LinkedIn: How to Maximize Results ~ Most Important Social Network

LinkedIn is more important than any other social network bar none. This is true no matter what your goals online are because it’s who you know – and who knows about you – are the keys to your success.

It does not matter whether you are looking for more customers, a new career, consulting work, or to increase visibility in your chosen field – the world’s biggest professional social network is the best place to accomplish all these goals and more.

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Check out the sections below to find just the information you need and see what else you can add in the future. As the platform announces new features, we’ll update this post with the latest strategies.

Lead Generation on LinkedIn


Here are some links to help you optimize your profile. A good profile increases your chances of recruiters and employers contacting you – besides meeting people who can further your career.

Getting started on LinkedIn video
Image Credit: SocialQuickStarter ~ Click for Video Introduction to LinkedIn Profiles


Remember: LinkedIn is what you want potential employers to see. Act professionally, use conservative photos, and do not use profanity or discuss
anything that’s inappropriate for professional circles.

There are two major ways to find a job: You can get recommended or you can go visit the businesses you want to hire you. Use LinkedIn to make sure those who are looking will find you and to meet those in a position to let you know about opportunities and recommend you.  That is, unless you only want to work for a handful of local businesses you can visit in person.

LinkedIn videos for companies
Image Credit: ReelSEO ~ Click image to read How to Add Video to Your Company Page

Optimization Experts:

Using LinkedIn is so important that if you can’t figure it out or haven’t made the time to create your profile and optimize it, it’s best to hire expert assistance.  These are the consultants we most recommend:

LinkedIn Is Where Employers Look for Employees

If you have experience or training, creating a profile on the platform can greatly enhance your chances of landing a job.

93% of Job Recruiters Use LinkedIn to find prospects
(according to 2012 survey by Jobvite)

Percentage of employers using social media to hire new employees
Infographic credit: Jobvite

“The number one reason networking is so important and effective is that the vast majority of jobs are never advertised — thus, the only way a job-seeker can find out about these jobs is through word-of-mouth.” – Finding the hidden job market

Note: Many positions that are advertised are, in fact, already filled.  That’s because even if companies already know who they plan to hire, there is often a requirement to advertise the job anyway.  To know about almost all available jobs, you must network!

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