WordPress vs. Blogger

Blogging is becoming a major internet medium not only for those who enjoy sharing their personal thoughts and experiences, but for internet marketers seeking to establish additional internet presence. As the blogging becomes more prevalent, bloggers are faced with a decision: Should they be blogging on WordPress or Blogger?
BloggerBlogger is a blog setup and hosted by the website Blogger.com. It has somewhat limited options as far as plug-ins and designs, but is very easy to get up and running. It is also free to get started as all you need is internet access. There are no domains to purchase, no hosting fees to pay and no site to create. Open an account and get started blogging – it’s simple.Of course using Blogger is more limiting than other choices, including WordPress. There are tradeoffs for the simplicity and ease of use and the shortcomings are in design and professionalism. Blogger is great for casual users, but is lacking the professional feel many seek or need.


For serious bloggers or for individuals seeking to differentiate themselves from casual writers who maintain a blog, WordPress offers more features and more professionalism. The greatest asset of WordPress is that it can be hosted on its own domain. That means you can purchase a marketable domain name, such as yournameblog.com and then set up the blog using WordPress.

When a visitor types in your URL or finds you in the search engines, your blog will appear independently of any others, unlike those using Blogger. It is more professional in appearance and use. WordPress also has more options and features as well as designs. These plug-ins and choices make it a bit more complicated, but with simple instructions, WordPress is just as simple to use as Blogger.

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