Safari on Windows

Mac users have had a few advantages over PC users for a while. For a long time software on Apple computers was incompatible with other PCs, but that is no longer the case. Now Microsoft has a platform for both Apple and traditional IBM compatible personal computers. Sharing files between computers is simple.

First Apple introduced iTunes to the traditional PC world. Now, it’s introduced something else – Safari.

Safari is a web browser unique to Apple. Those with Apple computers are often dedicated users of Safari and loathed to switch to Firefox or Explorer when using a non-Apple computer. Now, they won’t have to.

The version of Safari available is Safari 3.0 which has been released to the public in beta form. Apple claims Safari is two times faster than Internet Explorer and 1.6 times faster than Firefox. When it comes to Javascript, Safari is 2.8 times faster than Explorer and 1.6 times faster than FireFox.

The beta program has other improvements from the last release as well. The neatest is the improved find feature. When searching text on a webpage using the find box, Safari will dim the page except for the text you’re seeking. That text is highlighted in orange with a white border for an easy find and read. Safari 3.0 also has drag and drop tabs and the ability to resize text area forms.

Apple users have had the option of using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla’s FireFox, but most opted to stick with Safari. The usability and features were desirable, and the browser is fast and easy to navigate. Those with both an Apple and IBM machine or others who switch between the two have longed to use Safari on other machines. Now, thanks to the new Beta release, they can.

And many already are. Safari is a very popular download indeed. Those familiar with the browser are excitedly installing it for use. Others are testing it out simply based on reputation. After all, Firefox was once only reputed to be better than the other options. Now it is competing directly with Internet Explorer and many feel that Firefox will win out in the end. Of course, that was before the introduction of Apple’s entrant to the browser race. With as many computers using iTunes, it follows Safari will become a major player quickly enough.

Mainstream Apple
When the personal computer was becoming a household item in the late 1980s, Apple was considered a major player. IBM clones and Apple squared off frequently with Apple often pulling ahead on things like school contracts and personal use. Then, as the IBM compatible computers meshed with Windows, they became the dominant player. Companies such as Compaq, Dell and HP competed for market share while Apple languished.

Finally Apple fought back with the Macintosh and has regained its place of esteem. Apple computers, gadgets and software are respected in the industry for performance and quality. The iPod and iPhone are universally known and desired. Little by little, Apple has been letting the rest of the PC world in on its products and offerings. iTunes became available and now Safari. Soon, the only difference between PCs and Apples will be the logo…and some would argue the quality.

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