Things You Should Never Say After The Car Accident

Most of the car accidents will happen fast and you do not expect it so it is normal to be in shock or shaken up. Victims feel anxiety and end up making some pretty huge mistakes. With car wrecks and accidents we do see insurance companies being involved. It is really important that we act properly and that we do not make some of the statements that would damage our chances of receiving the claim we are justified to obtain.

Obviously, you should never lie. When the police or the insurance adjusters ask questions and you lie, if you are caught, you are faced with huge problems. However, having a good car accident attorney besides you will surely help you out. Make sure that you contact one as soon as possible and keep your statements limited to only the important questions. At the same time, never mention the following things to the insurance adjuster or the police officer.

I Was Talking On The Phone

This is actually the most common driving distraction in USA at the moment. When you mention the fact you were on the phone as the accident took place, the insurance claim adjuster is going to assume you are the reason why the accident happened. This means you should not receive compensation, even if you were injured. The insurance agent receives data that is potentially irrelevant and inaccurate. The police will also be influenced about the cause of the incident. You want to be sure the police accurately determines why the accident happened.

I Am Taking Medication

Starting a new painkiller offered through prescription or some anxiety medication is not something the people involved should actually know about. Insurance agents use such information against the victim and will falsely accuse a person of contributing to the incident. Remember that accident fault is determined in percentages. If you are the victim but you also have a part of the blame, you will receive less money from the compensation.

I Was Tired Or Exhausted

Fatigue is so much more common as a driving problem than what many think. Sleepy drivers can cause accidents but this is not necessarily what happened in your case. The simple fact you were tired is not an automatic indication that you are responsible for the crash. Insurance agents that hear you were exhausted or too tired will make way too many assumptions without actually knowing facts.

My Car Had Problems

Last but not least, be sure you never mention that the car had some problems. You may have been driving with brakes that were not as strong as needed, with some funny noises or with a taillight being out but it is the police officer that should decide what caused the accident. When you instantly highlight vehicle problems, the decision will be influenced.

On the whole, in most cases it is better to simply not say anything as opposed to saying some things that will make the insurance adjusters or the police officers make a decision that is incorrect.