UFOs California
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Hottest UFO Sighting Areas

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All around the world people glimpse things in the night sky.  Some are asteroids, some are meteors, but some could be UFOs.  There are quite a few people who believe they’ve seen UFOs, but no one has been able to prove they exist yet.

If you’d like to join in the search for evidence, here is a list of places where UFOs have been spotted the most.

Bonnybridge, Scotland

This town has the most reported sightings in the world at the moment.  There are over 300 reported UFO sightings per year.  The sightings fall within a stretch called the “Falkirk Triangle,” which runs from Stirling to outside of Edinburgh.

Many pictures have been taken, but most are just lights in the sky.  One family reported seeing a flying saucer, which they said was about the size of a house, land. And they said they heard doors open before they ran for home.  They said they were pursued by two smaller crafts as they did, but the crafts then disappeared.

Bonnybridge Scotland
Credit: Kevin Rae (via Wikimedia)

San Clemente, Chile

There have been enough sightings in Chile near San Clemente that the tourism department decided to set up a UFO trail.  The trail is 30 kilometers long and has one stretch called El Eladrillado that has many flat blocks of land that are thought to be perfect landing pads for UFOs.

The tourism aspect may not be appealing for serious UFO hunters, but there have been hundreds of reported sightings in the area since the mid-90s, making this area a place to stop anyway to see if something can be spotted.

San Clemente, Chile
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Wycliffe Well, Australia

For those of you wanting to take a trip down under, Australia has a big hot spot for UFO sightings at Wycliffe Well.  The locals say they’re so frequent that a person would be very unlucky to not see something.

Sightings in this area date back to the days of World War II.  Servicemen kept records of their sightings back then.  One of the most unusual things about this is that some records show that there were even sightings during the day.

wycliffe well australia
Credit: tm-tm (via Flickr)

California, United States

California has the most reported sightings of UFOs overall in the United States.  Most of these are around the Los Angeles area.

California is far from the only state in the country to have many UFO sightings though. It’s followed by Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico — the location of the infamous Roswell incident.

UFOs California
Credit: DragonRal (via Flickr)

As you can see, there are many places all over the world to try to get a glimpse of UFOs and procure evidence. What places have you visited to see UFOs?  Do you think you saw one before? Did you get any photos or video evidence? Share here so others can try to find them too.