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The History of Internet Games

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Pong was terrific. It was the start of a concept that has since developed into one of the largest and most profitable segments of the entertainment industry. Arcade style video games quickly transitioned to computer games, and then of course went on to console games. While each style of game (arcade, computer, and console) has its respective fans, only one style of game can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and be updated almost instantly – the internet game.

Evolution of the Internet Game

Original computer games required discs to play. Important missions were interrupted as you switched out floppy disks and waited for it to reload. As computers got faster and data storage improved, games improved as well. Floppy discs gave way to CD-ROMs and then with the advent of the internet, games went online.

Fast and Furious

The internet gaming sector grew fast and furiously. Competition was and is still intense. Players bore easily and new, more complicated, versions of games are released frequently. Gaming sites offer a large variety of games with every conceivable style of entertainment available. Older arcade games can now be found online as well as the MMPORGs that have become the favorites of today.

Today’s Internet Games

The games of today are varied online. Games range from girls dress up games to the huge multi-player games that span the globe. Combat games are side by side with golf games. Children’s games can be found as easily as adult games. When online users are ready for a break or a chance to test their luck, they can log in and play gambling or casino style games. While many of the games are free for use, others require a subscription. Regardless of game style, there is quite literally, a game for everyone.

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