on yachts to keep things upright by the simple use of gravity.”

Spill-resistent bowl

The clever Post-A-Note pen comes with a built-in cartridge filled with small yellow Post-it inspired notes, so you’ll never have to worry about being without paper again (via Geek Alerts).

Note + Pen

Sometimes you just can’t do without crutches, but why settle for regular crutches if you can have collapsible ones? (via Craziest Gadgets)

Collapsible Crutches

Collapsible Crutches

Do you ever have to work in the badly-heated office or even outside? Are cold hands slowing down your reaction time when you are playing a video game? The USB Heating Gloves may be the answer to your prayers! (via perpetualkid.com)

Heated Gloves

Post image by Aitor Escauriaza