The Virtual World Of Video!

If you went to this music show and shot a video of your favorite rock star, and wish to share it with the world, you would obviously head over to YouTube. Why are people not considering the several alternatives?

When we think of video on the internet, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mogul of video, YouTube. No doubt YouTube’s popularity is unparalleled. There is certainly nothing wrong with YouTube and they have the distinction of spearheading the video sharing revolution. However, it is not necessarily the only site that can be used for posting videos on the Web.

Even if you decide to check out different video sharing sites, where would you go? Different people have different needs; while some have memories to store, others may wish to make a quick buck.

Here is a list of some video sharing sites which allow sharing of the videos and much more. This is a service that is provided by an online distribution and video analytics company. It helps marketers measure the impact their online marketing campaigns have. It allows uploading of video to all the main video sharing websites at one go. Users are also provided stats of when, where and how often their videos are watched. The most beautiful feature is the ability to track viewer demographics and geographics. With 100 MB being the upload limit, the major sites that are supported by this service are YouTube, MySpace video, AOL video, Google video, Yahoo video , Revver and Metacafe. Who would not want to have the added advantage of earning some cash for uploading a video? Their cash rewards go up to $2000 if it is selected for their homepage and $25 if it shows up in their gallery. In fact, this is a wonderful way of weeding out the garbage people upload into the virtual world day in and day out. There are many fans of this site, even if the buffer rate is said to be slightly slower when compared to other video sharing sites. Its clutter-free interface, in-built brightness and contrast controls, in-built sharing options and the ability to watch videos on dedicated channels are some of the features liked by all. This is among the more famous video sharing websites around. The buffering rate is fast and it has a built-in rewind and forward options. A most-liked feature is that videos can be added to a Skype mood message. There is also a “Family safe mode” that filters out all the adult content, preventing children from logging on in the absence of adults and viewing videos they should not. This is also a great tool for amateur filmmakers, looking for a medium to showcase their talent. “Directors Cut” in the Metacafe Pro is a channel that is dedicated to such people. Videos can be installed directly without any web browser. This site is innovative and stands apart from a regular video sharing site. The channels include music, films, games, sports, college etc. The buffer rate is supposed to be good too. The “VideoWall” feature allows users to display up to 81 videos on their sites and the “Jukebox” allows videos to be broadcasted according to the selected criteria. Users can also restrict access of their videos only to friends. The first viral video sharing website that features animation, gaming, comedy, webisodes and videos. The best part about this site is that it also pays for video uploads, not only those that belong to the user. This means users have the option to share any video they like, even if it is posted by someone else, and earn a share in the revenue. Videos can be located by the “most viewed” and “most commented.” A Revver widget can be used on the users’ blogs, and this gives the ability to share multiple videos at a time. Another great feature is the “Live video,” where users can chat and receive live feeds of people online. The only drawback as some users said was the buffer rate, which is not great as there is no continuous streaming.

There are several other sites that can be checked out too; such as,, and With so many options for video sharing and each one having its own innovative features, it becomes worthwhile trying the others too and who knows there may be some feature that is of value and gets the users hooked.

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