best iphone apps

Best iPhone Apps

Best iPhone Apps

These days, it seems like everyone who is anyone has an iPhone. Why is there such a cult following? Well besides the fact that Apple is the hippest company in America, the iPhone has much to offer its users. Perhaps the biggest offering is the sheer number of awesome Apps that are available for download. Many are free. And those that aren’t are generally affordable.

So how do you know which Apps to choose out of the seemingly millions? Well check out our list for some recommendations.


The iPhone has done away with the need for a separate personal gaming system. The following gaming Apps are as good as anything you’re going to find on a GameBoy or PSP.

1. Angry BirdsGreen pigs steal your eggs and you’re angry about it. Why? Well the entire future of the bird civilization rests on these eggs. So destroy some stuff and get the eggs back!

2. Words with FriendsMove over Scrabble, Words with Friends is taking over. And why not? You can play games with people across the country at your own pace. One game might take a day, while another could take weeks. You also have the option to play a friend or a stranger.

3. Doodle JumpThe webpage warns you—it’s insanely addictive. So what do you do? You make Doodle jump up platforms. Just don’t fall!

4. Cut the RopeIt’s simple. It’s cute. This puzzle game has you trying to feed candy to a little monster. Perfect for those short time spans when a longer game isn’t doable.

5. Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusNo I didn’t say “Mortal Kombat.” This is much more realistic. The awesome handling and graphics make you feel like you’re really in a war.

6. Game Dev StoryWant to create your own game? Then play this game about making games. The goal? Make as much money off of your ideas as possible.

7. PredatorsRemember the awesome Schwarzenegger movie with the killer alien? Well in this game, you get to be the killer alien. Work your way up the tribal ranks and become a supreme hunter.

8. Deer Hunter: African SafariEvery hunter’s dream is to take part in a real African safari. And while you may never get the chance to actually do so, take solace in the fact that your iPhone can give you a good idea of what it’d be like. If that sounds like you, download this app.

9. Call of Duty: ZombiesIf you’re a gamer, you already know how killer Call of Duty is. Add zombies to the mix and you might have the best game in the entire world. Shoot them or slash them with your Bowie Knife. Either way, let’s kill some zombies!

10. Fragger3 worlds and over 100 levels will keep you interested in this game for quite some time. What do you do? Well, explode all of your enemies and save the world of Fragger, of course.

Social Networking

Looking to connect with the virtual world? Here are the best Apps to keep the conversation flowing.

1. WhatsApp MessengerLooking for a way to message with family and friends that blows SMS out of the water? This smartphone to smartphone app is your best choice, using push notifications to get messages instantly.

2. Chat for Facebook with EmotionsWhen Facebook added the chat feature, AIM just about died. Now you can Facebook chat on your iPhone, and further bury AOL. And do it all while showing emotions.

3. iLoader for FacebookThis newly updated app is probably the easiest way you’ll find to upload images and video clips from your phone. And the batch uploader capability will make the any Facebook users life way easier.

4. WeeMee Avatar CreatorWhether you’re an avid Tweeter or a Facebook user, you know the importance of having a good avatar. With WeeMee, you can custom create your own. The App also allows your friends’ WeeMees to pop up when they call.

5.Funny Status Updates for FacebookDo you ever wish you could be that guy with the witty Facebook status updates? Well with this app, you can be! And you can do it all you’re your iPhone. The App creator even boasts that their average status update gets seven likes!

6. TwitterIf you’re looking to Tweet, know that the original App works best. Don’t have Twitter? Download the App and create an account from it.

7. TwitPic UploaderNewly updated for iPhone 4, this App is a necessity for anyone who shares photos on Twitter. Just take a photo and “click,” share it with all your followers.

8. Type n WalkThis answers the prayers of all of those who wish they could move and Tweet simultaneously. By displaying  a bit of what’s ahead, you can avoid the next pothole or wall while texting your friends. Just do not use it while you’re driving.

9. IM + ProEver wish you could combine all your chat tools into one neat little package? With this App, you get Gchat, AIM, Facebook and more. And all at no extra charge per message.

10. PhotoAgePicking the right profile photo can prove a daunting task. Let’s face it, if we’re old, we want to look young. And if we’re young, we want to look older. This app will not only help you pick the right photo, but it can also help you figure out how old your friends are.


The iPhone is a businessman’s greatest tool. Don’t believe it? Download these Apps.

1. CamCardThis business card reader will get you the most for your buck. They’ve taken measures to make sure your photos are high quality, and have included neat features to help you organize your information.

2. PDF Reader ProNeed a PDF specific App? PDF Reader Pro is great for uploading and sortinf PDF files. And it never crashes!

3. Quick Office ConnectWho can live without the Microsoft Office suite? This app allows you to have full access to it. Along with DropBox and Google Docs.

4. All-IN-1 Toolkit ProA business person’s dream App. This combines everything you could possibly need, including many of our top Apps, in one handy toolbox.

5. Credit Card TerminalIf you sell stuff, you absolutely need this App. This is the one you see in the Apple ads. It allows you to take credit card payments with your phone

6. My Eyes OnlyInternetidentity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Use this App to secure all of your business and personal information. This includes passwords, financial information, and more.

7. Get Paid! PDF Invoice & Time SheetSometimes producing invoices can be a pain. Especially from your phone. Thankfully, this Get Paid! does away with the problems for you.

8. HT Professional recorderEvery business person needs a good recorder. Whether you’re interviewing someone or just trying to capture a fleeting though, this App makes saving recordings a breeze.

9. Straight to VoicemailHow many times have you had to make that dreaded business call, wishing you could just leave a voicemail and avoid the conversation altogether? Well now you can. Straight to voicemail does exactly what its name implies—sends you directly to voicemail.

10. Creative Whack PackBrainstorming is the most important part of coming up with successful business ideas. This App gives you 84 strategies to do just that.


One of the best things about the iPhone is that it’s just plain fun. The following Apps are designed to give you hours of entertainment.

1. The Moron TestThis App offers more proof that the average person is an idiot. Just take the test and see how much of a moron you, or your friends, really are!

2. Text from Last NightWe’ve all done it. Had a few too many drinks one night and sent a text that we regretted the next day. Well now you can read everyone’s and have endless laughs.

3. Prank Me!Remember back when prank calling was fun? PRANK ME! Succeeds in making it fun again. Choose from countless prerecorded calls and prank your friends. They’ll never guess it’s you because the App hides you from caller id.

4. Shotgun DuelReady to shoot someone? With this App, you’re ready to draw and deliver a virtual shotgun blast at any moment. No concealed license required.

5.NetflixAre you a Netflix member? Why not watch movies on your phone? Perfect for those long bus rides to work.

6. Movies by Flixster with Rotten TomatoesWatch trailers, check movie times, and even get reviews. The perfect App for when you’re trying to decide what movie to see on the fly.

7. IMDb Movies & TVIf you’re looking for information about movies, television, or actors—IMDb is the App for you. You can practically find any detail about any movie ever made. A must for Movie enthusiasts.

8. RedboxLooking for the nearest redbox? Want to reserve a movie before someone else snags it up? This free app can take care of both tasks for you.

9. Lightsaber UnleashedFor the Star Wars geek in all of us. Transform your phone into a light saber. May the Force be with you.

10. TV GuideWant to know what’s on TV when? Click on this App and search for the day and time you need. It’s so easy.


Who needs an MP3 player or a radio when you have an iPhone? Or even an instrument? Nobody. Just use these Apps for all your music needs.

1.Pandora RadioRemember when the radio sucked? Well that’s no longer the case thanks to Pandora. You can create your own personalized radio stations and even listen to them on your phone.

2. Ringtone MakerDon’t bother buying ringtones. It’s a waste of money. Make your own for free with Ringtone Maker.

3. Virtuoso Piano FreeIf you’re interested in learning piano basics, download this app. It has great sound quality and allows you to learn piano anywhere, anytime.

4. iDrumStarWho doesn’t secretly wish they were a drummer? Well now you can be a virtual drummer. Just make sure you turn off the zoom feature on your phone first.

5. Glee KaraokeWhile some may find the show annoying, the fact is, Glee has a massive cult following. And it’s mainly about the music. So use this App to sing along.

6. MusicID with LyricsHow many times have you heard a song and wished you knew what it was and who was singing it? With this App, you can hold the phone up to listen and it will identify the song and artist for you. You can even get the lyrics.

7. (Shazam)REDYou discover music. You buy music. You share music. All while contributing to help fight AIDS in Africa.

8. BeatMakerMake your own beats using all sorts of tools. You can use it for fun, or for your professional live performances.

9. Lyrics World LiteCan’t remember the lyrics to song? Don’t be that guy who sings along and mumbles through the parts he doesn’t know. Look up the lyrics here for free.

10. OcarinaForget the commonplace instruments like guitars and pianos. Raise some eyebrows by turning your phone into an ancient flute instrument. Blow into the microphone and start creating tunes. It’s magic—almost.


Do you spend much of your life traveling? These iPhone Apps can save you time and heartache on the road—or in the air.

1. Google EarthWant to navigate the world without going anywhere? Google allows you to see what the satellites see for free.

2. YelpWhen you’re on the road all the time, you probably have trouble finding local businesses. With Yelp, you can figure out what’s nearby in a flash. You can also read reviews on whichever establishment you choose.

3. UrbanspoonThis App is a Godsend for those who can never decide where to eat. It’s like a slot machine. Shake your phone and let fate decide your restaurant choice.

4. Kayak Flight, Hotel SearchBilled as the ultimate travel assistant, this App can find you a flight and a hotel for free. Organize your itinerary and check flight status. Don’t visit just one travel site—visit them all at once.

5. Paris 2GoOne of the most popular travel destinations in the World, Paris is a busy mess to navigate if you’re a tourist. But this App pulls information from different sources and presents it to you in useful maps. A must-have if you’re visiting.

6. Tip CalculatorWhen you travel, you’re eating out all the time. It’s important to save money when you can, yet you don’t want to cheat the waiter on tips. This App will help you get it right.

7. PoyntAnother App that helps you find local spots. What separates this one from the crowd? The cheap gas finding feature.

8.Flight StatusAnother means to check on your flights. This one is especially handy because the information is presented more clearly than most of the other Apps.

9. Inn TouchHave you ever considered foregoing the hotels and opting for a bed and breakfast instead? Doing so is easy with Inn Touch.

10. Beat the TrafficWhy download another map App? Because this one allows you to easily check traffic. As a result, avoid sitting and waiting.


If you’re one who likes to stay up to speed on current events, your iPhone can take care of all your news needs. Here are the best Apps to keep you in the know.

1.NPR NewsNot only does this App allow you to read about local and national news, but it also connects you to your favorite NPR radio stations. You can even listen to podcasts on demand, eliminating the need to download anything.

2. NYTimesThe New York Times needs no introduction. The best feature here? Once you sync, articles are available even when you’re offline.

3. The OnionOkay, so maybe The Onion isn’t exactly the most reliable option for news. But it’s popular and it’s hilarious.

4. BBC NewsView stories from around the world by region or category. Personalize the app and keep yourself from information overload.

5. USA TodayWith this App, it’s easy to stay informed while on the move. You can use it for current events, or even to catch up on sports scores.

6. MTV NewsLooking for something a little different? Stay up on the goings on in the world of pop culture with this App. Aimed towards the younger crowd.

7. Discovery NewsDiscovery news isn’t for the person who just wants to know what’s going on. It’s for the person that wants to understand the science behind the stories. Get smarter by using this App.

8. Drudge ReportRegardless of your political leanings, you can’t argue with the fact that this App cuts out the frills. It allows you to get right to the point.

9. App AdviceWhat about when you need news about the latest Apps on the market? This App keeps you up to speed on, well… Apps!

10. NewspapersWant access to thousands of newspapers at once? This App pulls them all together for you in one convenient location.


If you’re a true sports fan, it’s important to have all the stats and scores at your fingertips at all times. And of course, there are plenty of Apps that do that and much more for all you sports junkies out there.

1. ESPN ScoreCenterChoose the teams you want to follow, and add them to your list. Then you can view their scores without sorting through the games you don’t care about.

2. Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’10If you’re into Fantasy Football, chances are you take it pretty seriously. With all the mock drafts and possible money involved, it’s important that you keep up to date on all your players. And Yahoo! Makes it easy.

3. Yahoo! SportacularWant more than the scores? Get detailed information about all your favorite teams and players here. It’s fast and easy.

4. SI Swimsuit 2010If you’re a sports fan, you probably read SI. And if you read SI, you already know about the famous yearly swimsuit edition. Need we say more?

5.NFL livesports24Remember when baseball was the great national past time? Well those days are long gone because football is king. This App tells you everything you need to know in regards to the NFL.

6. CBS Sports MobileTalk about comprehensive sports coverage. This is it. You can even stream some games with this App. And the updates are up to the minute.

7. JIRBO Paper FootballThis isn’t about real football. This is about that game we all used to play as kids. With over 3 million users, this App allows you to literally get in the game.

8. MMA FanWhat’s the biggest up and coming sport around? Mixed Martial Arts. Get the skinny on all things MMA with this App.

9.X Games 16 Mobile AppFor the anti-sports sports fan. Extreme sports are sports just the same, right?

10. Golf GPS Range FinderAre you more than just a casual golfer? Find the perfect range here.

Healthcare and Fitness

Looking to buy some expensive healthcare or fitness gizmo? Don’t. There’s bound to be an App for it here.

1. Calorie Counter & Diet TrackerThis App does exactly what the name entails. Keep track of what you eat and start losing weight now. Cut your calories.

2. WebMD MobileThese days we tend to try and diagnose ourselves. And WebMD is the perfect tool to do it. Warning: Please do not use this as a substitute for a real doctor!

3. Lose It!Another good weight loss tool here. This allows you to set goals and helps you bust through them.

4. Weight WatchersOne of the few diets that doesn’t seem to be a gimmick. This App helps you create healthy grocery lists, connect with Weight Watchers friends, and much more. Many of the features are available to non-members.

5. Period TrackerAs a woman, tracking your period can prove frustrating. Let this App do the hard work for you. And guys, you might find this one useful as well to know when it’s coming and behave accordingly!

6. Pregnancy TrackerPregnant? Keep track of what’s happening to you and your baby with this App. Understand your body!

7. iFitnessWant to work out? Choose from detailed instructions of a wide variety of exercises here. It’s like having your own personal trainer living in your phone.

8. Couch to 5KAre you a couch potato? Use this App to follow the program that will have you running a 5K in no time.

9. Sleep MachineIf you’re having trouble sleeping, the first thing you should try and fix is your environment. Use this App to create an atmosphere ideal for rest.

10. All-in PedometerRemember those little pedometers you clipped on your belt to measure your steps? Did you know your iPhone can do the same thing? Download this App and it will do just that, among other things.


Having an iPhone is like having a library travel with you everywhere you go. Here are the best Apps for reference.

1. Google Mobile AppNeed information? Just Google it using this App. It even let’s you do it by voice.

2. Dictionary.comHow about having a pocket dictionary as part of your phone? The App makes finding definitions a breeze.

3. BingSure it’s not Google, but some people still prefer Bing. Great for a wide variety of searches, including travel information.

4. BibleAs one of the most popular, in-depth books in the world, you might find this App useful. View scriptures in a wide variety of translations.

5. Wikipedia MobileNeed random information? Wikipedia is your ultimate one stop shop for exactly that. And with this App, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a pesky browser.

6. Free TranslatorEver find yourself in need of a quick translation? Download this App and you can translate to Japanese, Hindi, Chinese, and more.

7. Secrets Exposed- Hidden features of iPhone & iPod TouchLooking for help with your iPhone? This is the easiest way to get it. Learn all sorts of things you didn’t know about your greatest tool.

8. wikiHowNeed to know how to do something but don’t know who to ask? Ask the wikiHow App and you can learn to do just about anything.

9. WhatTheFact?!Some people just love random knowledge. And this App will give it to you completely at random. Random, right?

10. 50,000 Baby NamesChoosing the perfect baby name is extremely important. But instead of buying one of those books, why not download this App for free?

That’s it. The best Apps we could find. What about you? Have you used any of these? Do you know of any better? Tell us all about it in the replies?


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  • Thank you for the detailed list! I was once afraid of technology but now, I’m a self-confessed iPhone mom who downloads apps like crazy. I love playing games on it with my kids (I’m addicted to Angry Birds) and I love watching movies on Netflix. I noticed though that you didn’t have a list of task management apps? I’m also addicted to one, Intuition ( It’s a free app especially made for busy moms like me and I use it like my life depended on it! It manages my appointments, tasks and shopping list and even helps me delegate some errands to my husband and kids via email, Facebook and Twitter. I suggest you check it out, thank you!