Most Interesting UFO Encounters (Updated)

Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., aliens… these words bring up images of flying saucers, UFO encounters, and little green men with big ears.  For years, we have been hearing of other life forms in our universe which visit our planet from time to time.

Hundreds of people claim to have experienced this first-hand and relate stories of their encounters.  Many people dismiss the notion of alien visits, but one thing is for sure – any talk about UFOs and aliens draws a huge amount of interest from everyone.

There are thousands of such encounters and we picked a few that made news.

Kenneth Arnold Sighting (1947) – Washington, United States

Kenneth Arnold

Just before 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Kenneth Arnold, a private pilot and fire control equipment salesman from Boise, Idaho, took a flight over the Cascade Mountains. Learning of a $5,000 reward, he set out looking for the remains of a lost C-46 transport plane.

Arnold did not find the missing aircraft but he saw a bright flash of light and spotted nine brilliant objects, with the lead object a little higher than the rest, moving south toward Mount Rainer.  He calculated their speed at 1,700 miles per hour – a flatly impossible speed.

The main object looked like a dark crescent; the other eight objects were flat and disc-shaped.  Arnold estimated the chain to be five miles long. They disappeared soon after.  A new era of unidentified flying objects began in the United States after this widely publicized sighting.  In fact, it was his descriptions that gave us the now common terms “flying disk” and “flying saucer.”

Roswell UFO Crash Cover-Up (1947) – New Mexico, United States

Roswell Crash

No discussion on UFO encounters is complete without mentioning Roswell.  It is part of the bread and butter of Ufology, and has long formed the heart of UFO studies. The news spread worldwide about the first alien craft crash.  It looked like the long awaited proof of extraterrestrial intelligence. The Air Force announced being in possession of the flying saucer, but later denied it, saying it was a weather balloon.

Years later, there was talk of a military cover-up of an actual UFO crash.  Debris from wreckage filled a large area. The material found had unfamiliar and metallic characteristics, unlike anything seen before.

Although theories conflict in their accounts, there were some clear facts.  Something huge had crashed near Corona.  There were rumors of threats to witnesses if they revealed what they saw.  A number of witnesses claimed to have seen alien bodies.  There is also enough evidence of autopsies on an alien body.

The Hill Abduction (1961) – New Hampshire, United States

The Hill Abduction (1961) – New Hampshire, United States

One of the most interesting and convincing cases is the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill.  The couple was driving home at night on Interstate Route 3 in New Hampshire after a short vacation in Canada, when they noticed a white light in the sky.

Barney got out of the car to look at the object through his binoculars.  The light got closer and turned out to be a pancake shaped object with windows revealing occupants.  They got scared and went back home – then realized they had lost a couple of hours without them noticing it.

Betty started having nightmares about aliens and Barney had severe back aches.  A respected psychiatrist in Boston, Massachusetts, felt they were suffering from anxiety syndrome and put them both under hypnosis. They convinced him that extraterrestrial beings had abducted them.

During the hypnosis sessions, both revealed separately that they had encountered a UFO and met bald aliens about five feet tall, with green skin and large heads.  They described how the aliens took skin, nail and hair samples from them.  Betty said they inserted a long needle into her navel as a pregnancy test, and Barney had to provide a semen specimen.

One aspect of this investigation that is difficult to explain to this day is that in 1963, Betty Hill drew a very detailed map of a star system that scientists only discovered six years later, in 1969.  She said the aliens had shown her this map.  Astronomers at Ohio State University compared their computer generated map with Betty’s, and both were completely alike.

Skeptics point out the inconsistencies, including the aliens speaking English with Betty, while Barney said they used some sort of telepathy.

Now, more than forty years later, whether it was a hoax is still an open question.

The Gulf Breeze UFO (1987) – Florida, United States

The Gulf Breeze UFO (1987) – Florida, United States

This wave of UFO spottings attracted the attention of the whole world as there were many sighting reports along with photographs and videos by different people.  However, the main focus was on Ed Walters, a contractor, who had taken clear pictures of the UFOs he encountered.

When working late at night, Ed saw a light shining through his window and spotted a glowing, top-shaped object hovering just above the road.  It had a ring around the bottom that glowed.  He took his Polaroid camera and took many pictures.  Then he moved closer and ended up almost underneath the UFO to get better pictures.  A beam suddenly lifted him off the ground, while a voice told him that they would not harm him.  All he remembers next was waking up.

He took these pictures to the Gulf Breeze Sentinel, a local newspaper.  He later reported more visits and furnished photographs of flying objects.  Questions about his credibility arose.  However, MUFON, the world’s largest UFO organization, went to investigate. They consider it one of the most incredible encounters in modern UFO history.

Skeptics called it a hoax, in spite of the fact that Ed passed two polygraph tests.  What makes this interesting is that Ed was not alone in this.  More than 200 witnesses validated the sightings and some of them had photographs to show.  Still, the UFO community has not come to a final verdict on this encounter.

The Ilkley Moor UFO (1987) – Ilkley Moor, UK

The Ilkley Moor UFO (1987) – Ilkley Moor, UK

Philip Spencer, a policeman in London, moved to Ilkley Moor after leaving his job.  While taking some photographs of the moor, he heard a humming sound and saw a small green creature, around four feet tall.  That creature moved away quickly and when Spencer shouted, it turned and waved an arm dismissively, which is when Spencer said he took this photograph.  It moved faster than a human.  He followed it and saw a huge silver saucer disappear into the clouds.  He realized the humming sound was from the saucer – he had just encountered a UFO.

Later, he realized that he lost more than two hours of his time, and that his compass had gone haywire.  He showed the picture to a UFO researcher and a thorough investigation began. Wildlife photography experts and Kodak laboratories revealed that it was no animal, and that the object was indeed part of the photo and not superimposed.

Spencer started having weird dreams. Under hypnosis, he revealed a fascinating tale. An alien had abducted him, taken him aboard the craft, and given him a medical examination before releasing him again.  Spencer could now remember that he took his picture after he left UFO he encountered.

One thing that makes the researchers confident that Spencer did not set the whole thing up is the fact that he never wanted publicity or money.

The Linda Napolitano Abduction (1989) – Manhattan, United States

The Linda Napolitano Abduction (1989) – Manhattan, United States

This alien encounter that resulted in the abduction of Linda Napolitano was one of the most controversial cases the famous ufologist Budd Hopkins took an interest in.

Napolitano claimed that “greys” had taken her to their UFO above her apartment in Manhattan, by floating her from her closed bedroom window at 3 AM.

The most incredible thing was that she received correspondence from two bodyguards of a senior United Nations statesman, Javier Perez de Cueller, visiting Manhattan, saying that the three of them had witnessed a woman floating in the air along with three other entities to a massive hovering craft.

Hopkins found the behavior of these bodyguards an enigma.  They would become psychotic and kidnapped Linda twice. They did this to try and pry information from her, thinking she had had a hand in the alien abduction herself.

Hopkins finally concluded that this UFO encounter was a valid alien abduction. He even confirmed it with Javier Perez de Cueller, but could not get him to go public.

The Alien Named “Aleshenka” (1996) – Kashtim, Russia

The Alien Named “Aleshenka” (1996) – Kashtim, Russia

This is a compelling account of an alien body from Russia. An elderly woman in the village of Kashtim saw a small creature near the Ural Mountains, and the being was whistling to catch her attention.  She took it home.

The creature had skin that was gray with dark brown spots on the head.  There was no hair, small holes in place of ears, small and flat nose, long fingers with sharp claws, a tiny hole in place of a mouth and no lips. The old woman nursed it back to health.  After a couple of weeks, the woman sought treatment at a hospital for a psychiatric problem and left her companion at home without food.

Later, police found the dead body of the being.  After testing, doctors claimed that the creature, which measured 8 ½ inches in length, could not have been a child.

They handed the body over to Galina Semenkova, head of a UFO expert organization.  Galina later said that aliens from a flying saucer demanded the body, and that she gave it to them.

However, the whereabouts of Aleshenka’s remains are a mystery to this day.  Have the aliens really taken it back?  Is the mummy under research in some laboratory?

The Denise Stoner Abductions (1950-2013) – United States

bust of Grey alien as described by denise stoner

Denise Stoner is a multiple abductee. While most people go their entire lives without making contact with nonhuman entities, Stoner has done so dozens of times.

At only 2½ years old, an alien took her for the first time from her family home in Hartford. One night, while her mother was at the local hospital, giving birth to Stoner’s sister, an entity appeared in her bedroom.
“He looked like a monk, he had a robe, and he was carrying a light,” Stoner recalls. “I wasn’t afraid of him. He put out his other hand for me to take it, and I did.”

That night, the alien teleported Stoner to a large, dome-shaped room. She remembers being with many other children, being taught something, though she cannot recall what. The next morning, she woke up back in her bed.

Since that fateful night, Stoner says she has been taken more than 50 times. She has disappeared from her home, her car, even the middle of the street. The last time it happened was only three years ago, in the middle of the mountains in Colorado.

According to Stoner, it’s the same being every time. “He looks like your typical gray alien,” she says. “But he’s one of the tall ones. It’s just the very subtle shape of his face, his chin is a little wider. There’s no friendship. He comes to get me, and I know I’m going to be safe.” Jokingly, she sometimes calls him her escort.

Today, Stoner is 68 and lives with her husband in Florida. She works with other experiencers to conduct investigations of UFO encounters and abductions on behalf of MUFON.

The Stephenville UFO (2008) – Texas, United States

the stephenville ufo, picture shot from moving car

On a Tuesday night in January 2008, a strange object zoomed over Stephenville, a small town in Texas.
Residents described the unidentified object as “faster than a speeding bullet – and bigger than a Walmart”.

What is remarkable about this particular sighting are the dozens of people witnessing it at the same time, including a police officer and a pilot. Over 40 people came forward to report the sighting, a local newspaper reported.

According to eyewitnesses, the UFO hovered over the town for about five minutes, before shooting away into the night.

Steve Allen, a veteran pilot, was out that night on a hilltop. He estimated that the UFO sped off at more than 3,000 mph, trailed by fighter jets that it easily outmaneuvered. As for its appearance, the pilot described it as an enormous, silent aircraft with flashing strobe lights.

Similarly, police officer Lee Roy Gaitan spotted the UFO in the night sky. He was on his way to his car when he noticed a red glow, which he said reminded him of pictures he’d seen of an erupting volcano. Only after a moment did Gaitan realize that the glow emanated from an object, suspended over 3,000 feet in the air. Awestruck, he called his son to come and take a look as well, making him another witness.
Military officials were quick to discount the sighting at the time. They claimed residents were fooled by an optical illusion – like the setting sun reflected by two airliners. Officially, no jets from the nearby airbase were in the sky that night.

However, the sighting was strangely similar to an incident at the nearby Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport just the year before. At the time, a dozen United Airlines employees spotted an unidentified object in the sky, and accordingly filed reports.

Navy Sightings (2020) – United States

In April 2020, the world saw some of the most convincing evidence of UFO encounters yet. After a leak, the US Navy released previously classified top-secret footage of aerial phenomena. 

Susan Gough, a Pentagon spokesperson, said that the three official videos were released to “clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that had been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos. The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as ‘unidentified.”

When the videos first surfaced in 2017, they created a buzz. The footage records data captured by the video sensors of Navy F/A-18 fighter pilots off the coast of California in 2004 and 2015. It also includes a compelling audio track of the pilots’ reactions.

At the same time, it became public that a previously unknown “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force” was operating within the Office of Naval Intelligence. Its main goal? Investigating UFO sightings. 

The official release of the videos stoked massive international interest, both among UFO enthusiasts, and among officials concerned about technological advancements by foreign adversaries. 

In December 2020, another leaked photograph from the Navy fed the flames of interest. Captured in 2019 by the backseat weapons systems operator of an F/A-18 fighter jet, this photo shows an unidentified, silver, cube-shaped object. 

The Pentagon has refused to comment on the leaked image, “to maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to potential adversaries.”

Are They Among Us?

There are several controversies surrounding UFOs and encounters with them.  While proponents feel that UFOs are vehicles from other stars or dimensions, skeptics propose psychological-social hypotheses. There is even the man-made craft hypothesis by some who feel UFOs are nothing but American or Russian aircraft.  Fact or Fiction?

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  • Extra terrestrial incidents have been occurring; astronomers, astrologists and scientists generally started observing these movements. Somehow people relate it to aliens, coming from Mars etc.. I found few talking about UFOs as these were part of their spiritual practices.. However what I can see is Ufologists can better comment on the originality of these incidents..

  • Many people claim to have seen a UFO. This is not surprising. For over thirty years I have been a keen amateur astronomer and I have spent a great deal of time looking at the sky, both during the day and at night. I have come to know what I am looking at, I have gained a lot of experience of observing objects in the sky. I have not seen a single UFO, but I have seen plenty of things that less experienced observers would classify as a UFO.

  • Regarding the “Hill Abduction”; the astronomer at OSU that did the analysis was Walter E. Mitchell, Jr. As it turned out, his computer star map (like its predecessor) did not take into account the shift in the star’s positions due to the relative motion they would experience in the 39 years it takes for light to travel between Earth and Zeta Reticuli. If you include the stellar proper motions, the pattern match in the map disappears.

  • You have amassed some really good cases here all of which stand out in terms of credible UFO encounters. The Alien body from Russia is an interesting one. The fact that Galina Semenkova just ‘handed’ over the corpse to a demanding Alien being raises some interesting questions such as, what were the details of this Alien visit? was there a craft present? how did they communicate with her?

    Also of interest is the first case in which Kenneth Arnold witnessed a UFO. It is of note his drawing of the craft was crescent shaped and not ‘disc’ shaped as the article seems to intimate….

  • the year was 1976 the wife & I were driving down to florida. we were just outside of nashville about 2:00 in the morning I noticed some flashing lights in the sky. my wife said that it looked like the lights were spinning around. as we got closer to them we could see that it was moving around in the air I stopped the car the wife got out and took some pictures of the thing. we drove about 2-3 more miles closer and found that it was one of those small blimps over a shopping mall that had broken loose and was spinning around. the lights spelled out “grand opening” as we went past it. to this day when ever the wife or I see a grand opening we laugh at what we were thinking about that night

  • I guess I have to reiterate a statement that has been uttered time and again…. It would be very arrogant of us to think that in all the worlds, galaxies and universes (not to mention dimensions of time and space), to think that we are the only intelligent or even viable life or lifeform in existence. Think about it…. how ludicrous as well as a collosal waste of space….

  • Some mental illnesses and extreme drug overdoses lead to seeing things other folk do not see! Where do I go when I Dream? Did Christ ascend to a ‘Mother-Ship”? What is really happening when one eats mushrooms of the hallucinogenic type? Is there an “Alter” world? What is the fourth dimension? Does Science have logical explanations for everything it observes? Why have myths and fairy-tales been so important to humans all these years? Is it possible we suffer from mass hysteria and can only see what we are indoctrinated from birth to see, save for a few “mentally ill’ folk? The lemmings, the sheeple of the world, the conformists, take great comfort in the status quo – it is a secure place for them – so dreamers, psychics, nut-jobs, and madmen see and hear otherwise! Why? Gnomes, faeries leprechauns, elf’s, trolls, the little people, all just for fun? How about the Giants in Genesis, in the Bible? Never happened? Careful, something is always afoot!

  • I think thats not real and doesn’t have scientific basis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I believe in “to see is to believe.”

    • I believe, that they are real. ‘seeing is believing’ huh? if a murder happens in front of you, and the person whom you saw was framed, would you believe it? if somebody you know, who always tells the truth, tells you that he/she was aubducted, would you believe it? or would you have to get aubducted in order to finally believe it?!

  • One time i got abducted by aliens and they shared eggs with me when i woke up they took me to the mall and bought me stuff they said u cant tell anyone o relse they will eat my brains uhhh oops!

  • It is fact. They mcust exist. Life cannot exclusively exist on earth when there are a hundreds of trillions of stars out there. The question is whether they have evolved technologically to have mastered space travel, light years away and also that they do not plan to destroy themselves as we plan to do.

    • Thank you! yes!!!! accually, Nicolie Tesla accually built a working time machine, but it is not meant for humans! the only human allowed to use it if they are connected mind, body, and soul. He said that the government should NEVER use it. but, they did. and they won’t get very far if the continue to disoby his instructions!

  • I believe in aliens but not abductions not saying it happens all the time but when people calim to have been abducted they usually say they were high or hallucinating

  • Yeah, the government is so hiding something.
    But why would they?
    I mean, tigers live in the wild and we don’t freak out or anything, we just don’t go out there.
    So what reason could they have to not tell us?
    We should know about it whether the “aliens” (who are just foreign people) are harmful or not!

    • government has everything to hide. there is some information that they have that would cause massive panic. that would be a waste of information. plus, i have accually met one of these “foreigners’ as you say. their government is not so different from ours. abet better.

    • I believe they are not telling us because they have plans that don’t include us. -No more space program….we don’t need it-Found 150 other planets…..HOW? WE don’t have that kind of technology-Federal deficit….four trillion dollars unaccounted for!-The media talks about it–President Clinton mentioned it–We are okay with the slow leak of the truth that has been denied to us for over fifty years now. Our government is letting us know this is REAL. Why aren’t they telling us what to do?….Do you really think they came lightyears to “hover”……NO! We need a plan! What happens tomorrow? MY government has lied and I no longer feel protected. The proof is watching us, and we are just letting them. I don’t get it!!!!!!!! WHY are they here? What happens next?………..nothing good I am sure of that.

    • The government wants you to believe that it’s hiding aliens. It’s pretending to cover up alien stuff to hide the real stuff its covering up. If the government really had alien stuff, do you really think they’d let this much information about it leak out? The government does have secret projects that we don’t know about, but they don’t have anything to do with aliens.

  • well if aliens are real lets hope we can know i dont want to be put in the dark about the goverment keeping a secret we should know reading the UFO obductions i hope aliens and earth can make peace

    • they already have. the alien government i mean. not the rouges that are the law abiding citizens. if they are still citizens!

  • The reasons why the US and other Governments would keep this information secret is pretty obvious when you consider when it all started.

    1947. WWII was barely over and the Cold War was just beginning. The World was not in ‘share mode’ and the US was looking for every bit of advantage they could find. Knowledge is power.

    Just take the most simple thing about finding a downed Spacecraft. Just it’s mere existance proves it is possible. It puts a solid answer on the question of Are we alone? It is one thing to accept the intellectual notion (as I and many others do these days) it is quite another to be confronted with the reality.

    Just stop to really think about it. 1947. We have these craft appearing over the most highly classified places in the US. The government has NO idea where they are from or what they might possibly want.

    Can anyone honestly say it would have been responsible to announce that?

    We laugh about the War of the Worlds radio broadcast now. But look up the accounts of the time. People were paniced, people were hurt, and the Powers that Be noticed all that. If that much Chaos can come from a fake Radio Show what might happen with the real thing?

    And once you start to keep a Secret generally it becomes hard to admit. If the Government came out now they would have to admit they have LIED consistantly and for Decades. Can you imagine an elected official wanting to say that? Any of them?

    The idea of Alien Life might be fantastic but the consequences are very Human.


  • When Ronni Reagan went to the opening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind he talked to Steven Spielberg afterwards. Spielberg says that Reagan told Him, ” You do not know how close to the truth that really is…especially the music scene.” He never said anything else to Spielberg.

    A strange thing for the president to say. Check it lifted

    • That it is! oh, the joys of knowing information! i do know information about the aliens, quite a lot accually. The government accually came up to me, (well, “came” as in beating me and throwing me in a cell) to talk about the information that i know to them!

  • Well James you display your ignorance pretty well. Like so many people who simply cannot deal with the consequences of what we are talking about you reject it all.

    And I agree 90%+ of what is out there is wrong or just phony. But that other 10% well that is just a different matter entirely. But I won’t mess with your nice simple world view by pointing them out.


  • I believe that there probably is something out there. It will come when it will come and i dont believe we will discover them but they will discover us. For the man that said something about Giants, Giants in the bible were actually not giants at all. In ancient times the average man stood at around 5 foot. People as tall as 7 feet tall were considered to be giants.

  • I believe there are other types of life forms out there. Maybe not little green men in flying saucers..but other intelligent life forms. There are so many galaxies, other than ours, and in each of those galaxies I am sure there are planets and such. So to think we are the only intelligent life form out of all the galaxies, I just don’t believe that.

    As for the Roswell crash, I do believe the government is hiding something, not sure what exactly. But the whole thing was so secretive. If it really were just a weather balloon, how come they did not bring it out and show everyone, prove that’s all it was? They kept things so quite, and to this day we are not sure exactly what happened. They can’t be completely honest, and I believe the reason is if they were, people would start to panic.

    When it comes to alien abductions, I don’t think it is totally absurd. I am sure there are a lot of people who “saw a ufo” while blitzed out of their minds. But I believe some of the abduction stories may be true. Same with the pictures. These days, you can make anything look real. Most of them are probably fake, but every now and then i think a real one appears, but no one really knows what to believe.

    • Amber – no kidding people would panic! We can’t even get along with all the versions of mankind already on this planet.

      Anyone coming from some other planet would almost certainly be treated like some kind of big city slicker!

      That being said, there is one point most people do not consider – and that is that any life forms we encounter are all going to be based on the same DNA structures found on this planet. They may look different, but they won’t be different.

      I say this with confidence because A) We are constructed and optimized at the lowest level possible – the level of bonding between various molecules. and B) We are built from the most commonly occurring molecules (for this generation of stars, anyway).

      So, from a practical standpoint, since A and B above apply to the larger part of the known universe, we can with a high degree of probability say that evolution will occur along the same lines given the same circumstances. The results would be a total free for all, but the basis of any life will almost certainly be DNA/RNA/amino acid based. The elements you have to work with only go together in so many ways.

  • Would there be a possible way of getting millions or billions of people to sign something to make the Government reveal all these secrets, surely if we could they would have to reveal it? Would that work.. [email protected] <- my email because i won't be able to find this page again lol.

  • Dear sirs,

    I was wondering as i ‘ve been searching for a cover for the book i ‘m publishing; if it might me at all possible to use one of your photographs, namely the roswell incident saucer disaster, i could arrange to have your name printed on the inside cover under credits

    yours sincerely

    ray burt

    [email protected]

  • Did you all think that the base where area 51 is actually for training. That actually they use the weapons there so we would not be upset by what military really use in combat. I was in the army and all this alien stuff is just a bunch of garbage. They need an area where it is secluded and no one to know whats going on. If people want to know so bad whats going on join the freiking military.

    • Oh, what rank? if you were and ordinary soldier, then of course they would tell you that! you practise on the surface, but they “practise” underground! theres an old saying, if i can remember it,”you have barely sctrached the surface’

  • well this is well wow im a young ufo hunter and this opened my eyes even more…and did any of u ever think area 51 is in plain site……… the pentagon people………thats where allot of info is at and secrets so that might be where the true area 51 lies under the pentagon.

  • This is absolutely impossible for any alien to travel to earth.

    Just think about how many years it took to travel to another galaxy even if you travel by light velocity???

    Scientist have investigated university and they did not found any intelligent life in radius of millions of light years.

    • they do not travel from planets, but other dimensions. now, before you say anything, think about it. you are right, to travel from a planet would take a damn long time! but from a dimension, it would not. they still ahven’t explained to me how exactly the time changes, but i think i will ask them tonight!

      • Diemensions are what have appeared in science and there is nothing strange about them in terms of difinitions.

        In physics laboratoey, we can not spot any external power other than that of the three known famous (x, y, z) dimensions.

        F = fx(i) + fy(j) + fz(k)

        If there was other dimesions, we should atleast have suspected to our physics formula so long time ago and related them to the new dimensions. but thus now, science has report no such documentary or suspicion about this subject of matter.

    • Uhm, excuse me, but traveling from a star to any other star at light speed is completely instantaneous – it takes no time at all.

      Remember the theory of relativity – everything depends on your reference point.

      You are thinking that light takes millions of years to reach us from some object light years distant in space. From your perspective that is correct.

      However, from the perspective of the light, it crosses the entire distance instantaneously.

      Consider – time slows down as speed increases. This is experimentally proven. I posit that at light speed, time actually stops. This too is experimentally proven. You might be asking where this is proven – let me explain.

      It is known that light will hit any object at light speed – regardless of that objects speed or direction of travel. i.e. an object moving away from a light source at 1/2 light speed will be struck by light from the same source at exactly light speed.

      This is only possible if time stops at the speed of light. Hence, because the light is not traveling through time, it is therefore only traveling through space. An observer traveling only through space, will observe that nothing in the universe is moving – not planets, not atoms, nothing. Things can only move through time – if you aren’t experiencing the passage of time, then nothing can be moving.

      That’s why light always hits objects at light speed – from the point of view of the light, the object it is hitting is not moving.

      So – as you can gather from the above, your comment that it would take to long is completely incorrect – the journey might look like it lasted billions of years from here, but for the guys in the ship, from the moment they achieve light speed, not a single second will have passed – they would arrive at their destination at the exact same instant that they left their home.

      • Rodney, thank you for your commenting. What you said are all scientificly correct. But remember that according to relativity, reaching to light speed for any object other than photon, requires unlimited amount of energy. So that’s practically impossible to reach light speed for human.

  • You get an interesting new perspective of events here on earth if you can believe for a moment that 1) Aliens have visited us and 2) that the government communicates with these aliens.

    If these are both true statements – and I’m not saying they are, then you could speculate that US behavior is being modeled based on information from these aliens.

    For instance – maybe the aliens told the government that in order for your people to progress as we did (aliens), you must first bankrupt them all to force them to come together – hence the financial crisis.

    Heres another thought – if the aliens have the technology to travel to our world, then their culture is almost certain to be peaceful.

    I say this based on a comparison to our culture (the entire earth), which is most definitely war like.

    The only way we would ever be able to develop the same type of star drive would be through the military, and since there aren’t any interstellar combatants (as far as we know), we would never fund the research to build an interstellar drive.

    Hence, if a culture does produce a star drive, and has the same lack of interstellar combatants, that culture should logically be a culture of peace. They funded the research because they were serious about space exploration, not warfare.

  • I believe that the E.T are our evaluated self, s and come from thousand’s years In our future they also seem to turn up at disasters and other events

    Who can say? One thing I do know ,is that they are there!!!

  • It can be very possible that our earth is life condition unique in the same way that the human finger print is. Life is a very small part of our universe and it seems to be not get done elsewhere. So it’s so wise to believe that it’s unique for our earth instead of applying it to never never lands.

  • i’ve seen a ufo before. yey, it freaked me out but i don’t think we need to fear aliens. they just made those stupid movies about them so some people can become scared of what’s out there. aliens are just studing us and the animals. they probably (and most likely) mean any harm at all. if they did, wouldn’t something happen already? so, what’s the ****** government gonna do once they find out that they are real? HUH? i think that they should leave the aliens and their ufos alone when they come down to visit us. we’re neighbors, well, kind of and they’re just livin life, like we are.

  • Genesis 6:2 ???? Look it up! It is so Biblical!Who were these folks who had their way with our daughters? Really! Where did they come from? How about the “new” oldest civilization found on earth, in Turkey, only in the past two decades, still being unearthed. Symbols not yet understood, stonework not possible by hand alone, by primitives – yet older than all, ever found on the planet, even ancient Sumeria, the pyramids. Will the general population learn all that is learned by the Intelligentsia here? Ponder that! Stone work in the mountains of Peru, unexplained and unclear purpose, ancient, but very high tech, even today’s induction furnaces, lasers, diesel engines, nuclear heats, computer calculations, cannot re-produce – a known fact! Stones, so large, so closely fitted, we have no idea how this was done, not even a good guess! We still have a lot to learn. Even today, the mighty U.S.A. with its superior nuclear knowledge cast into doubt by Fuckoshima disaster, about to be supplanted by newer, safer, Chinese, LFTR, Thorium fueled nuclear technologies, the world over. This, in only the few decades since the 1960’s and U.S, nuclear supremacy. Aliens? Do they now favor the Asians? Are they watching as the U.S.A. follows the U.S.S.R. into Hell’s fires? Did they do this? America, world’s largest debtor nation in the history of all mankind – $14 Trillion U.S. in debt and still rising – do the aliens care? Did they do this? Can American dollar crash? Will Aliens be sad or rejoice? Who put an end to NASA, Americans in space, the Shuttle, U.S. Astronauts? Mars plans? Why? In such a short time? Since Obama? Omens of what is to come to America? Depression? Monetary collapse? Strange and dangerous weather patterns? Alien power, forming, shaping this world? Perhaps even spiritual in nature? Do Aliens answer prayer? Did man, in Biblical times communicate more clearly with “Aliens”, The burning bush? The Ten Commandments” The Fiery Chariot? Arc of the Covenant, what was it? Where did it really go? mad men, who see what we do not see? Communicate where we hear no sound? Enoch?, other “hidden Books” of the Bible? What of the books considered by the recent ancients as not worthy of the Bible? What did they say? Even China has unexplained archaeology finds. Is “Alien” a catch-all name for where American understanding breaks away from an American reality, defined by American terms, developed over only these past 3 hundred years? Fear this! Change is upon us!