Cosmetic surgery options that counter ageing

In today’s world of cosmetic and plastic surgery, the variety of procedures that are available is almost astounding. In other words, if you have an aesthetic concern with your body, there will most likely be a procedure to address it for you, often with less downtime as technologies improve. One of the key reasons that men and women initially decide to seek out cosmetic surgery is to prevent or reverse some of the ageing process. Read below for some of the more common cosmetic procedures that address ageing concerns.

In addition to weight fluctuations, age will take a toll on the body’s skin. One of the more noticeable parts of the body to exhibit this is the neck. Unlike the face that can be enhanced quite dramatically with the right application of makeup, the neck can often be the true indicator of years. For this reason, many people undergo neck liposuction. As one of the more common fat removal procedures, excess fat is suctioned out via small incisions. If undergoing a full neck lift or suture lift, you may also have injections such as botox or Kybella, excess skin may be removed and the neck muscle may be modified.

Closely related to this region is the face. Rhytidectomies or more commonly referred to as facelifts, have substantially improved over the last two decades to yield more natural results. Many clinics will offer a combination of face treatments that will target your specific concerns.  In addition to a traditional face lift, procedures may include fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments, suture face lifts, laser rejuvenation, forehead and brow lifts and even fat transfers to the face. A full face makeover may also address the nose, eyelids and ears if desired.

Brachioplasty to improve flabby upper arms is another common procedure to address saggy, aged skin, colloquially known as ‘bingo wings.’ Often undertaken in conjunction with liposuction in this region, brachioplasty will thin the arm as well as firming it. Typically it involves incisions that run from the arm pit to just above the elbow. It is also common as a post-weight loss procedure to remove the skin that has been previously stretched.  

Breast surgeries are popular procedures that address sagging and dropping breasts as a result of age and breastfeeding. Some patients are also looking to achieve a more symmetrical look for their chest, while others want less and some want more! Today’s implants can achieve a very natural look, if requested, as well as restoring volume to the breasts. A traditional or scarless breast lift is also able to assist with sagging breasts and can correct irregular breast shapes as well as reposition the areola and nipple. Breast augmentation can also be achieved via fat transfer. This option can be used to increase size and volume, and removes fat via liposuction from your body and grafts it to the breast area. The buttocks, stomach and thighs are commonly extracted from, which also has the added benefit of contouring potential in this area.

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