Oh These Dads! Photos of Fathers and Kids

Dads. They’re like superheroes in the eyes of young children. Their father makes them feel safe, helps to take care of the family, can lift them high above their heads, and can seem to make the world’s problems go away. Enjoy this photostream showcasing some adorable kids with their very own daddy dearests.


















































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    • Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful, magical moments in the lives of Dad and child. They’re AWESOME !!!

  • Look at these pictures of obese, tattoloed, bald, whiote trashy fathers……

    and then there are still people that that think that gay men could not raise children in a correct way……

    the fact that you can ‘conceive’children, does not mean that you can RAISE children in a correct way…….

    • I’m guessing that there are no obese, tattooed, white, trashy gay men in your world. Surely they all sh** sunshine and rainbows and live in perfect peace and harmony with every one and every thing and would never, ever make shallow, prejudicial statements or assumptions based on outward appearances.

  • Great photo’s
    as a dad I can relate to these , these are the precious moments ,, and its only when they have long past ,from toddlerdom to teenagedom to adultdom ,

    Its Life


  • These are fantastic. My dad’s birthday is today. (55) I plan on baking him a cake like I always do whether he wants it or not! This wife is planning a birthday party. I just hope he isn’t such a big baby and sticks around, haha. He’ll miss out on Reese cups!

  • Pete, you are an a*s. You are judging their parenting skills based upon their appearance.

    Because someone is bald makes them a bad father??? I would have to say based upon that statement that you would make a horrific father. That statement is as bad as any racist, sexist thing I have ever heard.

    I am bald, white and have tattoo’s and I am a great father who would never judge someone the way you do.

  • These make me sad. For as long as I can remember, my father never shared any moments like these in my life, or my brother and sister’s lives.

  • My whole life,and it starts again though my grandchildren,i have many like this,
    FANTASTIC,PS tell pete to learn to spell,{all woite].

  • The ‘muscley guy holding a baby’ is such a cliche, it kind of spoils the selection, otherwise great though, good range of compositions and styles

  • Love it.. love it… love it… they are adorable.
    The photos have proven that every father, whoever he is, whatever his position, must be very fond of his children.

  • My husband refused to hold and play with the babies, told me they must be toilet trained first. Tragic for all of us.

  • TO Pete:

    What is your problem. Explain to me how having tattoos = being a bad parent. Additionally, you must be using your psychic abilities to be able to determine from a photo of a person you have never met they are white trash. The bald and obese, well, you are certainly going to have to explain those two for us because I am at a loss as to why being bald or overweight = being a bad parent. Perched on a soapbox for gays while bashing those you have determined trashy does not make you a champion for gays, it makes you a bigot and a racist. Since I do not believe a child gains anything beneficial from a bigot or a racist, I can only hope you do not have any children. I believe Chris R said it nicely, you are an a*s. This blog is a lovely tribute to decent fathers, not a place for your boorish dribble. Go away.

  • A damn neat compilation. There was a survey done in my office and when asked about who their childhood superhero was most of them answered that it is their father. And these photographs substantiates all that.

  • While I’m not gay, am not bald, have no tattoos and do have a beautiful 28 year old daughter and two wonderful granddaughters I have to say,

    “surely I hope Pete doesn’t think he represents anyone other than bigoted, racist, undereducated gay Americans”

  • Oh These Dads! Photos of Fathers and Kids…

    This photostream features photos of kids with their dads. Enjoy the family photos and see if they remind you of when you were a little kid hanging out with dad….

  • Oh These Dads! Photos of Fathers and Kids…

    This photostream features photos of kids with their dads. Enjoy the family photos and see if they remind you of when you were a little kid hanging out with dad….

  • Beautiful compilation of photos. The love these fathers have for their children is almost palpable. I am envious, I admit it; wish my father had been in my life. Only a question, but where are the photos of the black dads? I know they are out there.

  • I’m gay and do not have any children and I must say that Pete does NOT speak for the gay community especially with the sort of bigotry and slurs he spewed forth. I’m sure that he (Pete) does not have any children otherwise he wouldn’t have said the things he did. If he does by chance have children, may God bless them and keep them from carrying on his bigotry into the future generations. I feel sorry for Pete because he obviously missed the whole message of this beautiful pictorial presentation. Simply the love between a father and his children. I lost my father a couple years ago and I miss him dearly. In this life we have one father and one mother and we should learn to cherish them as they have us. Thank you to ALL you fathers out there for just being good fathers. Bless you all.

    Pete, I don’t know what happened to you to make you the way you are but may God also bless you and open your heart so that you can let go of the hatred you have in you and replace it with love.

  • No negativity coming from me – these photos are of LOVE, men and their beautiful babies all involved should be very proud and happy! No one or two words can describe these photos – the beginning of a new life – they make me tingle! Absolutely adorable!

  • Just reread ‘Pete’s’ comments – wrong sight Pete to show your anger, frustration, loneliness and any other issues you have – you obviously don’t know the love between a “Dad” or a “Mom’ Don’t think you know the meaning of LOVE!

  • wonderful photos of dads…As for the one of the muscle man…I found that one quite endearing…all of them beautiful……
    As for Pete….keep your jealousies to your self, and I hope you never get the chance to influence and any young minds because your way of thinking would only harm them. I’m not gay, but I do have some gay friends, and I love each and everyone of them because they are wonderful people. Not one of them think like you. If anything, they are not prone to gossip, slur, or stab me or anyone else in the back like you…
    Thank god there are very few who think like you…….The rest of us enjoyed the pictures for what they stood for…..LOVE BETWEEN A FATHER AND HIS CHILD….no matter if they were bald, tattoed, or obese…..

  • Thank you to the photographers who capture these moments of love between fathers and their children.
    Thank you to: #18. Chris, #43. Janette, #47. Jeff Prager, #56. Liz, #53. Omega.
    Hopefully Pete has read your remarks and will eventually allow his heart to shed the fear and hatred and
    allow himself to be embraced by the love of God, just like these children are embraced by their fathers.
    God bless us all.

  • I think that seeing dads and their babies are the cutest thing ever! ANytime I see a dad with their kid, especially a little girl, ahh so precious! These pictures are beautiful.

  • Pete (quote 14), you are an unbelievably mean-spirited, judgemental, snobbish and superficial man who does those of us that ARE gay and who DO respect and admire the work of good parents no favours whatsoever.

    I suppose if these men pictured were slim or more attractive that would somehow make them better fathers, would it?

    You do not represent me, and you do not represent the vast majority of gay men, most of whom it would surprise you to learn do not have a mental age of 14 like yourself.

    What an insult.

  • These are so beautiful!!!
    I fully intend to get loads of father and baby photos when I start my own family, God Willing. There just something really special seeing a father and his child together compared to a mother and child photo….

  • These are absolutely stunning. Makes me think of my dad! I can not wait to have children and create a loving environment for them with my husband.

  • I hope my wife can remember what she learned in photography class so I can have the same memories captured. So far all the pictures she’s taken have been out of focus, too dark, too light, etc… 🙁

  • These pictures are so beautiful…
    Makes me hella tear up… For the fact is i hate my own dad and i wish
    I could have had Kodak moments like this… Their beautiful..

    As for Pete…
    May God open up your eyes to the wonderfulness and beauty and love in
    These photographs…

  • Omega1664, answered “Pete” appropriately, good on you mate. I am heartened to see not only these photos which are full of LOVE between dad’s children and mom’s, also the responses from people. Life within love is a small slice of heaven. God bless.

  • These pictures are great!
    One problem, I don’t know if someone else said this but I think the photo on the subway is actually a woman…. (S)he does have short hair but yeah. Pretty positive, not a guy… But other than that… awesome!

  • What an inspiring series of photos. My husband was our photographer, so all our photos are of me with the children with the exception of about 10, which I cherish.

    Big Question: If we envision every other person on the face of the earth in this fashion, could any of us become participants in wars? Everyone is someone’s baby, and most of the rest of us are parents. How did we ever let the ugliness in? God made such beauty, such intensity of love, we should be capable of keeping that love in the forefront. We should be forced to look at photos like these before an argument, a criminal act, pulling a trigger that will hurt anyone in any way. Yeah, kinda way out there, but what if it works?

  • I wish I had some photos of my Dad and myself. Unfortunately he was always the one BEHIND the camers. Therefore there are thousands of photos of me from about a week old, right through my childhood. He still looks through them now, but I don’t have any of the two of us!!! Sob!

  • These photos are absolutely beautiful, and precious!! and as for the comment from Pete, the bigotry and hatred that consumes you , is not healthy and thank god you do not have children, and if you do I feel empathy for them as we have enough hated, violence, and bigotry in this world NOW, we don’t need more, these are bottom line BEAUTIFUL photos of babies and their DADS!!! We are all different in colour, size, and nationality and that my friend is what makes this Big World go round!!! Peace

  • Just a thought maybe Pete is loving all this attention to bad it’s for all the wrong reasons – can’t take away the human touch and love can he!

  • Beautiful, wonderful loving pictures. It warms my heart to see such photos of fathers with their babies. Truly wonderful.


  • the idiot that’s tossing his kid about a mile in the air should be shot. if he misses and that kid splats on the ground, he’ll be lucky if all that happens is he’s quadriplegic.

    • Did that happen to you as a child? Did your dad throw you up in the air and then miss as you fell to the ground? That’s what it seems like to me. Quit being so negative and enjoy the pictures.

  • The one picture of the little girl with the Tee ball tee and her dad reminds me of when my dad and I would play baseball out in the back yard. I miss those times with my dad now that I in college. These are beautiful pictures of father and child relationships. I’m sure these pictures have touched a lot of people hearts I know they have touched mine.

  • this is beautiful. i have pictures like this of my father and i. i wish there were more pictures of older children with their fathers – it’s something that’s missing from too many families

  • This made me cry and miss my father. I only have 2 pictures of us together. He passed away 18 yrs ago just before my 8th birthday. My birthday that year really sucked since father’s was on my birthday and we had plans for that day. The last time I saw him was on my 6th birthday. 🙁 This year was the first time father’s has been on my birthday since he passed away. I miss you daddy and I wish you were here to meet my daughter!

  • i wish my dad loved me and wanted to be around for my childhood. these pictures make me sad, but at the same time i’m happy and proud of those men who want to make an impact on their children’s lives. i just hope that one day, when i have kids, their father will be invested in them. give them a childhood that i never had =[

  • oh Yeah, My daughter is soon to be 20, I still very frequently remember some of those very same moments.


    God bless you

  • Just think how many children are taken from their Fathers everyday that the Family Law Courts are open. Children need 2 fit parents. Many times the children are forced to live with an unfit parent because of the parents female gender rather than what is best for the child. My son of 19 committed suicde as a result of the abuses allowed and perpetrated by his abusive, neglectful mother. All children deserve the best life they can have, a childhood.

  • Lonely Dad:
    I feel so bad for you. I too had my kids taken in divorce and given to their non-working neglectful mother. My kids are now 22, 16, and 14. I see the need for structure every time I see them. I call them daily and see them at least twice a week. I try to do all I can. I’ve been told to go back to court to get them back, and I’ve actually done it twice. It’s all just a waste of time and money. The courts are a very frustrating place for good fathers like us.

    My sincere condolences.

    These photos are awesome!