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Unbelievable Caricatures!

by Anastasia

Indiana Jones by Cris de Lara
Indiana Jones

Adam Sandler by ~drawmyface
Adam Sandler

Clint Eastwood by ~fillengroovy
Clint Eastwood

Meryl Streep by ~AndreaGerstmann
Meryl Streep

Adrian Brody by ~fillengroovy
Adrian Brody

Bruce Lee by ~yohan2
Bruce Lee

Dr. House Caricature by ~SamBrownArt
Dr. House

Bruce Willis by ~jonmoss77
Bruce Willis

Robert Pattinson by Victor Gatmaitan
Robert Pattinson

Barack Obama by Victor Gatmaitan
Barack Obama

Brad Pitt by Victor Gatmaitan
Brad Pitt

Michael Cera by Victor Gatmaitan
Michael Cera

Albert Einstein by Allan Buch
Albert Einstein

David Bowie by Mark Hammermeister
David Bowie

Michael C. Hall by Mark Hammermeister
Michael C. Hall

Jimi Hendrix by Mark Hammermeister
Jimi Hendrix

Will Smith by ~mrpeculiar
Will Smithl

Jack Nicholson by =shlomit
Jack Nicholson

JOkeR by ~isaacbraz

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost by ~bangalore-monkey
Simon Pegg

Megan Fox by ~bangalore-monkey
Megan Fox

Jack Black by ~mrpeculiar
Jack Black

Batman by ~AnthonyGeoffroy

Marilyn Manson by ~manohead
Marilyn Manson

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Rhys Phillips July 15, 2010 - 11:02 am

when i hear about David Bowie, it reminds me of Vanilla Ice. ~.-

House MD – Funny Gallery - Dumage January 9, 2011 - 6:44 pm

[…] source […]

mmroxmyworld July 25, 2011 - 11:37 am

HAHA! Jack Black rox!


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