Pictures Of Animals That You Will Struggle To Believe Are Real

The vast majority of people have physically seen a substantial amount of animals and could, generally speaking, differentiate between a real and a fake picture of those animals.

Pictures of other animals, however, are slightly more tricky to determine how truthful the photographs of them are.

Whilst you may not believe that the following photographs are real, I can whole-heartedly guarantee that each and every one of them lives, or has lived, somewhere on our planet.


weird animal

Also known as a Tiglon, a Tigon is the animal that is born as a result of mating between a female lion and a male tiger and although you may never have heard of one before, they are not considered to be ‘one-off’ animals and are one of the more popular animal hybrids.

Due to the mixed genetic makeup, Tigon’s, whilst having a lot of characteristics that are similar to both lions and tigers, they have several differences, most notably their substantial size.


weird animal

The opposite in terms to a Tigon, a Liger is born as a result of breeding between a male lion and tigress and they are considered to currently be the more popular hybridization of the two animals.

Often weighing in at well over 700lbs and in excess of ten feet from the tip of their tail to their nose, they are without doubt the largest of the big cat species and when found in the wild, are a force to reckoned with.

Pink Dolphin

weird animal

weird animal

If I told you that the first of these two images had been Photoshopped, what would you say had been changed? The color of the dolphin, perhaps?

Wrong – it’s actually only the color of the water to show just how pink the dolphin actually is.

First seen in a lake in Louisiana, it has been discovered that the dolphin is actually an albino, with other common features amongst both albino humans and animals, including distinctive red eyes.

The One Eyed Kitten

weird animal

Born with only one eye and no nose, Cy (which is short for cyclops, the one eyed giant in Greek mythology) was born in late December 2005 and lived only one day.

As would be expected, there was much scepticism when this photo was first released. After much research, however, it was deemed to be authentic, partly due to proof that several other animals with one eye have been born in the past.


weird animal

In my own opinion, this is, by far, the most ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Looking as though it has been drawn to feature in a children’s cartoon, the blobfish actually lives in the deep, deep depths of the oceans off of the Australian coast. Surving in the high pressue environment due to being made up of not much more than a gelatinous substance, it eats by simply openeing its mouth whilst moving through the water and swallowing anything that enters.

Flying Fox

weird animal

weird animal

Whilst bats in general are not the most loved of creatures, they are, for the most part, relatively harmless.

How would you feel if you encountered one with a five foot wing span, though?
Known as the Flying Fox (although they are also known as fruit bats), their official name is the Pteropus and their size, whilst being larger than most bats, does vary.  Whilst the average wing span may be around the five foot figure, there have been well documentated reports of Flying Fox bats having wing spans of in excess of six foot.

Two Headed Cow

weird animal

weird animal

The first and foremost point that must be noted about this cow is that it is, surprisingly, not only one of a kind.  Polycephaly, the condition of having two heads, affects a vast array of different animals, most notably cats and cattle.

Whilst some more serious cases can have a detrimental effect on the animal’s health, cases like the cow shown in these photographs will very often be considered to be more of a slight deformity and will often not affect the health of the animal.

Two Headed Snake

weird animal

weird animal

And just to prove that the two headed cow, or in fact any animals with two heads, aren’t particularly rare, here we have a two headed snake.

Further to cats and cattle, reptiles are a type of animal that are born with two heads more regularly than others and this is a prime example of polycephaly (rather than dispropus, where two faces are apparent on one head).

Naked Mole Rat

weird animal

weird animal

Only 3 to 4 inches in length when fully grown, Naked Mole Rats are native to several parts of East Africa and thrive in the drier environments, becoming well-adapted to be able to live a long life in the conditons, with Naked Mole Rats living up to almost 30 years old.

What is particularly special about this rodent is that they appear to be very resistant to a range of different diseases, most notably the fact that no cancerous cells have ever been detected through any research that has been carried out on Naked Mole Rats.

World’s Smallest Horse

weird animal

weird animal

Standing a mere 17 inches tall, the World’s Smallest Horse, known as Thumbelina, has gained worldwide fame since she was born in May 2001.  Weighing in at a mere 57 pounds, Thumbelina has appeared on a whole range of television programs and media broadcasts, including the ever popular breakfast show, Good Morning America.

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    • Would you believe that all of the animals mentioned here are all completely natural?

      Modifying the genetics of certain animals may be possible to produce these results, but these animals are all completely real and untouched by science!

      • Yes, these are natural – but thankfully rare. Two headed animals occur more often in mammals that can but usually don’t have multiple births.

        I know the person who traveled with Thumbelina personally. Because miniature horses have to be smaller than a particular height at maturity, people intentionally breed them smaller and smaller – but that really is not good for their health.

        Too bad I don’t have a copy of the photo hanging on one of my Veterinarian friend’s walls of triplets born to a horse mare. Twins in horses are not ideal – and living triplets are very rare.

  • To make double cream?

    Argh, sorry. Really.

    Moving swiftly on…those Flying Foxes really give me goosebumps. I think it’s because they’re like bats, which generally have a scary allure about them, but they’re, well, human size.

  • Some such as the Tigon and Liger are genetically made by man tinkering with DNA and under no circumstances are found in the wild. The others, with the exception of the blob thing that I do not know about are simply genetic mutations which have occurred natrually. With the poisons that are eaten and breathed in our world no wonder you have two-headed animals and things such as that. They are a mistake in the sequencing of DNA. Look at what drugs can do to a human fetus. You have babies born without arms and legs, with intestines outside of the bodies, huge heads and all sort of abnormalities. It is the same in the animal kingdom although it is not as readily due to the ingestion of some drugs by the mother but more due to what man has put in the soil and atmosphere and also just genetic bumps. It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure this out. Although, I have to admit, when I was counseling drug/alcohol clients, there was a female who was a crack smoker. She smoked constantly throughout her pregnancy right up to delivery and past that. After about 6 months, a normal baby would have survived with neonatal care. But this person smoked at conception, throughout first trimester and beyond as I said and nothing we could do short of locking her up would make her stop. And no one would let us lock her up. What she delivered at 6 months was not a baby. It was a blob of bloody, throbbing tissue. Horrific. Then, there was the crack smoker who delivered a premature drug addicted baby. Officials let her take the baby home where she continued to smoke while holding the baby and anyplace in the home around the baby. The baby became seriously ill and when taken to the hospital dead, they found that the crack smoke had dissolved all of the baby’s internal organs. They also were a mass of bloody tissue. Thankfully, she went to jail and to treatment. These are true stories. So things in the environment do harm fetuses of any species!

    • while i agree that the environment can play an affect on a baby’s development (this has been proven), i don’t think that these animals are good examples of what has happened when animals get exposed to environmental toxins. i think that they’re more of an example of what deformities or abnormalities can occur with random mutations. two heads, i believe, is simply a sign of an egg that did not split correctly/thoroughly? for instance, in people, i have never seen conjoined twins who were not identical. someone may correct me if i am incorrect.

      other animals, like the naked role mat, are, i think, good examples of how animals have evolved to adapt to their environment.

    • No. Tigons and ligers are not found in the wild because tigers and lions their habitats do not overlap. They are the result of tigers and lions getting kinky in captivity which isn’t really DNA splicing now is it?

      • Their ranges do overlap in most of Asia, or did before we killed most of them off. So ligers probably did occur in the wild, although very rarely because lions and tigers do not naturally socialize.

      • Yes I noticed that the article on a Tigon and says:-
        “without doubt the largest of the big cat species and when found in the wild, are a force to reckoned with.” Noticing the words ‘are a force..’ means some do occur and exist, in the wild.
        The hybrid was reputably found in nature and evident before zoo-hybrid, big cats.
        A Lion sub-species called Asialic Lions crossed with wild Tigers throughout Asia, in the past.
        Here is a wikipedia quote:-
        “The Asiatic lion, in India, is now found in only one pocket located in the Gir National Park of the state of Gujarat.”
        The photo tIGON would likely be bred with an African Lion and so could only be bred in a zoo with a Asian Tiger. Since no wild Tigers live in Africa and no wild African Lions live in Asia.

  • Great pictures! Thanks for posting.
    To the poster ‘Deb’, although some of the points you make are important, I don’t think a page about interesting animals is a proper forum for your feelings about crack smoking mothers with bloody premature fetuses with liquified internal organs.
    Somkeone with your passion should try to rebuild mankinds belief in the “global warming” thing.

    • OK i agree with this guy if u want some where to rant and rave ab stuff like that go to the nearest hippy convention

  • haha very funny. So are you saying that just because global warming was a myth, no one should care about crack addicts giving birth?
    What’s your point?

  • damn there are some sad people out there….thinking drugs and science do this….hmmm wake up people…nothing is perfect in this world and yep mother nature pops out things that we humans cant explain(sorry humans looking for the answers to everything but you too will pass away and life will continue!)….if everything was perfect there would be no miscarriages(and i am sure these date back to before drugs and science…hey ask a cow)…all babies from all species would survive and i think the planet would be over crowded…and thats something us humans do have to be wary of….trying to live forever(each one of us?…and there kids?..and theres?..hope we are planning where everyone is going to live!:P)…I’m just happy to be living…and this site is very interesting ….as an observation of natures oddities!…

  • Actually, pink dolphins aren’t really pink.They are born with the color of the common dolphins,they just become pink as they grow old. So we can conclude that, the “pinkier”, if there’s a term like w/c i think is none, a dolphin, the older it is.

  • Wow i saw weird things like one eyed cat and worlds smallest horse and and two headed snake and two headed cow wow those things are weird and cool at the same time!!!

  • I’m still skeptical of the kitten one, for one reason: It says that this kitten only lived one day. WHY is its eye open, then!? Kitten’s eyes do not open that soon after birth.

  • Just to clarify about the tigon and liger. the tigon’s don’t grow very large, only about 300 lbs. they kinda look like skinny emaciated bobcats. You have two pictures of ligers. The tigon stops growing early in life because the female lion and the male tiger both carry the growth inhibitor gene which tells you when you to stop growing. The liger grows til it dies because the female tiger and male lion do not have the growth inhibitor which is why they are so large. Otherwise great information, but just thought I should let you know about the tigon. I love them so much.

  • For the one eye’d kitten, it’s eyes cant be open because they don’t open their eyes for about 2 weeks. That one is faked.

  • that is verry cool! but some r not real but as 4 the kitten with one eye some one siad it
    cont be real becouse cats dont open there eyes till 3 weeks but cats also arent born with only 1 eye eather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The tigon and liger are adorable! Wish I could have one. But i have to admit the one-eyed cat is pretty creepy.