Have Screen Protectors Become Outdated?

During initial purchases of smartphones, you almost certainly walked out of the store with a screen protector and case installed on your device. It cost a lot of money to repain shattered or scratched glass.

However, times have changes and smartphones have become more durable. The question arises: are screen protectors still worth it?

Well, not really, unless you’re a really rough user!

Several smartphone manufacturers use rigid glass developed by Corning for screens. Many Android phones are equipped with Gorilla Glass whereas Apple buys custom-made glass for iPhones.

Screen protectors can get scratched or grimy depending on the material they’re composed of – unless they’ve been installed carefully, they can make your screen look less than perfect. Besides, all it will do is help your screen. It won’t prevent marks on edges or the back of your phone – you’ll still need a case for that.

While we won’t discourage you from using screen protectors, you can find cheap protection or pay $50 for features like privacy or blue-light filtering. If you don’t want bothering for an extra piece of equipment, you won’t really need a protector.

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