Fight Food Shortages With Hydroponics!

Due to the UK departing the EU, and global supply chain problems caused by the pandemic, we have been forewarned of potential food shortages due to a variety of factors. When we see the words ‘food shortages’ in the news, this can inspire a degree of panic or unrest.

Fear not! Hydroponics can provide a food source that is not only fresh, but overall saves you money. You have peace of mind knowing what nutrients you feed your food, and you learn a lifelong skill of how to create food within the confines of your home.

Many jars/sauce bases purchased in a corporate chain store, will be much tastier if made with freshly grown ingredients in a blender. If there was ever a time to learn to make your own food, it’s now! Fight any food shortage that may come!

It’s not just food – flowers can be grown very effectively at home, often to a better result than simply buying a full-grown plant. Plants used in treatments such as aloe vera can also be grown at home. Imagination is the limit when it comes to the array of things you can home grow. Even fungus-based food such as mushrooms are available using modern growing technologies.

With a little research and observation, you can figure out what fruit/vegetables/herbs you use on a regular basis, what substrate they most prefer, what nutrients would be most suitable and what light would provide an adequate sun replacement for your chosen produce.

For instance, growing onions, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and most herbs is completely feasible in a hydroponics system. Certain exotic fruits may not be feasible due to the size of the plant, but if you have the space –the possibilities are endless!

Some people claim hydroponically grown onions and houseplants surpass traditionally grown versions of the same item. Due to the complete environmental control involved in hydroponics, you can create your own seasonality with the combination of light/heat control and regulated systemic feeding.

If the prospect of making your own vegetative produce interests you, then there is ample information from leading UK hydroponics specialists on what technologies are available, and how to implement them to maximum cohesive effect.

You know what went in, and how it was grown.

Also, it’s a great creative and educational hobby! Informed by scientific research being churned yearly by the companies that manufacture the products that fuel the hydroponics industry. You will learn about PH/EC levels for nutrient solutions involved in irrigation systems for plant feeding, air scrubbing via extraction, propagation, photosynthetic LED grow-lights and LST/HST techniques (low/high stress training) to name a few of the techniques involved in hydroponics.

So, if you’re interested in learning more, and becoming part of this vibrant community of growers – Don’t delay! You won’t be disappointed!

A comment from the UK hydroponics specialists Progrow, exemplifies the nutritional, and spiritual fulfilment available through hydroponics.

‘Forming a relationship with the process to make your own food, gives you complete ownership of your bodily nutrition, instead of having to rely on corporate supply chains’.

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