Computer system has become an integral part of all businesses

What is a Computer?

A computer is a device or a machine which is used to run applications and complete calculations. Computers are fast and extremely accurate.

The Hardware of a Computer

Hardware is the physical attribute that makes up your computer. The hardware consists of, the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, the central processing unit, the printer, the motherboard, the RAM, the ROM, and the Hard-Disk that is your storage device. All other parts that fall under the computers hardware category are enhancements.

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Computer Algorithm

The computer is an extremely fast and accurate machine; however, it has no IQ of its own. A computer can strictly follow orders, however, cannot make a decision by itself. So if you intend to use your computer to complete a certain task for you, then you will be required to write a computer program for it to follow your instructions. Most programs are readily available today; a program will have step by step instructions which the computer completes one after another to help you achieve a certain requirement or goal.

The Software

Software is everything that makes up the non physical attribute of a computer. For example, Windows, Linux are commonly used software applications which are also commonly referred to as operating systems. Other commonly used software applications are MS Word, and MS Excel. A software application is literally the only mode of communication between a computer and the user. A computer understands only one language called the Machine Language. Any software or application has two functional ends. One is the front end, which is also called the GUI or the Graphic User Interface, where a user can enter commands in English or any other major language, and the back end where the user’s instructions get translated into Machine Language and is passed onto the computer for further action.

Computers are the definition of technology in today’s world.

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