Apple – A Step Ahead!

Apple has created quite a stir with the multinational launch of iPhone 3G, which is now in the process of resolving the teething problems and slipping quietly into the hands of keen buyers, who throng the markets to get their share of the “Apple Pie.”

There is not a free moment at the Apple headquarters and they know how to keep the “rumors alive,” to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the technology freaks.

Apple is planning on closing the year with a few new product introductions.

iPhone Nano

This time, it is the “Nano fairy” all ready to sprinkle its dust on the Apple product line.

According to a source quoted in a British newspaper, the iPhone Nano is expected to be unveiled soon – perhaps a Christmas gift?

The reason for this is believed to be the fact that the EDGE and 3G iPhone models are expensive and it would be easier on the light-pocketed customer to have a smaller sized phone that is similar to iPod Nano.

The iPhone Nano could be a “iPhone Lite” device without full internet access, with a rear-facing iPod style touch wheel for inputting the numbers and a display screen that is front facing.

Meanwhile, the iPhone is expanding its wings into new territories.

Russia Calling

It was in July this year that Apple spread the sales of the 3G iPhone in more than 20 countries; however Apple iPhones are not yet being sold in Russia, in spite of the Russian market being the fastest growing in the world. Of course, it has to be noted that the iPhone has already found other unauthorized ways of getting in.

There are three top mobile carries in Russia; MTS, MegaFon and Vimplecom, who have all been trying to finalize the deal with Apple. The problem with sealing the deal was that these operators were not keen on sharing their iPhone revenue with Apple, in order to get exclusive rights.

However, this is going to change, with Apple getting into a deal with Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), which is the largest mobile phone operator in Russia, for the sale of iPhones in Russia.

According to Steve Jobs, the sales may begin by the end of the year and sources say that it could be as soon as October. Estimated sales by the end of 2008 are said to be in the range of 700,000.

There are a few other new and interesting products being released before this year ends.

Tablet Mac

The much awaited multi-touch tablet Mac may just be around the corner or so it seems. With rumors being floated around for many years, finally the year 2008 may see the release of the tablet Mac or the mini-tablet Mac.

According to reports, the tablet may come with a 12 or 13 inch touch screen, full Mac OS X, an iPhone type GPS chip, a slot loading Superdrive and perhaps the Intel Atom processor. Experts expect the sales to be good if it is released during the end of the year, depending on the price tag Apple puts on it.

Everyone would want to see how great the touch screen interface is going to be and we can only imagine the thrill of getting our fingers on the virtual keyboard on the screen. We just have to wait and see what Apple does with the tablet.

This has nothing to do with their product range, but something we felt the need to talk about.

Spooky Incident

Must have shocked Steve Jobs to see his own obituary, as it has spooked the Apple investors.

A Bloomberg News reporter, while making some updates, accidentally sent the obituary of Apple founder Steve Jobs to thousands of their corporate clients through an external wire system. This obit was only to be released when necessary, but was sent erroneously.

In the text, a blank was left in place of the cause of death and the age. Along with it came a complete list of people Bloomberg reporters should contact in case Steve Jobs passes away.

An excerpt from this obit read that Steve Jobs “helped make personal computers as easy to use as telephones, changed the way animated films are made, persuaded consumers to tune into digital music and refashioned the mobile phone.”

In spite of the talk that Steve Jobs’ pancreatic cancer has returned, it must have been hard to digest to see that his obit was kept ready. After this, Steve Jobs did clarify that his cancer has not returned and all is well.

Whispers about Apple are aplenty and they surround refreshed iMacs, new ipods, overhauled notebooks, where tweaks are being implemented to the MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops and many more.